Back to (high) School

Gourlay and I decided to be cool today and go to the Upper Dublin track practice. It was the most awkward experience I’ve had in a long time. At our age, the only people we went to school with were the people who are seniors now. I can honestly say I could not name a single distance freshman from when I was a senior (because I’m pretty sure there were none), the only one we know is Francis and he’s just a goober. Anyway, we showed up at 2:20 and greeted Ames and Dink with a handshake. They were too involved in dealing with the team and everything that they didn’t really want to talk to us so we wandered off. We tried to find Giammarco because he’s the one teacher that we’d want to talk to and have a normal conversation with but he was no where to be found. After an hour of walking around and looking like losers and weirdos, we left and that was that.

Going back to high school was really weird. One thing that was weird was the students. Gourlay said it very well with ‘It looks like they get younger every year’. Obviously high schoolers will always be roughly 14-18 but that age group appears younger and younger every single time I go back. I don’t think I personally stick out as an old guy because I don’t really look that old but knowing that I’m a junior in college and these kids are all younger is just uncomfortable. With all of that being said, some of the girls were still pretty good looking and I just felt like a creep thinking that. I guess the biggest thing I noticed is that there are more girls in high that are in good shape than girls in college. The whole experience was so awkward and strange that I don’t really plan on going back.

Gamblin’ Man

What break would be complete without at least one card game? Last night a group of about 10 of us had a good card game going. We started at 10 and played until 3ish. I bought in for $30 and things started pretty slow but when these two Asians Josh and Hamin showed up the game just got crazy. It’s actually a pain in the ass to play with them because they make ridiculously sized bets, call any draw, and straddle every goddamn hand. I lost a ~$50 hand to Joe Fasano when he raised to $2.50 pre-flop, I bumped it to $6 or $7, and he rolled it. He’d been playing really loose like always so I called with pocket jacks and he flipped over K-9 suited. I was clear until he spiked a king on the river. I was down to about $15 so I rebought another $20.

The rest of my night consisted of a few small pots with one monster pot that pretty much saved me. I had A-Q suited and Joe and Josh both called me pre-flop raise. The flop was A-9-4 or something like that. Joe bet out, Josh called, and then I called. The turn was a 5 or 6 something which put a flush and straight draw out there and Joe led out again. Josh called again, I pushed, Joe insta-called, and Josh sat for a while contemplating before eventually calling. I figure Joe had me crushed by how quickly he called and Josh was probably drawing. Either way, there was about $100 in the pot with one card left and I thought I was in trouble. Joe flipped over a pair and a straight draw and Josh flipped over a flush draw. Miraculously neither hit on the river and I took down the hand.

I ended up cashing out with $101 for a $51 profit. Joe lost a little over $300 and this one kid James who was easily the worst player there won close to $350. The run he went on was incredible and he even acknowledged how lucky he was getting.

Afterward Joe and his one friend who already owed him $1000 started playing $100 games of ping-pong. They were both terrible so I asked if I could get in the action. Neither of them wanted to gamble with me but one kid accepted. He said he’d bet $20 just to make it interesting and I gladly accepted. During warm-up I told him “I’ll let you take your $20 bet back if you want because… well I can just tell that I’m probably going to win.” He declined and the game started. He won 11-8 in a game where I whiffed 4 slams. I was baffled and felt like a jackass but he did somehow beat me the first game. I immediately said double or nothing and he agreed. His friends asked him why he did that because it was obvious I was better but he didn’t really seem to mind. I got up 10-0 in the next game and ended up winning 11-2 which made me feel better. Another kid who claimed he was pretty good asked me to play too. He only had $7 in his wallet so we played a $5 game and I beat him 11-2 also which put me to $56 on the night (which should have been $76).

It was 3:45 in the morning when everyone left so I called it a night.

Missing out on New Zealand

So most of my family spare my father is in New Zealand right now enjoying a week of summer, no work, and beautiful scenery. I’m here in Upper Dublin doing pretty much nothing. Obviously I wanted to go but there were pros and cons to the situation and in the end I decided I wouldn’t go. I wouldn’t necessarily say I regret that decision because I knew full well that I wanted to go, but I just wish I could be there now. Between the time commitment, missing school, the money, etc. making the trip just seemed like too much. Maybe I’ll look back in 10 years and wonder how I could have passed up on this opportunity but the immediate present said otherwise. To make me feel even worse, I missed my orthodontist appointment today. I literally have nothing to do every single day and I couldn’t even remember to go to my ortho appointment at 1:45 in the afternoon today. That’s just pathetic.

