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Crate Race

Last night I participated in my first ever crate race. The eight athletes of 203 squared off against the 8 Sig Pi brothers of 103. There was a fifth of Smirnoff, a 5 liter box of Franzia, and of course, a case of Natty Ice. Nick Pane couldn’t participate so Ben took his place and Sig Pi had some substitutions of their own but by about 7:20 we were off. Both suites had a registered party afterward so things could have gotten ugly.

The race started and I was on wine duty. I was feeling pretty good but I was honestly scared to drink a lot because I could drink cups of wine like it was water pretty much. The fact that it’s not carbonated and it doesn’t taste that bad made it easy to drink. With beer you’re limited by how much you can stomach, with wine there’s no limit. I was scared that if I just chugged cup after cup that I would black out really hard and puke my brains out. I played it relatively safe but did my part pretty well because by the time the thing was over I was pretty much blacked out. They finished their fifth very early on, we were about even in terms of beer, and we were a little bit ahead in wine. About three quarters of the way through they started pulling away. I don’t want to be a dick, but Wacker pretty much blew it for the team as about 45 minutes in he had only 2-3 beers and a couple sips of a mixed drink. We were just about ready to give  up until a miracle happened.

Craig, on the other team, threw up everywhere in the common room. Throwing up has a unique penalty. There’s a 5 minute time window where you can’t drink AND all 8 members of the team have to pile into the two stalls in the bathroom. They managed to fit all 8 of them in there and they were pretty much up to the ceiling. This was our chance, we had maybe 7 beers and a mixed drink to finish and we would win. All of us were hurting though and somehow we came up short. 5 minutes passed and they came rushing out of the bathroom to finish up the remains and they won in roughly 54 minutes. We were close behind but it was extremely disappointing to be handed the game like that and fail.It would have been a bogus win though even if we had won because, little did I know, Ryder actually threw up twice during the race but didn’t tell anyone.

Not surprisingly I was pretty much blacked out the rest of the night spare a few moments. We had a themed party, brights and tights. I went just with tights and wore my Speedo. I remember playing kings in my room and I remember falling twice in the snow while walking outside. My memory rejoins me at the end of the night when Mark, Liz, and I walked to lower at about 1:30. I was in flip flops, short shorts, and a neon green singlet. I went to bed around 2 and that was that. It was a very fun night. Back to work now.

Two Questions

I get asked two questions very frequently. People have been asking me these questions for around 8 years. Even with 8 years of experience, I have never come up with a good answer for either. These are potential conversation starters and a chance for me to be witty or something but I just have never ever thought of something clever to say.

The first question is obvious and I’m not even close to the only one who gets asked this. The simple question of “why do you run so much?” I never know what to say because when you think of it, it does sound retarded. Satchel always makes fun of me for it and I just never have a good comeback to “why would you want to go out and run for an hour?” and “who wants to watch people run in a circle for 15 minutes?” Unless you’re a runner you wouldn’t get it I suppose and there’s no point in trying to explain it. Still, I should have some good or funny answer to this question that I can spit off if someone asks me instead of standing there awkwardly not saying anything.

The second question is more unique to me. As most of my peers know, I wear shorts and sandals pretty much year round. Strangers have come up to me countless times and commented on my apparel and I never have anything to comment with. It doesn’t make sense, it’ll be 25 degrees outside and I still wear shorts and sandals. It’s not that I don’t get cold, I do, at this point though I just don’t really mind it if I’m only outside for 5 minutes or so. Fortunately, since I go to Ursinus my farthest walk to class is 4 minutes. I just never know what to say. I wear shorts and sandals because I prefer wearing shorts over jeans and I prefer wearing sandals over shoes and I’m willing to put up with the cold if I can wear what I want to wear. Obviously I’m not going to say that because it’s retarded but I have to have something. I posed this question to Ryder and Wacker and the best Ryder could come up with was “so I have quicker access to mah dick!” While somewhat funny, that’s just not going to cut it.

If anyone can think of a witty/clever response to either question, please comment.


I’m going back to the start

Last night the whole suite + Ben got together and went to the Sixers game. After practice we all piled into Panes minivan and were on our way. To add to the excitement, it was also dollar dog night. They were playing the Nuggets and it was sure to be a good game. Although the Sixers ended up losing a heart breaker in overtime due to god damn Andre Miller, it was an awesome time. The whole suite rarely gets together to do things like that but it was a blast. I was also really into the game and them winning would have capped off a great night. The car ride home was filled with sing-alongs, krumping, and a single dollar dog flying back and forth amongst everyone. I was more than happy to do zero homework and rush to get stuff done today in order to go last night. The seats were only $15 a person so it’s a bargain. This is my personal advertisement for the Sixers, treat yourself and go to a game. They’re a really good team, the tickets are cheap, and it’s a great time.

