Favorite Smells

The idea for this post dawned on me yesterday. Here’s a short list in no particular order of some of my favorite smells.

1. The smell of your nails immediately after you file them
I’ll start by saying this is probably the creepiest one of them all but this is the one that sparked the idea for the post. I can’t describe why I like this smell so much but I do. I know people think it’s unusual that I file my nails in the first place but this just adds to the weirdness. If you’ve never smelled this, go file your nails and take a whiff.

2. Wet paint
I’m not exposed to paint very often but every now and then I would spend a few summer days at Stortz Tools dipping slate rippers in a vat of black paint. I don’t think I’m alone on this when I say I love the smell of wet paint. I don’t know what it is specifically but it’s a very enjoyable smell. I will admit that after an hour or so of dipping at Stortz Tools I started to get sick of it but still, I like the smell in small doses for sure. I’m not entirely sure but this may go along with rubber cement too because I loved the smell of that too.

3. Cinnamon Pop-tarts fresh out of the toaster.
I have a soft spot for cinnamon Pop-tarts. In my grade school career I consumed anywhere between 6 -12 cinnamon pop-tarts a week for 9 months a year for literally 12 years. Conservatively speaking, I’ve had about 3000 cinnamon Pop-tarts in my life. When these babies come out of the toaster there’s nothing like it. Not only do I love the smell of warm cinnamon, but I honestly get a feeling of nostalgia from waking up at 6:35 every morning to eat pop-tarts back in my grade school days. This one is more personal I suppose but regardless these things smell awesome.

4. Gasoline
This one is a no brainer. Everyone loves the smell of gas when you go to fill your car. I specifically remember in 8th grade when I bought a motor scooter. My dad would buy a gallon of gas and I was in charge of filling of scooter up. That was my first consistent exposure to gas and it was wonderful. It’s a shame gas is $4 a gallon these days or I’d go just to smell the gas more often.

5. Honeydew melon candle
Wacker and I debated about whether or not this one was usable. He says no but I say yes. Whether the smell is artificial or not is irrelevant. Yes candles are made to smell good but if I was forced to choose one and only one, this would get the nod. Not surprisingly, honeydew melon is also one of my favorite fruits.

6. Cat Piss
This one seems unusual also. I wouldn’t say I necessarily enjoy smelling cat piss, but if I’m smelling cat piss it means one thing, I’m home. Since 1994 I’ve been exposed to the smell of cat piss and have become so good at picking it out. I had to go home this Monday and when I walked through the door I immediately thought it smelled like cat piss (sorry if you’re reading this mom). Although the smell itself isn’t wonderful, it’s oddly comforting to me. It’s so distinct and I know that I only smell it in one place, even if I’m smelling cat piss, it can’t be that bad because at least I’m at home right?

I made this list in about half an hour so I’m sure I’m missing some good ones. Please comment with your personal favorites… but only if you feel like it.

AK Olympic Marathon Team Selection

I’ll preface this post by saying that I know no one will care.

Today, Athletics Kenya released their three selections for the Kenyan mens Olympic marathon team. Unlike the U.S., Kenya does not hold a trials race where the top 3 go, instead they have a panel who votes. The selected individuals included:

Abel Kirui – 2:05:04 PR and 2 time World Champ in 2009 and 2011
Wilson Kipsang – 2:03:42 PR compared to 2:03:38 WR and just crushed an awesome field at London
Moses Mosop – 2:03:06 in Boston last year which is the 2nd fastest marathon ever run. 2:05:03 PR on legit course.

Now, by looking at this list it seems like those three are all great runners and potential threats to win the gold. Kirui has represented Kenya twice in the World Champs and brought home gold, surely he deserves a bid? Moses Mosop has the second fastest marathon ever (Boston doesn’t count as a WR course because it’s not point to point. It’s usually considered a very slow course but there was a wicked tailwind last year that aided the times 2-3 minutes) so surely he deserves a bid too? The one man who proved his worth of these three was Kipsang. He is only 4 seconds off of the WORLD RECORD and just obliterated the field at London, he actually deserves a bid. Here’s two people that were left off the team.

However, the two people they excluded is what has people scratching their heads. Here’s two people they left OFF the team

Geoffrey Mutai – Undeniably the best marathoner in the world last year. Has the fastest marathon ever run in 2:03:02 where he beat MOSOP in Boston last year. Unaided PR of 2:04:55.
Patrick Makau – WORLD RECORD HOLDER in the marathon with 2:03:38 set exactly 7 months ago today.

