Steel Panther – If You Really Really Love Me

I drove to Princeton today to watch Mike race in the 1500. I’ll start by saying that he ran great with a blazing sub 60 last lap for a 3:48.30 which qualified him for the finals tomorrow. I will likely be going back to watch that as well. Kudos Mike.

This hour and a half in the car gave me some time to listen to the radio which I don’t get to do while at school. I heard the following song.

I wasn’t paying too much attention at first but I started too when I heard the line “Don’t whine when I put it in your booty or if I’m up all night playing Call of Duty” This is one of the first lines in the song so I was tuned in from then on. It’s catchy and I think the lyrics are pretty funny and on purpose because that’s how relationships are likely to go these days. They making fun of it. This song gets a thumbs up in my book. Two other examples:
“If I have sex with your friend Melanie, don’t act like it’s some kind of felony”
“You’d never make me hang out with your family, your mom sucks and your dad really hates me”

Goodbye Junior Year

I apologize for not updating the past few days. I threw in the towel and just accepted that I wouldn’t post but now I’m home and should get back to normal post frequency.

This week was awesome. I had absolutely no obligations and could pretty much do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. Last year I went to Princeton for a track meet the day of graduation so I missed the last night and I didn’t stay at all freshman year. There was a lot of hype for last night and I’ll go ahead and say it exceeded my expectations. I casually drank beer throughout the day and planned on watching the Sixers at 7. No one wanted to watch it with me so initially I was all by myself drinking and watching the game. Slowly but surely people started coming in and watching. I was taking shots at this point because I was having a tough time stomaching beer. I was pretty much sober at the start of the game but by the end I was pretty hammered. I vaguely remember the last bit of the fourth except for Iggy’s game winning free throws which I remember vividly. That was freaking awesome. I’m okay with their season whether they win the next round or not because I’ve really enjoyed watching an actual competitive playoff series.

Anyway, Mark and I were talking earlier in the day how we didn’t want to blackout hard or pass out early, we wanted to hit the zone of perfect drunk. I would say I was in the zone for a while last night. The Ursinus tradition is that seniors slide down the fountain naked the night before graduation. I was pretty excited for this and had the brilliant idea of taping a banana peel around my johnson before I slid down. I attempted to tape two different banana peels on but both of them failed miserably. In theory it was absolutely hilarious but in reality it was much tougher to execute than I anticipated. We headed down to the fountain and it was like nothing I had ever seen at Ursinus. There were literally 100+ kids surrounding the entire thing watching people slide down. I was in just my yellow short shorts but those were taken off shortly after arriving. I put them on my head and slid down the fountain probably 10 different times with a bunch of different people. It was crazy, campus safety was sitting there watching without the intention of stopping anyone but they couldn’t have stopped people even if they tried because there were so many of us.

After that I hung out in 205 for a while talking to two rather random people. I was still in just my yellow short shorts but they were a hit, it’s a great conversation starter. While I was there I took a few shots which effectively blacked me out. I woke up at 8:30 this morning and everyone was getting ready. I was extremely hung over and felt like absolute garbage through all of graduation. The rest of the day was spent saying goodbye and packing everything up. I didn’t really think I would get emotional at all saying goodbye. For the most part I was pretty good but I’ll admit I did get pretty teary eyed when Ryder and especially Ben said goodbye. When other people are crying the odds of you crying increase by 1000. After today I realized that I’m definitely going to miss everyone more than I thought I would. Obviously I’m going to see them again but it’s just a weird feeling. To have your best friends that you see everyday virtually disappear from your life entirely is bad. I’m not sure how many of you guys from the class 2012 read this blog (Bogdan I know you’ve been eagerly awaiting this post) but I wish you good luck in whatever you end up doing and I’m going to miss you for sure.

I’m back home and settled in now. I don’t really know how I feel about it. I’m pretty sad that this class is graduating because they made up a large portion of my friends. I’m not that upset about being a senior but getting old isn’t that fun. This summer itself is kind of going to suck. I’m just going to work 30 hours a week, hopefully run a lot, and that’s really all I have. Tom is moving home so that will be nice to have company but I have a feeling most week nights are going to be extremely boring. This will perhaps be a little taste of real life.

Begin the Drinking

I’m two days into drinking with three days until graduation. Two nights ago was pretty insignificant. Wacker and I bought a liter of tequila for $9 and it was disgusting. I didn’t even have beer so I had to drink the tequila all night. I got pretty drunk and blacked out for a portion of the night. My memory does come back later in the night though. There were four people in my room who normally don’t come over and hang out too much. I’m friends with them but it was unusual. There were two guys and two girls and they were pretty much both hooking up in the room. I drew up a plan to take my pants and boxers completely off and then stumble into my room like I was too drunk and going to pass out thinking they would leave. I walked in with just my shirt on and fake passed out on Mark’s bed but they were relentless. They didn’t even acknowledge me. I got up, walked out, and then decided I was going to just kick them out because I wanted to go to bed.

