Two Thoughts

There’s two random things I’ve thought about lately.

The first thing is that everyone that lives in a first world country should be able to type efficiently. Use of all fingers is necessary as well as typing without looking at your fingers and if you can’t type faster than X WPM then you go to typing class. When I was at the doctor’s office yesterday, both the doctor and his assistant used only their index fingers to type and were staring directly at the keyboard. They went painfully slow and as a result my appointment ran longer than it should have. Not only that but they were terrible with computers in general which was hard to watch and not say anything. Typing is such a frequent occurrence for nearly everyone that we should all be capable of doing it. It’s not like typing is going to go away, being able to type quickly is a very useful skill and it’s really not that difficult to pick up. Older people seem to struggle with it more so than younger kids for whatever reason.

The other thing I thought about was going to the moon. NASA was doing a test in 1967 with the Apollo 1 crew. They were supposed to be the first manned mission of the Apollo manned lunar landing program. They were doing a test run and a fire started in the cabin of the rocket and all three members died. This was obviously very tragic and one could only imagine how you mess that up. You’d think that you would have everything prepared and in working condition before you sent three of your best astronauts to test the thing out. What really struck me was, how the hell would anybody every want to get on another Apollo rocket after that. The rocket engineers pretty much have to say¬† “Hey, I know we said it would work last time but it didn’t and it killed three of your colleague, but we swear it’s actually gonna work this time.” You would just stare at them like they were insane. The thought process of the next three astronauts who tested the rocket while it was blasting off must have been insane. You would never be more nervous in your life. Just for anyone to have the balls to go through with that after what happened is amazing to me.

That’s all I have for this post. A little strange and random but I couldn’t think of much else. It’s Valentines Day and I’m Valentine-less so I don’t have much to write about for this holiday. To those who do have Valentines, enjoy. It’s more about being with the person than the gifts. Boy am I gay. Happy Valentines Day everyone.

Not Good

I went to the doctor today and results were not very good. I have a spondylolysis (whatever that means) in my L5 and it’s pretty much permanent. He said I’ve had it for years and he’s surprised I never had back pain prior to this. The game plan right now is to take off until the summer and then try to get back into running. A few things can happen. One is that it gets decently better, I can run like normal but I’ll have to ice, take ibuprofen, and do core a lot. Another is that it never really goes away and it flares up when I start to run consistently in which case I’ll have to take off X amount of time and cross train instead.

I’m just thinking that hopefully, since it never hurt until 3 months ago, maybe it will get better and go back to the way it was before that? Not like a normal spine but normal enough to the point where I can run like I have been for the past 3 years. If that’s possible and I can get better to the point where I can run for just 1 year as much as I want then I’ll be happy.

If the first case is true then I’ll have a chance. Maybe I won’t be able to train to my full potential but if I can still PR and enjoy what I’m doing knowing that I’m giving it as much as I can then I’ll be okay with that. Not pleased, but content. If the second case is true then I’m going to be really pissed. I’ll pretty much have no shot at accomplishing anything I wanted to and running won’t be an everyday activity for the next 20 years. Colin said this, “Maybe if you’re normally running… 50 miles a week? you’ll end up doing 5-6 miles every other day and cross training the other days.” If I can only run 20-30 miles a week I’m just not going to get good. The PRs I have right now will end up being my PRs for the rest of my life. I can only hope that doesn’t happen but who knows. My hopes of taking a year or two after school to seriously train and run a legit marathon appear to be out the window at this point also but again, we’ll have to see.

It’s not that I ever expected to be a great runner, I just wanted to see if I could be. If I trained really hard and came up short of a few goals then that would be okay. But not even getting the chance to see what I could do would be the worst part. I’ve dedicated so much time to it already over the past 7 years that it would seem like such a waste if it all ended this abruptly. Obviously I wouldn’t take back anything I’ve done so far but I’ve just developed such a lifestyle that would change completely if I couldn’t run.

I found this out only a number of hours ago so it’s still pretty fresh, maybe I’ll feel better about it after I have some time to process everything and maybe it won’t be as bad as I think.

Grammys 2012

I tuned in for a portion of the Grammys last night. Pretty much all I saw was Adele win everything, Katy Perry’s boobs, and a live version of Golden Slumbers.

I thought Adele winning 6 awards was a little ridiculous. I like Rolling in the Deep but I haven’t listened to anything else by her. She’s obviously a great singer but I personally didn’t think Rolling in the Deep was something that would have this great of an impact. It’s a good song but I don’t really see it lasting much longer than any other big hit that came out this year. It kind of makes me think that the Grammys do this on purpose. There’s nothing to remember if you let everyone win something. People will remember this year as the year Adele won a ton of awards. It brings headlines and attention to the thing as a whole. It’s the same idea of giving Shaun White a perfect 100 on his last run of the men’s Snowboard Superpipe at the X-Games. By watching it I could tell that he’s way better than everyone else but to give someone a 100 is saying that no one could possibly have a better run then that. It just doesn’t make sense but when headlines say ‘Shaun White scores a perfect 100, first time in X-Games history! Watch video here!’ versus ‘Shaun White wins again. Watch video here.’ more people will click on the first one.