So let’s get this straight, Mutai beat Mosop the only time he faced him and has a faster PR yet he is left off the team. Makau is the WR holder which he set less than a year ago, and he’s off the team. Kirui won the WC marathon twice but in all honesty, those things are jokes. Mosop has been solid but not incredible. Yes they’re impressive but not as impressive as Mutai’s 2011 season or Makau’s WR. How does this happen? If these two were in any other country, even Ethiopia, they would be the best marathoner and go to the Olympics without a doubt but because they’re from Kenya where the selection process is stupid and there’s so many runners, they don’t get to run at the Olympics. What more can someone do than run a world record? Mutai was pretty much unbeatable last year and although no WR, everyone would agree he was the best marathoner on the planet. How do these two things not warrant a bid to the Olympics? It’s the Olympics for crying out loud!

First Impressions

First impressions clearly hold a lot of weight. If someone makes a good first impression then they’re automatically a leg up on other people. However, this semester specifically showed me two examples where bad first impressions turned out to be wrong. Two people made very bad first impressions on me in the past 3 years at Ursinus but have redeemed themselves in my book (I’m aware not many people read my book but I’m just saying).

The first one was my Freshman year. The team was setting up for a meet in the field house. Most of the setting up was done spare a few specialty events who set their own stuff up. Len and I had a basketball and were having a free-throw shooting contest in the last stretch on set-up until a girl on the team interrupted. I won’t use names but I imagine some people already know who I’m talking about. Anyway, she came over and after the ball went through the basket she grabbed it and said “You guys need to help set up.” and then walked away. I was astonished and Len was furious but stood by as this girl took our fun away. From then on I had a personal vendetta against her. There was another incident that happened in the beginning of first semester that also really pissed me off but I’ll spare you that story. We have mutual friends so eventually we ended up being around each other more than normal and began talking. After a few real conversations I have dropped my personal feud with her. I don’t mind being around her and somewhat enjoy her company. I held on to that first impression for so long that even though she’s not a bad person, I just thought she was the entire time. I still disagree with her taking the basketball and the other incident but I’ve moved on and we can be friends now.

The second one happened last year. I had history class with this one girl that ended at 11:15, I also had a class that started at 12 so I always had to rush for lunch to try and beat the line. On this particular day I was first out of the history class but couldn’t get their early enough and found myself at the back of a very long line. I was pissed off because I knew I would get my food at 11:45, go back to the suite, eat as fast as possible, then go to class which is never fun. The girl from my class showed up 5 minutes after me and started talking to her boyfriend who was way ahead in the line. I was thinking to myself the whole time that she better not cut. She looked around to make sure no one was watching, and then cut the line. I was in shock. I had mutual friends with her too but from then on she was my enemy. I had class at noon and had to get back and this slut was willing to just cut the line with no regard for others. Un-be-lievable. This year, I have class with her and naturally we were put in the same 5 person group. After working with her the whole semester I’ve completely changed my opinion. She’s been very friendly and cool and we actually did a crate race together coincidentally. We say hi to each other when we see each other and I’ve 100% dropped the fact that she made a horrible first impression on me (even though it was unintentional).

The moral of this whole blog is that yes first impressions are important but don’t hold a grudge for 3 years because of it. Heck, Mark and I weren’t even friends freshman year and now we’re roommates. Wacker’s first impression on me was running one of the worst tactical races I have ever seen. I thought he was a tard after I watched it and couldn’t believe he was going to be my teammate at Ursinus. I went out of my way to not introduce myself to him even though I knew we would be on the same team but look at us now. I suppose the saying ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ goes pretty well here. Obviously most people know this but I figured I’d post about it anyway.

Fun and Games

We had a home meet yesterday. I watched the whole thing and not surprisingly it made me want to run… a lot. Fortunately I’m not upset about being hurt anymore, I’m just getting excited to run again because now I’m actually getting close to that point. Anyway, Yoko showed up to the meet and planned on hanging out for a few hours. We went to Cal Tort, bought some beer, and played beer cart. It was just like old times, I went undefeated and Yoko was as bad as he always was. After a few games he was on his way back to the real world. Satchel and Shiloh joined the fun and us three plus Mark played Mario Party. I was getting a decent buzz going and it was only 5 o’clock. After the game Mark, Satchel, and I walked to Wawa for some dinner which worked out nicely.

