Someone posted a facebook status today (which inspired this post) that said “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?” This got me thinking about all the other references to this idea that you should live every day like it’s your last like the song “Live Like You Were Dying”, or “Gotta Live”, the list goes on and on. I want to share my opinion on this general idea.

The idea of living every day like it was your last is a terrible idea. If tomorrow was the last day of my life would I want to wake up at 9, go eat shitty Wismer breakfast, go to Econometrics, go eat shitty Wismer Lunch, go the gym to bike for 30 minutes, play Call of Duty for 3 hours, go to practice, go eat shitty Wismer dinner, go to the library, and go to bed? Outside of the Call of Duty part, absolutely not. No chance in hell is that how I would want to spend my last day. Now does that mean I should skip all of my classes, spend hundreds of dollars on gourmet food, and try to bang anyone who’s willing (or not willing)? Absolutely not. The consequences of living every day like it was your last would be so severe that it would ruin every day after that for the rest of your life. I understand the concept of enjoying life to the fullest but that doesn’t mean live every day like it’s your last. People are going to have shitty days, that’s pretty much inevitable. I’m going to have days where I have a lot of work to do or I’m sick and I’m not going to be happy but that doesn’t mean I’m not living life to the fullest. The motto should not be “If you’ve always wanted to kill someone, why not do it today, for all you know this could be your last chance!”

The motto should be something more like YOLO. Gourlay introduced me to this term and I’ve been jokingly saying it for 2 weeks now. I think it’s hilarious to say but the idea behind it actually carries some weight. It means you only live once. This doesn’t tell you to live everyday like it’s your last, it just says make your life as exciting and enjoyable as possible. This motto has good persuasion power to it. For example, if you’re at MacDonald’s and you’re deciding if you want to get a salad and a yogurt or something healthy versus a double quarter pounder with cheese, YOLO, I’m getting the double quarter pounder with cheese.


End St. Perdo

Saint Pedro’s Day was a success. I’m just going to recap everything. Wacker and I woke up and went to the thrift store to buy our outfits. We bought two short sleeve button-ups and two safari hats that were the closest things to a sombrero as we could find. Both of our shirts were way too big and my shirt was a Phat Farm shirt which apparently isn’t for me. After that we went to Redner’s and bought 30 red cups and 10 limes. We were setting ourselves up nicely. I put on the shirt and it was gigantic so I decided to cut the sleeves off right away. This made it look a little cooler. The sleeveless Phat Farm shirt, a goofy-ass safari hat, and my red pleated corduroys made for one helluva look.

It was 11:30 and Wacker and I wasted no time ripping tequila shots. We had a 1 liter bottle to split between the two of us. We did 4 rapid fire shots each and then went to brunch. 30 minutes we got back and did another 2 or 3. We were making friends with the Phi Psi girls that live right across from us in 205. They did a shot or two with us and were making fun of my stupid outfit. I was banned from 205 last year because I kept telling this one girl that she farted so I asked them if they could waive the ban. Fortunately they accepted. At that point we went down to Sig Pi where I had to play Satchel in The Show. I had a beer during the game and then had to finish another 2 beers for Diddy Kong Racing. I was on the verge of puking so I went to the bathroom but managed to hold it in. It was about 1 in the afternoon and things start to go blank. Wacker and I finished the liter of tequila and I was just absolutely bombed. Apparently I went to the lacrosse game with the Phi Psi girls. Lizzie told me that I peed at the game and was spitting a lot which is generally not a good sign. Marquis walked me back to my room at 2pm where I passed out for 6 hours.

I woke up around 8 but I don’t really remember it. I just remember feeling really hungover and like I was going to puke. I start to actually remember things around 8:30-9:00 when we got a game of Kings going in my room. It killed time and sobered me up a little bit because I was chugging water the whole time. Somehow we got on the topic of shot gunning beers and Emily said that she had never done it. It was about 10:00 and I figured I felt good enough to shotgun so we went to the bathroom and did it. I was proven wrong and threw up 15 seconds later. I actually felt pretty good afterwards though and began drinking the Tecate that I had. I didn’t end up getting that drunk after that because I was struggling to drink but I still had a good buzz going for pretty much the whole night. Wacker, Ben, and Mark were all passing out and waking up periodically. Satchel and I drew on Wacker a little bit which is always funny. The suite became full of randos so a small group of us went to Lower. The food was alright and I tried to drink a lot of liquids to prevent a hangover.