I thought Golden Slumbers was awesome. I love that song and thought it was really cool that they decided to play that one in particular at the Grammys. McCartney is an old guy now (69) so he’s lost a step in putting on a show but it’s obvious he still has the same passion that he used to. He just loves doing what he does. When I watched the performance I felt like that music was just on a completely different level that Katy Perry’s. There’s just so much put into it and so much to the song itself that you just don’t see with what’s popular today. I wonder how The Beatles would be received if they never existed and came out today instead of in the 1960’s. Would we skip over them entirely?

This is Golden Slumbers. From 4:20 to 6:08 the six guys just go back and fourth soloing which is pretty cool. I personally think all of Bruce’s solos are hilarious and pretty bad. He looks like he’s going to have a heart attack every time he starts playing.

This is Katy Perry’s performance. She’s good and I generally like her music spare a few songs (Last Friday Night, Extra Terrestrial) but this just didn’t do it for me. That outfit on the other hand…

‘Weekends in College’

That link is to a video of an Ursinus kid who was wasted in his room on Friday night. The video has received a lot of attention as it is actually on the front page of They sent it into Tosh.0 which would be pretty crazy if Ursinus was on Tosh. I actually hung out with him last night for a little bit which was kind of cool.

Brett, as an avid reader, this kid reminds me of you so much.


Wild Weekend

This weekend was pretty crazy. It all started with the meet on Friday. It took forever but it was worth it as there were a lot of fast times and it’s the last meet before conferences. Special kudos to Mark who ran a 15:50 5k and crushed the 16 minute barrier for the first time. We got a late start to drinking (8:30) but that didn’t matter too much. We also had a recruit stay with us for Thursday and Friday night. He was a bit of a goober but he liked running, was cool enough, and we need anyone we can take at this point, not saying that we ordinarily wouldn’t want him to come.

We do a new thing now with beer pong where the losing team has to do some pre-determined act. It could be push ups or do a shot or whatever. We generally up the ante as the games go on. Mark and I were playing Wacker and the recruit and we decided the loser would have to do a naked lap. Wacker was against it initially but the recruit was all for it even though he wasn’t drinking. Somehow Mark and I lost and had to do a naked lap when we weren’t even that drunk. Eventually a group of us headed over to Shreiner for whatever was going on there. We went to Sig Pi for a little bit afterward. I shot gunned a Natty Ice while Ben, Satch, and Wacker were chugging from a bottle of liquor. After the shotgun I puked in the sink, for whatever reason those three were so into what they were doing that they didn’t even notice. I was playing it pretty cool until I threw up again in the sink 10 seconds later. I turned the water on and tried to wash it down but it wasn’t going. At this point I threw in the towel for being discrete and scooped it out with my hands and threw it in the toilet. That puts me at 3 vomits for the semester When we came back to the suite the party was pretty much dead so we went to bed.

Yesterday was pretty tame for a while. I decided to wash my sheets and blanket and everything. We played a lot of COD until night time. I was drinking casually, somehow time flew by and before I knew it, it was 10:00 and nothing was really happening. Eventually a decent amount of people came over and things started to get fun. Wacker, Mark, and I decided to go down to Sig Pi and hang out with those guys for a little bit. We were shot gunning a lot of beers, making fun of Wacker’s haircut/shoes, and just bro’ing out pretty hard. There was something going on at Olevian so a few of us went over there but the party was pretty lame. While I’ve already lost a number of bets to both Liz and Emily about being blacked out, I decided I would turn the tables. This time Liz was really drunk and I said she was blacked out while Emily didn’t think so. I told Liz to remember high school running PR’s for today and she said no problem. When I brought up the idea of a bet today she had no idea what I was talking about but when I mentioned high school PR’s it clicked and she got them somehow.

Anyway, the rest of the night was a blur. I don’t really remember leaving Olevian. When I got back to the suite people were just vomiting everywhere. Liz, other Emily, and three kids I didn’t know were just puking their brains out. Emily and I went to Lower where, surprise, the special sucked. We ate popcorn and called it a trip. When I got back I took my contacts out but didn’t have my glasses so I was walking around the suite blind as a bat and near blackout trying to find my glasses. I don’t really remember the end of the night but I woke up fully clothed and wet. Unfortunately I peed the bed last night. I wasn’t even that drunk but somehow I did. I got up around 8, put the laundry in, showered, and went back to bed on my bare mattress. The suite was a mess but that’s usual.