In other life news, my back seems to be getting better. I don’t want to put a timeline on it because I’ve done that before and failed miserably but this is the best it’s felt in the past 8 weeks so I’m a little more optimistic now. I just hope this doesn’t linger on, when it’s gone, I want it to be gone forever and I want to be able to train normally. As far as I can tell I don’t get hurt FROM RUNNING but other things apparently can hurt me. With this new knowledge, I think I can do the type of training that I want to do in order to get to the next level and stay injury free if I’m responsible outside of running. I’m also very sorry to hear that Laura says she has the exact same problem. It possibly came from the time we went bowling but who knows. Jeff also hurt his back this summer. Stortz genetics aren’t good for anything except running apparently.

Also, don’t worry everyone, I sure you all read through my ILose post and were very concerned about my IPod loss. My mother has just reported to me today that she found the IPod under the seat in her car and will be sending it to me tomorrow, thank the friggen lord.

I’m through the first week and life is good at the moment. I’m getting into the routine, I could be running soon, and I have an IPod. While some things probably could be better, I’m content for now. As the title suggests, I’m going back to the start.

Leeroy Jenkins Hostage Rescue

This video is courtesy of Mark and his usage of The first 10 seconds are absolutely hilarious, after that is whatever but I’ve watched the first part 100 times and it still cracks me up.


I’ve done it once again. Somehow I’ve lost another IPod. I don’t what my problem is but my history with these devices has not been impressive. I think this stems from elementary and middle school. I was always really forgetful and constantly leaving books at school. My mom told me before that she legit thought I had a problem. Hey, maybe the doctors were wrong when they examined my abnormally large head as a baby yet said nothing was actually wrong. While I have gotten a lot better with things of this nature, I still struggle, clearly.

The first IPod I ever bought was a really stupid investment. I was a pretty young kid, maybe 9th grade and had more money than I knew how to use. I don’t remember exactly, but somehow I got talked into buying a 160 gig video IPod from Best Buy for around $250. I had ~1500 songs which up less than 10 gigs and no videos but for whatever reason I felt a 160 gig was necessary. I don’t know how it happened, but within a few months the thing was broken. Being a young kid and having no real value for money, I just kind of blew it off and decided to buy another one instead of going to Best Buy trying to get it fixed.

Next was a gold 16 gig IPod Nano, a much smarter investment. I loved this thing and it served me well for a while until disaster struck. Katie and I went to Valley Green for a run once and she always gave me shit about putting my keys in the gas tank instead of carrying them with me. As I put the keys in the gas tank and we walked away she said something along the lines of “a guy was watching you.” I thought she was kidding and blew it off. We got back to the car and I opened the gas tank to find my keys just how I had left them. I opened the car and before we drove off I tried to put a song on. I couldn’t find the IPod. I looked everywhere for it and couldn’t find anything. The icing on the cake came when I grabbed my wallet which was empty. I said something like “Damn I must have grabbed Jeff’s wallet instead of mine” and then it hit me like a brick wall. I had been robbed. Someone actually was watching me when I put the keys in the tank so they came in, stole the Ipod and roughly $250 out of my wallet. I was so angry but so helpless at the same time. To answer why I had $250 in my wallet, I had just played poker and won. There goes IPod #2.

Soon after I bought my third IPod, a shiny blue Nano. This also served me well for a while. Things got bad one day last year during a nap. I usually nap with an IPod to block out the other noise. I was sleeping on the top bunk and halfway through my nap my IPod fell off the top bunk onto the floor. There was a huge crack in the screen and it didn’t really work right but it still did its job fairly well. I was due for a new one but never really got around to it. As I was leaving for the summer I packed up all my belongings. When I got home I was baffled to find no IPod or phone charger. Awesome.

My most recent IPod came from the generosity of my boss. He heard that I lost mine and offered me a free IPod shuffle that they usually give to customers (hopefully he won’t get in trouble for this). For nine months the thing worked wonders until just a few days ago. I moved back to school and of course somewhere along the way my IPod slipped away. I don’t know if it’s still in my house, in my moms car, in my room somewhere, or if it dropped along the way. I really have no clue but it’s a pain in the ass.