Another thing, Tom’s last post talked about how he will be in New Zealand for the week and won’t be posting any updates on his blog. Because of this I’d like to ask the question why will people still check his blog multiple times this week? I checked his blog moments ago fully aware that there would not be an update and guess what I found, no update, so why in the hell did I check? I’ll probably check again in a few days too just in case but I shouldn’t.

Fresh Prince

I used to watch Fresh Prince a good amount back in the day. I don’t know why but I’ll never forget when I watched this one particular scene and it nearly brought me to tears. I thought it was crazy that a show that always tries and succeeds to be funny could switch it over to serious/emotional so well. I think half of that goes to Will Smith’s acting as well. If anyone can think of a show that does this to this extent please post.

To La Salle

Last night I made the decision to go to La Salle with Gourlay and Jonny for some fun. I had no plans to do anything so it sounded like a pretty good alternative to sitting at home alone all night watching Man on Fire (which I watched yesterday and am watching again right now). Jonny came over around 6 and we started pregaming with some classy beer such as Yeungling and Budweiser. Gourlay came over and we were off.

We stopped at the beer store and Gourlay picked up 6 High Gravs which I had never had before. They’re a pretty good deal considering they’re 8.1% 40’s and they taste only a little bit like ass. Gourlay, Jonny, and I were pregaming at Gourlay’s house waiting for everyone to get back so the real party could start. Ian texted me so we told him and Tom to come on over. They showed up and started drinking. I was 5 beers and a High Grav and a half deep when we headed to the party so I was pretty bombed. There were a good amount of people there and a lot going on but the only thing I remember is talking to Kevin Day for what seemed like the whole night. Apparently Paul walked Ian and I back because we were both blacked out and couldn’t find our way home.

I woke up fully clothed and contacts in on a pull out couch in Gourlay’s house. I’ve only been ‘drunk’ the next morning a few times before but this was easily the worst one. It literally felt like I had just finished a good number of drinks and was getting drunker and drunker as the morning went on. I was loud and obnoxious but also ready to pass out. We drove to Dalessandro’s for cheese steaks which was good and bad. It was good because the greasy food probably prevented a hangover but it was bad because immediately after eating it I thought I was going to vomit. I struggled all the way home but managed to not throw up. I’m supposed to cheeg today and I still plan on it but it is going to be rough. We’ll have to wait and see.


A student that went to Ursinus passed recently. I actually had class with him freshman year and he was a really nice guy and it’s pretty shocking to hear that he died. We weren’t really friends or anything but still, that’s not something you ever want to hear.

This brings me to the greater picture. I found about this through Facebook. A good number of people have made status updates saying RIP and how he was a great guy and tagging him in their posts and stuff. I don’t know why but I just don’t think that’s something I would ever do. Dealing with someones death on a public forum doesn’t seem like the right thing to do. I’ve also seen people post things about their parents or grandparents who have passed and how longs it’s been and how they’ll never forget them. I’m aware that’s in good spirit and everything but again it’s just not something I would do. I feel like that’s something you would deal with on a personal level. Hypothetically, if Trooper died or something, I might make a status about that or something because he’s a cat and all but if an actual person that I know and am close to died, I would not go out and say it to the whole world. Just throwing this out there but if I die soon, I request that people don’t make a status about it or tag me in them.

One More

A few of us stuck around last night to hang out before break. There was a small group of us but we tried to make the best of it. The night started with Mark and I playing quarters alone which isn’t unusual. The Sixers were on ESPN at 8 so Pane and I planned on making that into a drinking game. We were doing shots, drinking Boxer Ice, and watching the Sixers for an hour or so which was pretty entertaining. A few more people showed up and we opted to play Jenga. I pulled the block ‘hold your breath for as long as you can’ and actually set a new PR of 2:35 which I thought was pretty impressive. Granted I was on the verge of passing out but I did manage to do it.

Things started to turn south when Liz threw up. Fortunately she’s not too difficult to take care unlike someone that I’ll get to. The small group began to disperse and before I knew it, it was just puking Liz, smashed Wacker, and I in the suite. There really wasn’t much to do and while I was pretty drunk already, I figured I would stop drinking just to make sure nothing bad happened. Eventually some people filtered back in and Mark, Wacker, and I separated. We were hanging out in Wacker’s room and it was apparent that he was bombed. Eventually, Liz moved to the common room where me, Ryder, and Jordan, were hanging out. I had out the guitar and we were having a nice sing along for a bit but then Jordan and Ryder left.

Mark joined me in the common room and were hanging out until Wacker rudely interrupted. He walked out of his room and immediately fell against the wall. I decided to get up and help him. I carried him to the bathroom and he proceeded to puke violently for a few minutes. I had to hold him up while he puked which wasn’t pleasant. After that we tried to get him into bed which was actually successful. We put a trashcan up in bed with him and he was still puking in it as we shut the door. Eventually Liz snapped out of it made it to her room. Although not much happened Mark and I were still awake at 3:30 in the morning when we decided to call it a night.