I woke up today around 10 to a wrecked suite. Ben peed in Mark’s bed and the whole place was just a shit house. Wacker, Mark, and I decided to walk to Macdonald’s and I was still wearing the clothing from the night before. I ordered a double quarter pounder with cheese and felt like absolute shit after I finished it. We hung there for about an hour and a half and make the trek back to the suite. After that we had a nice Frisbee toss and then finally manned up and cleaned the suite. It was not a pretty sight but with the 3 of us all working together we did it reasonably fast. I have a lot of work to do this week which sucks but I celebrated enough this weekend. The song Religious Man is now the most played song on my Itunes. It went from 0 plays to 71 in the past day. I’m excited for next year’s Saint Pedro’s Day because this one was such a success.

Begin St. Pedro

It’s finally Saint Pedro’s Day. There was a sign yesterday that this was going to be a great day; My phone now auto-corrects everything into Spanish words and I don’t know how to change it. Just getting in the Mexican spirit. Wacker and I split a case of Tequate which was only $17. We also gave Ben $15 and told him to buy us the cheapest tequila that the liquor store had. He gave me $5 change and a one liter bottle of Tortilla Silver Tequala. At first smell I almost threw up but with a shit-load of salt and a bushel of limes we should be alright. Wacker has an art field trip that snuck up on us and almost ruined our plan. He was supposed to leave at 7:30 this morning and wouldn’t get back until 9ish tonight. He paid $30 and everything to go already but fortunately he opted to skip it this morning so I will not be alone.

It’s 10 o’clock and the festivities have pretty much started. Everyone is blasting their Irish music except for Mark and I. He plays a Bob Marley playlist and I just have Religious Man by Mr. Loco on repeat (the song from Nacho Libre) because that’s the only Mexican song I have. Last night was a good warmup to today. Wacker and I split a case of Natty Light so we had something to drink other than Tequate and tequala. I got pretty drunk but managed to not blackout. We played a lot of flip cup and I hung out with Satchel for a while. Nothing significant happened but it was a fun time. Lower had a quasage, egg, and cheese on a bagel which was incredible (If you can’t tell Qua has caught on pretty well and people are saying it a decent amount here). I don’t really know what our game plan is today other than drinking. We don’t have any games or scheduled events so we’ll see how 8 dudes manage to entertain themselves for the next 10 hours while drinking alone.

Happy Saint Pedro’s Day everyone.

St. Pedro’s Day

Saturday is Saint Patrick’s Day. I have no idea why this holiday exists or what it celebrates (something with the Irish obviously) but it is an excuse to get absolutely hammered. I’ve participated regularly over the past few years but this year will be different. I’ll explain my dislike for the Irish and burning hate for the color green right now.

It all stems back to one person and he knows exactly who he is. Ian McGrath and I have been friends for roughly 15 years now. I’m a grade older than he is so I’ve always had this older brother feeling where he just can’t beat me in anything no matter how hard he tries. Our friendship has been rocky at times such as my junior/senior year in high school when I just plain old disliked him. I drove him to school every day and one moment in particular sticks out. He tried to snot rocket or sneeze or blow his nose or something one morning on the drive to school. I saw he had a big booger on his finger. He put his hand out the window like he threw it out but I made sure to check his hand when he brought it back in. What do you know, the massive booger was still there. I watched his hand ever so slowly drop down to the seat. I could not believe my eyes when it hit the seat. I was in a fit of rage when he started rubbing it in but I managed to keep my silence. When we got out of the car and started walking to school I very calmly said “I saw what you did with the booger back there.” He looked at me in disbelief and promised to wipe it off the seat when we drove home from practice.

Anyway, there’s always been a small hatred between us even though we’re really good friends. Ian has red hair and is pale as hell. He’s as Irish as I am (25%) but acts like he’s 100%. He claims his favorite color is green but obviously he only said that because of his desire to be Irish. He always went over board for Saint Patrick’s day but my senior year in high school he got green contacts, a stupid green shirt, and a goofy ass giant green hat to wear around school. I was literally embarrassed to call him my friend. I stole his hat and just made fun of him as much as I could. I hate the color green and Ireland completely in spite of him. He knows this.