I can’t hold on to one of these things for more than a year without breaking it or losing it. Obviously I’m going to buy a new one if I don’t luckily stumble across the old one but it will only be a matter of time until that’s gone too. What the Qua?

Holy Shit

Wacker, Mark, and I went to the library tonight for the first time all semester (it’s been 2 days). We’re getting the routine started and things were going swimmingly. All was well until Mark came back from the bathroom and said something like “The bathroom smells horrible, like someone actually died in there.” We didn’t think much of it and continued our work. Maybe 30 minutes later Wacker and I decided to go to the bathroom. On the walk there we said to each other “How bad could it possibly be?” Wacker opened the door first and I followed behind, before we could get more than 3 steps in we both burst out laughing and had to leave. We were outside the door and said to each other how could something possibly smell that bad? I said I was going to hold my breath, run in, and check the stalls for some explanation. I did exactly that. I looked in the first stall, nothing. The second stall, nothing. Finally, on the third stall, this is the image I was greeted with.

Now this raised a few questions in my mind. Was this an accident or did the culprit do this on purpose? Did they even have a chance to wipe afterward or did they just immediately leave after this disaster? Who in the hell is going to clean this up? It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. It’s so ridiculous that I personally think it had to have been done on purpose but you decide for yourself.

Begin 6th Semester

My first night back did not disappoint. Pane and I bought a 36 pack each of Boxer for under $16 which was a wonderful start. We got started early. There was a good group of guys over here and we decided to play Wizards and watch football. We all worked our way through the ranks like usual watching the 49ers and Saints play. Ben is a big 49ers fan so he drank extra hard and by the third quarter was paying the price. While his team was succeeding he was vomiting in the trash can and was the laughing-stock of the party. This was around 7 o’clock or so and I didn’t think I blacked out but I definitely did. I vaguely remember the end of the game and at some point Mark asked me to do a shot of something. I obliged and then the tables turned as I was puking my brains out shortly after. Starting off the semester right I guess.

I was about 13 Boxer Lights in when we all decided to go to Gofus’. This was a good idea because it halted my drinking and recovered from my throw up. It was fun over there but again I don’t remember all of it that well. I do however remember Ben being the laughing-stock once again. He puked all over the bar in Gofus’ basement and then removed himself from the party which was probably a good idea but it was too late, the damage was done. At some point a small group of us decided to go back to the suite.

The rest of the night was pretty normal. I socialized like normal, didn’t black out, and stayed up until around 3-3:30. Mark decided that waking up at 7:30 would be a fun idea. He thought that playing music would also be a fun idea. I figured I wouldn’t fake sleep through it and that I’d just get up. I played CSS for a while and then after went into Wacker and Pane’s room. We talked for a while and one by one the rest of the suite came in to talk about the night before. It was a good way to start the semester. I went to Target and bought my school supplies but realized one fatal mistake, I left my Econometrics book at home so either tonight or tomorrow I’m going to have to drive home. I could have guessed that I would forget something important but now that I actually did, I’m pissed.

I have the same feeling at the beginning of every semester. I feel like I’m unprepared and that I’ll be overwhelmed with work and such. Even though I kind’ve feel like that now, I just know that it’s not accurate and that I’ll be fine.

New Leaf

Today was a much better day than yesterday. I realized my last post was a little depressing so hopefully this will make it appear as though I’m not depressed.

I went to bed at 3:30 or so last night for no particular reason. When I’m at home I become an insomniac. I just can’t fall asleep. I decided to sleep with WIP on the radio to see if it would help because that’s what I did all throughout middle school and high school. I now set the sleep timer for one hour. An hour later, I hear the radio click off and I just get so pissed off that I’ve been laying there for an hour and still haven’t fallen asleep. Compared to my normal routine, I don’t really need sleep with what I’m doing. I do zero activity. I play CSS, read, and watch TV. That’s the large majority of my day. So for the past little bit I’ve just been staying up really late and it’s much better. I don’t care when I go to bed because I don’t care if I’m tired tomorrow because it doesn’t matter if I am or not BECAUSE I DON’T DO ANYTHING.