I woke up yesterday pretty hungover. Fortunately I didn’t have to start drinking until late because I had a Dr. Canner appointment. Gourlay had talked about visiting so that was something to look forward to. I didn’t start drinking until around 8 and I was fully recovered. Ian texted me asking if I was home so I told him to come up and visit Ursinus. Amazingly enough Ian didn’t have anything better to do so he was on his way here. The night was rather uneventful just because not that many people were drinking. Wacker and I got into another yelling fight but I think we’re friends now.

I woke up this morning around 8 and felt like I was going to throw up. The thought of drinking made me sick and I had no idea how I would keep this up for another three days. I went back to sleep and woke up at 10 feeling much better. The third annual beer mile is today and I won’t be back to defend my title because of my back. It’s taking place in Hunsberger which is never fun but it’s just too risky to try it on the track. I don’t really know what our plans are for the next three days other than drinking. Usually it’s more fun to drink with a small group during the day but for four nights in a row day and night, well we just need to be creative to make it more fun. We’ll see what tonight brings.


Conference Day 2

Our conference meet continued today. The 10k was last night and that was particularly hard to watch because with a good race I really believe I would have been top 5. They went out in ~16:05 and 4th place was just over 32:00 so they didn’t negative split much. The temperature wasn’t great and it was a little humid, regardless I think that would have been the race to score and with a great race, potentially medal (31:59 was 3rd). If I was in ~15:00 5k shape which I think was a reasonable goal for this year, I’d be at low 31:00 shape too. I don’t see why I couldn’t have run a 15:45 or something off of a 16:05 first 5k even if it was a little bit humid. Needless to say, I’m itching to run but I’m aware it won’t be for a little bit and I’m okay with that. Today was a good day though, I got to watch some teammates run some fast times which is always fun. Kudos to the girls 4×8 for breaking the school record. The guys aren’t going to win the title but we knew that going in. The girls have a chance which is cool.

The conference day concluded with a cookie eating expedition. Dave says he ate 48.5 Wismer cookies years ago so I figured I’d give it a shot because this would be the best time. I ended up eating 27 but Wismer ran out so I couldn’t keep going. I’ll admit I was not going much past 30 though. I was hurting at 27 and 48.5 was definitely out of the question. I think what I’ve concluded over the past year is that I’m pretty good at speed eating contests but not volume eating contests. For example, I can eat an unpeeled banana as fast as anyone I know and I’m above average at the beer mile (though not nearly as good as I would like). But when we start talking about things like a gallon challenge or a cookie eating contest, I think I’m just an average competitor. This is kind of unusual because as a distance runner I’m accustomed to being uncomfortable for a long period of time but for whatever reason when it comes to long-term eating contests my body just struggles. I also know it’s not a matter of not pushing myself to the edge because I frequently throw up.

With that said, I’m up for some speed eating contests. I haven’t raced in about 5 months so I need to satisfy my competitive craving somehow. If anyone has suggests or ideas feel free to comment.

Seems to Be on My Mind

I’m finished. I had my last presentation today and now I’m done with my junior year of college for good. Grade-wise I did pretty for this semester I think. In Eric’s class I was the only one above an 80% and I got an 87%. With the way Eric does the grading that will be an A+. Econometrics and Management are both toss ups, I could get a B+ in both or an A- in both. Who knows, regardless my semester GPA will barely be a above a 2.5 because of photography but that’s neither here nor there.

I didn’t update yesterday for a reason. The song of the day is called Seems to Be on My Mind, well for the past 30 hours running seems to be the only thing on my mind. I saw the doctor yesterday morning and the news was average. He said I’ve progressed really well which is good and that I could attempt to run again whenever I feel ready. Ideally I’ll be able to get back to running without problems and go through my senior season totally healthy. However, if the pain starts to come back I have to stop and I’ll likely have to stop competitive running forever because this ‘bony defect’ as he put it is a funky thing and could cause long-term problems. I didn’t really know how to take this. It sounded like he was telling me there’s definitely a chance you can run and be fine but don’t sacrifice 50 years of back pain just so you can run one year at a D3 college. In all honesty I’ve just been preparing myself to handle the news of me never being able to run again. Needless to say I wasn’t in a very good mood yesterday.

How I’ve felt for the past 4 months with running is just how I felt with photography. I felt absolutely terrible when I knew there was a problem (she found out I took the pictures) but I didn’t know the results (whether I would fail or not). Obviously I failed the class which was worse case scenario but at least I knew. With this present situation, I obviously want to be able to run (stay in the class) but I may never be able to again (fail the class). Not knowing what’s going to happen is the worst part. I’d rather just be told right now that I’m done then have these glimmers of hope where I think I can come back again. This is obviously a pessimistic outlook but I’m just saying.