For that reason, I will not be celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day this year. Instead, Wacker and I will be celebrating Saint Pedro’s Day where we dress up in ponchos and sombreros and drink Tecate and tequila in honor of Mexico. It will be an all day drinking fiesta and everyone is invited. Also to spite the Irish, Mark and Ben are dressing up as Jamaicans and drinking Red Stripe all day. Everyone should pick a country of their liking and join along in the fun.

March Madness

One of the greatest sporting events or whatever you would like to call it is beginning today. The March Madness NCAA tournament is a pretty crazy time. People will make a ton of different brackets in different groups all gambling for something whether it be money or pride. Normally I enjoy this time of year. College sports in general (spare running) don’t interest me all that much and I really despise college football but I’d say I like college basketball more than any other. The tournament is a great idea and adds incentive for people to watch.

This year may be the least I’ve followed college basketball in recent history. I can tell you a few basic facts but that’s really it. My go-to team Pittsburgh sucked this year and didn’t even make the tournament so I don’t have anyone to root for. I made no effort to fill out a bracket and only filled out one because it was for an econometrics project. Otherwise I would have been bracketless for the first time in years. I don’t know why but it just doesn’t appeal to me at all this year and I’m not going to act like it does. I genuinely care about the Sixers and normally I care a little bit about this tournament so I’ll fill out a few brackets but I’m going to fake it this year and fill out a bracket just because. I have very little interest in who wins the tournament and probably won’t be watching any of the games except maybe the national championship.

With all of that said, I picked Marquette to win it all in my econometrics bracket so that’s who I’m rooting for.


Last night Mark, Ben, and I went to a service type deal for the student that passed from Ursinus. Again, I had a few classes with him freshman year but we weren’t really good friends or anything. While I didn’t get that emotional personally from his passing because I didn’t know him all that well, it was pretty emotional watching other people. A ton of people showed up which just shows how many people knew him and watching the football team’s reaction and his close friends reaction was pretty intense. The hardest hitting part was when the coach presented the kid’s dad with his jersey which was a really cool moment but it was really really sad.

The whole thing, as I imagine most funeral type deals are, just brings you back to real life and what’s possible and what’s important. Me missing my junior year track seasons doesn’t really seem like that big of a deal when you put it like that. When you hear what his girlfriend and dad and everyone has to say it just makes you think about what you would say at other peoples funeral and what people would say at yours. Another thing came to mind when they were showing a slideshow of pictures synced up to music. It made me wonder what song(s) I would want to be played at my funeral. It brought to mind the end of Man on the Moon with Jim Carrey. He makes this video that plays at his funeral where he’s just being funny and trying to make everyone not feel bad about it. He has a sing along and everything. Obviously everyone is going to be sad if they’re going to someones funeral but the person who passed probably wouldn’t want to them to be. As far as picking a song goes, well I can’t really pick one. I’d probably pick Echoes or In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida just so everyone has to sit through 15+ minutes of music but that would just be cruel.


Coming to Terms

It’s time to come to terms with my injury. As the months have passed since I stopped running I’ve made progress. Within the first 6-8 weeks or so I didn’t really notice a difference. The fracture still caused pain on a daily basis and I honestly questioned whether I would be able to run competitively again. While people told me that I should stay positive and that I’ll be back and running next year, I couldn’t really believe them until I saw it. The possible scenarios that the doctor played out seemed grim and I was extremely upset for a while. If this thing became a permanent problem and I was forced to run 20-30 miles a week while cross training the rest of the time, well me ever being good again just wasn’t going to happen and that was something that was really hard to grasp.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been feeling noticeably better. My back doesn’t bother me nearly as much during normal activities such as sitting in class or trying to sleep. I talked to Colin and we pretty much have an idea of what’s going to happen. At this point we’re 99% confident I’ll be back and healthy for next year. If I give the fracture proper time to heal up and come back gradually I’ll be able to put in the work that I want to for the summer and the rest of my senior year. I’ll feel just like I did a year ago or two years ago in terms of my back. I can’t rush back too early or else I risk opening the fracture and being back to where I was in December. I’ll start slowly in May and work my way up throughout the summer. The fracture itself isn’t something I’ve had for years which raises some questions.