It wasn’t really that great of a night but I’d say it was definitely better than a boring night at home which I’ll have a bunch of this break. I don’t have anything planned for the week which is boring but whatever. I’m kicking it off exactly how I imagined, watching Phone Booth with my mom, Noops, and Sneezy. I imagine this break will involve a lot of TV/moving watching, guitar playing, not running, and cat watching. Maybe I’ll write a song for Brett again because that occupied an entire night last time. Suggestions are welcome. Have a nice weekend.

Start Break

The past few days have been good and bad. Spring Break is obviously so close but I’ve had a good amount of work to do until I could get there. Fortunately I’m done now and officially on break. We drank last night to prematurely celebrate break. I didn’t get back from the library until 10:30 so it was a late start but I didn’t waste too much time getting started. I did a few shots, drank a few Boxer Ices, and had a good buzz going. Around 11 a few of us went down to 103 to hang out. We played a good amount of flip cup and were bro’in out pretty hard for a while. For whatever reason Satchel, Wacker, and I came back up to 203 to hang out until Satch got a text that Rob had just thrown up. We grabbed a marker, some fake blood, and planned on drawing all over Rob. We went back down to 103 but somehow Rob was awake and stumbling around the suite. There was a huge pile of throw up right next to his bed which was absolutely disgusting. I called it a night because things weren’t really happening. I went to bed and locked my door so they couldn’t draw on me.

Now, Mark and I have just started playing a game where if I get a friend request, he has to shotgun a beer as soon as possible and vice versa. Well this morning he woke me up and said that he got a friend request. I was half-asleep and still hungover so I didn’t really do anything. When I actually got up I had a text from him saying “you have to shot gun a beer when you wake up”. Obviously, 10 o’clock in the morning after a night of drinking is not at all ideal for shotgunning. However, if I didn’t do it then it would ruin the whole point of the game. Why would you say you have to shotgun no matter what if you’re not going to shotgun no matter what? I grabbed an ice cold Boxer Ice and went to the bathroom. I actually didn’t feel that hungover and didn’t think I would have too much trouble. I finished it pretty quickly and was actually proud of myself. 15 seconds later I was kneeling down at the toilet puking violently. It was a disaster.

I still had 600 words of a paper to write which I was not looking forward to. I also had a class at 1:30 which I really wasn’t looking forward too. I sat down and busted the paper out spare a few minor details. Satch came up and we talked about last night for half an hour or so. It was really funny but to top everything off he got a text from Rob while he was up here saying “Just left for home, didn’t clean the puke, had no time, cya.” So Rob just left for New Hampshire with a huge pile of puke next to his bed and a smell that could kill someone. Satchel didn’t play into Rob’s tricks though. Rob wanted Satchel to say “Fuck that, I’m not cleaning it up either” but instead Satchel is going to clean it up and foil Rob’s plan. It’s funny because most people would want to trick their roommate into cleaning it up but Rob actually wants the puke to sit there for 9 days before anyone cleans it up.

We’re drinking tonight for one last hurrah before we all leave. It will be pretty low key but I plan on having a good time. I have about 25 Boxer Ices to finish before I go home which definitely isn’t going to happen. I don’t plan on blacking out but who knows. I wouldn’t necessarily be upset if I did. I proved I can not blackout if I want to so that’s good enough for me. Happy Friday everyone.

Mood to Song

I’ll give Mark credit for the idea behind this post. If anyone is in the room with me and I have don’t have a specific blog idea I almost always ask “I’m writing a blog, what should I write it about?” The responses are generally not ideal but for whatever reason Mark decided to not make fun of my dia… blog and try and contribute to it’s quality instead.

Like all my other best blog posts, this post will be about music. I’ll be taking moods and matching them up with songs. There’s clearly more than one correct answer to each mood but these are just the ones that struck me at the moment. We’ll start with the obvious.

Mood: Happy
Song: Anna Belle – Hail Social
This is just a song that I could never be sad listening to. It’s a short little ditty that’s upbeat and a love story. It’s a little on the gay side but it’s definitely a song I can’t help but be happy to when it’s on. I have to give credit to Palm for showing it to me. It may seem stupid at first but I swear it grows on you.

Mood: Sad
Song: Karma Police – Radiohead
I can think of two scenarios where I was really sad and this was my go to song. The first was in 9th grade when Gina Ranieri rejected me after coronation when I asked her out. The other was about a month ago when I learned the full diagnosis of my back and thought I might never be able to run fast again. The whole song has this kind of depressing feeling to it that just fit the mood perfectly when I felt like the whole world was ending.