I feel like dirt as of right now. I’ve been biking at the gym lately but I think I’m going to step it up a little more. Being inactive is only fun for so long before you start to feel bad. I had two tests last week so I think this week will be an easier week in terms of work. It was a fun weekend to say the least.

Super Bowl Chance

Obviously it’s been almost a week since the Super Bowl but I wanted to write a post about it and what it showed. Tom Brady has pretty much dominated the past decade+ in terms of quarterback play. He’s broken countless records, been to 5 Super Bowls, won 3 rings, led his team to a 16-0 regular season, and along with Peyton Manning, has set the standard of what you want your quarterback to be. Now clearly guys like Rodgers and Brees have put up some incredible numbers within the past few years and other guys like Roethlisberger and Eli, who don’t put up incredible numbers, are clutch and win championships, but Brady has done it so well for so long that he’s levels above them in terms of all-time talk (for now).

Brady didn’t play a great AFC Championship game but they won anyway. In the Super Bowl however, Brady played pretty well. He came back from a rough start to have his team on top with the ball and 4 minutes to go in the 4th. Now there’s been a lot of controversy over the Welker play. Welker, a guy who’s caught more passes than anyone by far over the last 5 years, drops a well thrown ball in a clutch spot. Brady didn’t throw a good pass, but Welker just didn’t make the play. If he catches this ball, the Patriots chances of winning the game increase 10 fold. They’re in field goal range at the very least and threaten to go up by at least 5 while running down the clock significantly. The Giants only had one time out. you can run 3 plays, drive the clock down to well under 2 minutes, and give the Giants the ball with the odds stacked against them. Now, yes it was only 2nd down and they had another shot but still, Welker makes that catch more times than he doesn’t.

Tom Brady suffers his second straight Super Bowl loss to the Giants and isn’t as invincible as he was once thought to be. All of a sudden the Pats dynasty over the past 12 years goes from one of the best (if he wins this game) to just another really good one and Brady will get a lot of the blame. Could he have put the game out of reach before that? Well yeah he could have but that’s not the point. He did enough to win the game and it didn’t happen. This was chance on that given play, he threw a ball that could have been caught, and just by chance, he loses. Clearly there were probably hundreds of moments in the game that were ‘chance’ but not all of them change the output of the game like this one did.

I’m not trying to take anything away from the Giants because they played really well. Eli Manning was given the chance to win the game and proved once again that he’s clutch. The pass to Manningham was pretty much perfect and opposite to everything Welker’s catch was. It was double coverage instead of wide open, on the sideline instead of in the middle, and more importantly, caught instead of dropped. They had to win the game in the last couple of minutes and they did that. But the whole point of this post is that Eli shouldn’t have even had the chance to win. You stop the best quarterbacks by keeping them on the bench.

I guess you can say Flacco was trying to start his dynasty when against all odd he was cut short when Cundiff blew that chip shot. Then I wouldn’t even be writing this blog.

What to do

I have a doctors appointment on Monday to get the real breakdown (ha) on my back. I’ll find out what exactly is wrong with me, how long I’m out for, how long I’ve had it coming, and what I can do in the meantime. The school doctor said something like “you may have had it for years but just now is it starting to show up.” Obviously I’m not a doctor but I would think that if that’s the case, it can’t be good. Just to get prepared in case the news is devastating, I’m wondering what I would do if my college career running career was over.

When I went with Mike to a Princeton grad party there was a kid who there who was on the team as a Freshman, ran sub 4:10 in the mile in high school, and by his senior year had pretty much stopped running all together. The kid was overweight but a likable guy with an outgoing personality. Without running he had let himself go physically but remained friends with the team and was pretty much one of them. I will always have friends who are runners so I should get used to hanging out with them but could I really only be a part of the social aspect? I don’t think I could.

Coincidentally, there was another Princeton guy that I met when I went to visit who I talked to a lot more than the previously mentioned guy. This guy was another high school phenom but due to severe injuries had to pretty much call it quits his junior year. He was still going to the gym and staying in shape day after day while the team ran, timing a lot of workouts, and going to every meet. He was part of the team and everything they did but simply couldn’t run. He knew the ins and outs of whatever was capable of and always hung out with them. While I’m started to understand how much it sucks to watch your teammates workout and race while thinking “God I just want to run!!” I would still definitely like to be part of the team and what everyone is doing running-wise.

The final option is completely derailing. I could move to 103 to live with Satchel and Rob, pledge Sig Pi, drink every weeknight, and leave running and the team behind. This would probably be the worst option in terms of my future but I would absolutely live it up in college. I’d go to the gym and only lift so I could get strong and just become a true frat-dog. I’ve never really tried to live this lifestyle but it would be interesting. Generally my conscience keeps me from getting bad grades and drinking when I shouldn’t be but I have decent grades so far so one year of shitty grades wouldn’t kill me.