I think I’m going to admit that I got the fracture from overuse. The mileage I did this summer was more than I had ever done and more than I was prepared for. With that being said, I didn’t stretch ever and only did core rarely. If I stretch frequently, do core daily, and have a year of high mileage under my belt already, I think I’ll be able to manage 80-90 miles/week throughout the summer and the season without getting injured. If that’s the case I really think I’ll have an awesome senior year and my collegiate junior year will be like my high school junior year, just a speed bump before a really good finish. It’s easier not running when you know you’re shut down for the year. If there was a chance that I could come back and run this outdoor season I would be itching but now that I know I won’t race until August/September of next year, I can relax and not stress out about the time that I’m missing. Either way, I’m optimistic now and I think things will only get better from here on out.

All Over

My spring break is over but we definitely went out with a bang. Yesterday around 1:30 I biked over to Dave’s house for the party. I was shocked when I arrived to find only Dave there. Fortunately for him the party just doubled in size. Him and I hung out for an hour or so playing drinking games that were not suited for only 2 people. Len and Harry eventually showed up so the party doubled in size once again. We set up corn-hole and played that for a while. Dave and I were pretty much unstoppable. At around 5 I biked home because Mark was coming back from the airport. We also invited Ian and Gourlay to go back to Dave’s for the night and they both agreed.

We showed up around 7 and got to drinking. There were 11 people at the party and not a single one of them was female. We played three rounds of rock paper scissor balls to spice things up a bit and I managed to lose both rounds I played. At 9 or so we were all pretty drunk and Tom picked us up to drive us to BYOB bowling at Happy Tymes. He dropped us off and told us he’d be back at midnight We showed up and the place was packed, mostly with girls between the age of 10-16 and their parents. They told us we’d have to wait an hour to play which sucked but we pulled out our beers and killed some time. Dave and I played a few games of pool which passed the time nicely. After an hour or so the guy working there came up and told us we were next up. The group gathered and decided we’d rather walk to Red Lion to get some food. It was probably a mile or so away and it was pretty cold out but we made the trek regardless.

The word of the night was not surprisingly Qua. We were dropping as many Qua’s as we possibly could. When we got to Red Lion we were looking for ways we could say Qua to the waitress. Ian ordered first and asked for a ‘bar-be-qua’ sandwich. He burst out laughing and couldn’t even finish the sentence. He had to try again and eventually he spit it out. Mark was last to order and he also ordered a bar-be-qua sandwich at which point the whole table was dying. The waitress didn’t get it and seemed a little pissed off but no harm was done. We ate, tipped nicely, and were on our way.

It was only 11 so we had an hour to kill and the strip club Double Visions was a half mile down the road. I’ve never been to a strip club so I didn’t really know what to expect. After walking down Easton for 5-10 minutes we made it there. We weren’t sure if it was 18 or 21 to get in but we figured we’d try our luck. I handed the guy my ID and he looked at it for 30 seconds or so before bluntly saying “You’re not 21.” I took my ID and walked out the door with Ian right behind me. Gourlay, Mark, and Dave hung out while we called Tom and told him to pick us up ASAP. We sat outside for half an hour and then Tom showed up and took us all back. I’ve made a good effort to stay away from strip clubs over the past few years despite being invited a number of times. Of course the one time I actually try to go I get rejected.

We dropped Ian off, Gourlay went home, and it was me, Dave, and Mark still left. The 6 other dudes were nowhere to be found so we started up the fire in the backyard, grabbed a few beers, and sat around. Harry walked out and said everyone left and that Len was going to sleep but Harry joined us. We sat out for an hour and a half eating popcorn and messing with the fire and whatnot. It was a good time and around 2 (which ended up being 3 due to daylight savings) we called it a night.

Mark and I drove back to school today both of us agreed we feel like shit. After a good streak of dieting and exercise in the middle of break I blew up the last 3 days or so. Starting today I’m eating healthy and exercising frequently. I figure it was okay to take spring break and just throw that week out the window in terms of health.