The next couple of hours were alright, I attempted to defend my #1 ranking in The Show against Rob. The classic Marlins-Astros match up was a great one. I got up 4-0 in the 5th, Rob came storming back with some Jew bunts in the 8th to tie it up 4-4, and then he Jewed another run in during the 9th for the victory. After that I played some COD and continued drinking. Pane and I split a case of Moosehead and I was going through them pretty quickly. Around 9 people started showing up but I barely remember this. I remember playing Up and Down the River and Kings for a bit but most of the night is really fuzzy. I remember there was a huge dance party in my room where everyone was standing on the broken table, I was just waiting for it to collapse. One thing I do remember is Swag Man a.k.a. The Joker a.k.a. Backwards Arms Guy came to the suite and him and I were dancing like crazy. He’s pretty psycho so I’m trying to get on his good side while I can. At some point Mark got angry and kicked everyone out of our room because he was tired and wanted to go to bed. This was near the end of the night and my memory starts to become a little more clear.

I woke up today with a  pretty bad hangover. I got very little sleep and planned on napping all day but that didn’t exactly happen. This is the last week of classes which is pretty crazy. I have a take home test due Tuesday, and big paper due Thursday, and another test on Friday, so I have a good bit to do this week. I’m going to take tonight to relax and get to bed early. I’ll admit that my blog has been slacking a little bit lately and I can’t really explain why. I’m lacking motivation/creativity and not much happens outside of drinking since I don’t run. That’s pretty much all I got.

What I’m Looking For – Brendan Benson

I’m completely hooked on this song. I initially heard it on a commercial so I looked it up and I think it’s really good. It’s the only song I’ve had playing on my itunes in the past 16 hours and that will probably continue for a little bit. Aside from the fact that it’s catchy and everything, I really like the lyrics throughout the whole thing. My favorite line is probably “I don’t want to argue, no I don’t want to fight. Cause you’re always wrong and I’m always right.” Initially I thought he said it the other way around but this way is funnier. I just think the whole song is awesome.

The Cabin in the Woods

This will contain spoilers. If you haven’t seen it you won’t understand anything so don’t bother reading it.

Ben and I went on a date today to watch The Cabin in the Woods. I heard from multiple sources including the end all be all Rotten Tomatoes that this was a very good movie. Obviously, with a title like that, you would expect it to be your typical horror film where there’s a few hot girls, strong dudes, and a crazy killer who tortures them. It was pretty far from that.

For starters you don’t really know why the guys operating the whole thing are doing what they are doing until the end so that was a little confusing throughout the movie. The concept of a remote place that is almost entirely controlled from behind a desk is very interesting though. Obviously the tit shot of the hot blonde was a plus. At first I thought they were killing off people way too fast. At that rate I thought the movie was going to end in 45 minutes. Also, the draw of the retarded zombies was unfortunate and a little boring but I suppose it was the most practical one for how the movie played out. Marty was easily my favorite character and by the end I grew to like Dana a lot by the end. Once you got past the fact that it was unrealistic to have that much control and the whole ‘sacrificing to the gods’ thing it was a really good movie. My only qualm with the whole movie is that when they thought everyone except Dana was dead and she was just getting the shit beat out of her. Marty ended up being alive and saved her but she took an absolute beating from that big zombie for like 5 minutes. She would not have been fine to walk it off. They were also extremely creative with the other monsters that were introduced. The scene where all the elevators opened and unleashed all of the monsters was insane. It was so over the top with blood and gore that it was just as funny as it was badass. They did a great job throughout the whole thing of balancing out scary with humor. I was definitely scared at some parts but Marty also had me cracking up over and over again. Also, I liked the ending a lot. I thought that when that random chick and the girl zombie fell into the flames that they would act as the virgin sacrifice and the world would be saved but it didn’t happen like that. I didn’t have a problem with the world ending the way it did. I suppose they had the choice to kill Marty or not and save the day but fuck that, I wouldn’t have done it either. I also thought they could have added a little extra with Marty and Dana. I thought they were going to confess their love for each other or something but it never happened.

Overall it was definitely worth seeing. I also suggest seeing it in theaters if you’re going to see it. The special effects and everything are really cool to see on the big screen. It was over the top in terms of gore and everything but they did that on purpose. It was entertaining the whole way through and I recommend it to anyone.