Making Love Out of Nothing at All – Air Supply
I don’t know why but I love this song. It’s extremely corny and gay and all but I never have a problem listening to it. I like the story it tells and it just makes me think that any bad situation is not as bad as it seems. If you can make love out of nothing at all then any problem is just secondary.

Mood: Hopeless
Song: When You’re Gone – Avril Lavigne
This song is about someone losing their significant other. The music video does an even better job of telling the story when it shows an 80 year old man in a house all alone looking over pictures and clothing of his passed life. It’s just trying to accept the fact that things will never be the same and you have to move on but it sucks. This is a pretty gay one too but I like listening to this song.

Mood: Bro’in Out
Take Control – IllScarlett
I’ve advertised this band to a lot of people because no one knows who they are but they’re actually really good. This song is a pretty bro song and I always think of Senior Week when I think of IllScarlett. I could just imagine it being 3 in the afternoon with the 8 of us playing pong and drinking beer, just bro’in out, and listening to this song.

Mood: Party
Song: Kiss Me Deadly – Reel Big Fish
This is probably my favorite Reel Big Fish song (although I don’t know that many) and this song always puts me in a party mood. It’s upbeat, catchy, about partying, and fun all around. In my opinion it’s hard not to enjoy listening to this song when you want to party. Obviously this never gets played at parties because everyone wants to listen to modern pop music that blows but if I ran parties, this is the stuff that would play. That might explain why no one would come to the parties I would throw.

Mood: Emo
Song: At the Bottom – Brand New
This song is really emo. It’s about drugs and friends dying and things that Emo people love. Brand New is a pretty Emo band that I like but this song does it for me in terms of being Emo. I don’t know how I get into Emo moods but they do come along every now and then and this song comes to mind immediately.

Mood: Relaxing
Song: The World May Never Know – Dr. Dog
Relaxing and Bro’ing out are different. This is a song I want to listen to on a Friday afternoon right when I finish classes and just want to take the next hour or two to do absolutely nothing. It’s laid back and just a fun tune to sing along to. I love Dr. Dog and I think this song in particular is really overlooked by them.

Mood: Moshing
One Step Closer – Linkin Park
This song is just the ultimate pump up song. You could argue for other things like Killing in the Name or something like that but since I grew up listening to Linkin Park more than any other band this one takes the cake. It literally just makes me want to murder someone. If this comes on when I’m running the pace immediately drops by ~45 seconds. It’s so angry and violent that you can’t help but want to be destructive when you hear it.

There’s obviously a bunch of songs I could have picked and a bunch of moods I could have chosen too but I think this was pretty good. If you have a suggestion for a song for a mood or a mood in general feel free to comment.

Black or White?

I was reading a case for my management class today and it brought up an obvious yet interesting point. Say there’s an open position at a firm and two candidates have applied for the job. One is clearly more qualified than the other but that one is black whereas the other one is white. Let’s say that this firm is located in Alabama or Arkansas where racism is much more prevalent than up north. The firm doesn’t want to hire the black guy but not because they’re racist. Those within the firm have no preference of working with a black person versus a white person. In fact, if you asked the employees whether they’d want a qualified black person versus a lesser qualified white person, they would say the qualified black person. He can offer good idea and insight, lighten the work load for others more-so than the white tard, and is all around a better addition for the company than the white person.

However, the firm doesn’t want to hire the black guy because they don’t think their customers will respond well. Simply put, potential clients in the south don’t want to hire a black person for anything if they don’t have to. By hiring this well-qualified black person as opposed to the less-qualified white person is setting the black candidate up for failure as well as potentially lowering company sales. They reason that it’s a lose lose for both parties to hire the black guy. He’ll be better off finding a job that suites his strengths better and the company is better off avoiding upsetting their customers.

This obviously begs the question, who do you hire? This is the less important question of this post. Because none of you have read the entire article and a lot of information has been left out it’d be hard to make a decision. However, in my opinion, I would hire the black guy for a number of reasons.

The next question is what I’m curious about. The article brought up the idea that this is job discrimination and the company could be sued. So, is it racist for the company not to hire the black guy?

I don’t think so. As a company, you have knowledge of your customer base (hopefully) and in this, they probably rightfully assume that people in the south are racist and wouldn’t respond well to a black guy. The goal of all firms is to maximize profits, the firm feels that by hiring the white guy over the black guy, they will maximize profits. How can you fault the company for this? They’re not the racist ones, if their customers weren’t racist, they would hire the black guy hands down but because of the circumstances, it makes sense to hire the white guy. You can’t blame the company for doing what’s in their best interest. You can blame the southern racists but you can’t really do anything about it which is the shitty part.