Obviously option 3 is definitely not going to happen but it’s a thought. Option 1 isn’t going to happen either. As long as I’m at Ursinus I’ll be going to the meets and workouts like normal. I say that now but maybe when/if the reality of the situation sets in, I’ll derail and pick option 3. It would probably spice up the contents of this blog that’s for sure.

A little strange

I don’t know why but as of late, I’ve been observing an unusual part of girls. Most guys check out three major things when they look at a girl, her butt, her boobs, and her face. For whatever reason now I’ve been noticing a girls eyebrows first and foremost. I can’t define a girl as attractive by her eyebrows but I can define her as unattractive. You can look at a girl and say something like, “Man she has an awesome rack” and that’s reason enough to pursue, but you’d never say “Man, that girl has the best eyebrows I’ve ever seen” and use that as a reason to pursue. I don’t know if other guys notice this or have always noticed this but I’m just catching on.

There are two things I look for in a girl’s eyebrows (that sounds so weird). The lesser of the two in the color. If a girl’s eyebrow color doesn’t match the color of her hair it completely throws me off. In most scenarios it’s dark eyebrows and light hair. The eyebrows just stick out so much and even if they’re completely normal otherwise I have trouble looking past it.

The second and more important thing is the shape/thickness. I do not like when a girl has thick eyebrows. The only way I can describe it is by saying that it looks like a dude. When the eye brows are thick and fully shaped it just looks like man eyebrows. I don’t know why but this is what has stuck out most to me lately. Maybe I’m seeing a select few of 5 or 10 girls with thick eyebrows over and over again and that’s why I’m thinking about it. It’s weird because I remember I would use tweezers to pluck my uni-brow and every now and then Katie would decide to do it for me. What I considered a good job was never enough and she would go crazy plucking just one more little hair after the other and I just wondered why. Girls must be finely tuned into this because I couldn’t tell you the first thing about eyebrow maintenance. Do you tweeze them, wax, shampoo, condition, bleach, I have no friggen clue, but for the most part girls are on top of it. It’s funny/probably wrong how I can just write a blog saying that I think girls should do this without knowing anything about what goes into it.

Keyboard Commands

Over the past few weeks I’ve had the feeling that there’s a number of useful computer tricks that are being underutilized so I’ll do my best to share some knowledge. My time at work has honed these skills quite well and the amount of time you can save by using some of these when you’re doing some task 1000+ times is incredible. Most of these simply tell you to stay away from using the mouse.

Alt+Tab – By holding down Alt and then pressing Tab you can scroll through all of the programs you have open. For example, as I’m writing this blog a song has come on that I don’t like. I just hold alt, click tab, and boom iTunes is open right in front of me without having to move my mouse. This is especially useful when you’re doing homework or writing a paper. Instead of constantly going to the mouse and clicking on each Word doc or Excel spreadsheet you can just alt+tab your way through the whole thing.

(Ctrl+A)/Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V – For those who don’t know, Ctrl+C copies whatever you have highlight and Ctrl+V pastes it. Too often do I see kids in my econometrics lab use the mouse to highlight something, right click to copy it, not Alt+Tab to the next page, and right click to paste. Using these copy and paste commands eliminates right clicking all together. The Ctrl+A depends upon the situation but what it does is highlight all. If I want to copy and paste a Youtube link into my blog I just click in the search bar, Ctrl+A Ctrl+C then Ctrl V, it’s as simple as that. Obviously that only works if you want to highlight the whole thing of text but it’s still good to know.

Ctrl+Z – We’re all human and we all make mistakes. Ctrl+Z is Undo and takes back whatever you just did whether it be in Excel or in Word or a web browser. There’s a weird twisty arrow at the top of the programs but that’s just a hassle to go up to especially when you make as many mistakes doing sales reports as I do. For Firefox there isn’t even an undo option unless you right click and we all know we want to avoid using the mouse as much as possible.

Ctrl+Enter – I didn’t know about this one until relatively recently. Tom showed it to me once I’ve never looked back. When entering any website name into the search bar, you hold Ctrl and press Enter and it will automatically fill out “.com”. For example, whenever I want to go to or I just type in Bansheemann7 and then press Ctrl+Enter. It doesn’t seem like much but I use it all the time now. It eliminates the chance of a spelling error when going to click that pesky period. It seems strange and stupid at first but I use it all the time now and it’s just a better way of doing it.

Like always if you know more feel free to comment. I just think these things should be used by everyone.

Somebody That I Used to Know

Courtesy of Paul Reilly. This is probably a band/cover that doesn’t get enough credit. The fact that they play it on one guitar is really creative, the guy on the far right is an absolute boss, and the girl is smokin’ in my opinion.