Hot Problems


I was informed about this video today. It ‘only’ has a million views but as the person who showed it to me said, this thing could be the next Friday by Rebecca Black. It’s well on it’s way with ~3,600 likes compared to the ~45,000 likes. Rebecca Black was only 13 or 14 years old so she was pretty much too young to be attractive. I don’t know really how old these girls are but it would make me feel very creepy to say that their attractive. However, it wouldn’t surprise me if they grew up to be hot but in that video they just seem too young.

The song is terrible. The lyrics are as bad as Friday but it’s worse because by singing a song called “Hot Problems” you’re assuming that you’re hot which is never a good thing. They’re not even singing, they’re just speaking the lyrics. All around it’s just a god awful song. It would not surprise me if they made this song with the intention of this happening, people talking about it. Because even though it’s extremely negative attention, it’s more attention than they would ever normally get. If tards like me will write about it then tards like them have no reason to stop making terrible songs like this. I will say this though, this song is not as catchy as Friday which is the only reason I don’t think it will reach the level that Friday did.


Courtesy of Brett. Funny to see people on TV who are normally so composed and everything break down like this. At least the first minute is worth watching.


After 3 and a half months since I last ran, my back is only somewhat better. It doesn’t bother me all the time and I can sit forward in a chair for an extended period of the time without noticing. But, it’s not where I was hoping it would be. The recovery process is said to be 4-6 months, well it will be 4 months in a few weeks and I don’t think I’m that close to running again. From here on out I’m going to do (or in this case not do) everything I should to make it better. Don’t get me wrong, I do a lot of core and stretch pretty much every day but there are some things I do that I don’t think I should. For example, an innocent Frisbee catch. Even though I’m only jogging around every now and then for 30 minutes, I don’t think it’s helping. Another thing, I may jog a minute to the gym just because, that’s probably not helping. Running a little bit here and there at practice when I’m timing people probably doesn’t help either.

This all sounds like I’m really paranoid and being a headcase so I’ll just go ahead and say that yes, I am. That’s fine with me though. I’m scared that I won’t be ready to run come late May/early June. If these little things would somehow put me back a few months in terms of when I could run again I would be really pissed off. I’m just going to make sure that if this fracture is capable of being healed come June, it will be. I only have one year left and even if only a few months are compromised, it’s definitely not worth it. If being a paranoid headcase will at least ensure that I’m back by June then that’s great. I wouldn’t be pissed off knowing that I could have played Frisbee every day and still been able to run. However, I would be pissed off knowing that playing Frisbee everyday put me back months in terms of recovery.

Drinking Again

Yet another weekend is in the books. We had a meet yesterday but Mark and I didn’t go since we can’t run. We slept in, went to brunch, bought beer, went to the gym, and then started casually drinking. I went downstairs to play Rob in The Show which is becoming a more frequent occurrence. Satchel, Rob, and Shiloh were interested in getting food so them three along with Mark, Wacker, and I went to Taco Bell. Satchel and I split a grande meal thing and it was pretty gross but really tasty. Shiloh was a complete wreck, he couldn’t eat any of his food and just sat there shaking the entire time. Other than that though, it was a successful trip.

When we got back Satchel was saying how good he was at Gamecube games, specifically Super Smash and Mario Kart. I told him he didn’t stand a chance so naturally we had to find out. It was incredible how bad he was at both games. We were drinking a good amount and eventually a few of us went to Shreiner for beach bash. I was one of the only ones there without a shirt which was a little strange. It wasn’t that fun so I only stayed for a little bit before walking back to the suite. That’s when disaster struck. Mark made a comment to Wacker that I was too drunk, little did he know that he was blacked out and I wasn’t (although I was clsoe). He slapped me over the head so I slapped him back pretty hard. I don’t remember this too well but I think Wacker was laughing so I hit him in the face too rather unprovoked. Wacker threw beer in my face immediately after. The rest of the night wasn’t to great because Wacker and I were pretty much in a fight. I admit I was in the wrong now but it was much harder to admit that last night.

I woke up today with a solid hangover. It didn’t put a damper on our adventure though. Wacker, Mark, Ben, and I decided to go on an adventure to a swimming hole in the Perk. We were there for 2 hours or so and just did caveman things like poop outside and skip rocks for the whole time. It reminded me so much of the movie Stand By Me. It was out of the ordinary and a pretty fun time. It’s back to work though. There’s only 2 weeks left in school before finals start. At this point I just want the semester to end. I know I say that I don’t want to get old but this semester hasn’t been the greatest and I’m just ready to move on.