Anyway, after all that, today was a good day. After going to bed at 3:30 last night I woke up at 9 because I had to pick Laura up at the train station. I was in need of a speedy breakfast so I actually went to McDonald’s. I had McDonald’s blacked out while at Penn State but this is the first time I’ve gone there sober in probably over a year. I had a bacon, egg, and cheese Mcgriddle. It tasted good but immediately afterward I just felt like shit. I really don’t  like eating at McDonald’s. After that I slept from 11:00 to 1:30. I woke up and didn’t do anything like usual but Laura was there to keep me company. Having a human being to talk to instead of 6 cats who just want to be pet and fed is a nice change of pace.

The real highlight came at night time. Laura, my mom, and I decided to go bowling. I said that I would beat both of their scores combined and my mom seemed outraged. Little did I know that Nancy can actually throw a bowling ball. I narrowly edged her out in the first game 118 to 114, Laura finish with a 59. The second game was a little more like it. I bowled a 160, Nancy 95, an Laura 74. Good but they still beat me by 9 pins. The next game was a shit show. No one bowled well. I was 124, mom 94, and Laura 79. The final game was where the magic happened. I decided to completely change the way I threw the ball and I opened the game up with a turkey. Laura’s goal of breaking 100 seemed in jeopardy as she was only at 32 five frames in. I managed to get spares until the 9th frame which I somehow left open. I finished up with a 195, just short of 200 but definitely an awesome game for me. Laura somehow managed a few strikes and spares and ended up with a 107 so kudos to her too. Nancy finished with her high game of the night at 123. Afterward the three of us went to Panera for dinner and then Laura took the train home. It took us probably three hours but I couldn’t think of many other ways I’d like to spend my last night home. I don’t know if Amos reads this but Sarah once told me she did so Sarah, if you read this, tell Amos he’s in trouble because I’d like a rematch in bowling.

I’ll be up late tonight but I’m okay with that. I’m going to finish Once A Runner, play CSS, and maybe even get a jump start on packing. My back even feels a little bit better today for whatever reason. Maybe my doing nothing is finally paying off. I can barely express how excited I am to go back to school tomorrow with nothing to do except drink a lot and watch the football games. It’s going to be awesome. Potentially even more awesome is that the US Olympic Marathon Trials happens tomorrow. I’m still trying to decide if I should read the live updates via the forums at 9 or wait until 3 to watch it on TV without knowing what happens. Actually seeing it would be much cooler but I don’t know if I could avoid NOT finding out what happens for 5 hours. Anyway, I’m beginning to become more optimistic in general which is good. This is probably due to the fact that break is ending but either way, a lifestyle change was definitely in order. Have a wonderful weekend everyone, I know I will.

P.S. Sixers crushed it tonight by 31. They’re 8-3 and first in the Atlantic… Showyaluv.

Can’t wait to get back

All of sudden break is ending. I’ve been waiting for this for a while but now, out of nowhere, it sneaks up on me. In the past few days I’ve realized there are things I want to do before I leave and now there’s no time to do them. For started, I began reading Once A Runner last night. I got 50 pages in but then Counter Strike Source finished downloading so I played that the rest of the night. I want to finish the book as well as get good at Source before I go back to school. I need to finish the last 4 or 5 episodes of Breaking Bad and I also need to get a digital camera for my one photography class. I went the whole break doing absolutely nothing, I wasted time playing Angry Birds and watching movies that I’ve seen 30 times before when I could have been doing these tasks.

Regardless, I cannot wait to go back to school. I just want to go back and get my routine going again. Obviously it was great seeing everyone from home again but I do miss being at school and the people there. The only thing that’s going to absolutely suck is not being able to run. When I’m at home and not running, well that’s one thing because I’m alone. When I’m at school and surrounded by runners who will putting in miles and doing workouts, well that’s going to be absolute torture. I love spectating meets but I like spectating when I know that I could be out there if I felt like it. In this case, I want to be out there and I can’t. Somehow, almost 7 weeks later, my back is still injured.

I just don’t know what to do. It’s such a helpless feeling especially when I don’t really think it’s getting better. Clearly runners get injured all the time and it’s not like I’m the first, but I didn’t even get hurt running. This is such a small thing, I can run a race or go on a long run and be fine, but when I try to string together training it acts up and puts a stop on everything. I read somewhere that the thoughts of “Why me?” or “I don’t deserve this.” often occur when someones injured and I can verify this now. I don’t think I deserve to be hurt right now but sometimes that’s just how it goes. I know I’m supposed to use this to motivate me to work harder when I am healthy and it probably will, but for right now this absolutely sucks.