I also didn’t really tell to many people about the visit and what he said. I know that if someone told me they may never be able to run again, I wouldn’t really know what to say. It’s just a shitty situation and that’s all there is to it. What most people would probably say is “It’s okay, you’ll be fine and you’ll be running next year and this injury will just be a thing of the past” but I don’t like listening to people say that when they have no idea if that’s true or not. Obviously they’re just being nice and trying to comfort me but I’d rather not bother with it.

You may ask then, why am I writing this on my blog? I’m not writing this so people tell me it’ll be okay, I’m just writing this to inform everyone and because it makes me feel better about the situation in general to lay everything out like this. If I told people in person the news then it’s a guaranteed awkward 15 seconds of conversation whereas if I write it on here, everyone I frequently talk to will already know about it, not bother asking, and we can avoid the conversation all together.

Tonight is the beginning of conferences. The 10k goes off a little after six o’clock. One year ago I remember saying to Jatin something along these lines, “Doesn’t it feel good to know that we’re about to run as fast as we ever have?” Maybe a year from now I’ll be saying something like “I hope I can get the school record in the 10k” which would be awesome. Or I’ll be saying “Man I remember how cool it was to run this under the lights my sophomore year, unfortunately that was the last outdoor track race of my life.” The two outcomes are just so extreme, run amazing or don’t run at all. At this point I can’t do anything except my stretching, core, biking, etc. and I’ll just have to wait and see.

Well that’s just my little rant and I feel a little bit better now. I apologize for a third consecutive shitty post but this one was mandatory for me.


Fortunately I didn’t actually bet on whether or not I would post last night. When I only have one thing to do I just take all day to do it. I was in the library for about 9 hours yesterday, 5-6 of which I was working on the Ukraine paper. It was less than a 5 page paper, there’s no way it should have taken that long. I guess I’m a little more motivated now because I’m willing to spend all day in the library to get something done even if I’m not working that hard while I’m here. Tomorrow is Econometrics and then I might as well be done. Although it will be another 48 full hours until I’m officially done, tonight is really the last difficult night I’ll have.

The problem with starting a post with the above paragraph is that anything else I say in the post is secondary. I could talk about how the Sixers crushed the Bulls last night and are going to win the series or that conferences is this weekend and I get to hand our medals to all the winners but when I set the tone with a paragraph like that, anything else to follow is pointless. Because of this, I won’t bother writing about anything of importance. Yes this is another shitty post but something is better than nothing. Regardless of whether you were entertained or not by reading this, you still spent two minutes not studying for finals which is the purpose of visiting this blog for most of you at the momemt. Since I won’t actually have much to do tomorrow once I finish my final I will try to write something. Granted I kind of promised this yesterday and completely failed but maybe this time I will actually do what I say I’m going to do.

Not Quite There

In roughly 76 hours I’ll be done completely. It will be Friday night and I’ll have 3 days of a great track meet to watch and then 4 days to do nothing but bro-out and drink. There are a few things that stand in my way. A macroeconomics paper where I have to predict the future of the Ukrainian economy, a presentation on that paper, an Econometrics test, a management paper, and a management presentation. I don’t know why but I’m really struggling to find motivation. For example, I went to the library around 8 last night to start my Ukraine paper. By 9:15 I had my cover page and that was it. By 10:30 and 212 words later I threw in the towel and went back to the suite with the thought of “I’ll do it tomorrow during the day.” Obviously I regret this now but at the time it seemed like a great idea. Normally when the end is in sight I don’t have too much trouble getting motivated for just a small period of time. I know I’m close to the finish so I should be able to sack up and get these things done but at the moment I’m struggling. The fact that it’s 75 degrees outside and perfect Frisbee weather doesn’t help either. It’s weird to think that in just 2 weeks I’ll be at work for my second day and potentially entertaining the idea of going out for a run. Needless to say I’m struggling to update this blog with even semi-quality posts. I almost feel guilty blogging because I know I should be doing other work.

With all of that said I’ll make a prediction. I’ll find the motivation today when I go to the library, knock out this paper way faster than I thought, prepare my presentation as well as study for Econometrics tonight, and when all of that’s done I’ll update again sometime tonight with something worth reading. I can’t promise this but I’d bet money that it happens.

Formal Failure

Last night was a disaster. I was only moderately buzzed as Mark, Tetla, and I made our way to the bus. The first hour or so of the actual formal was great. I was being social, making friends, and not that drunk. The food was good and everything but I foolishly decided I wasn’t drunk enough. I took a few shots out of a flask and drank two mixed drinks. This would prove to be a fatal mistake. The drinks hit way harder than I thought and by 8:30 I was hammered. I was promptly kicked out of the formal and driven home on the bus by myself. I vaguely remember all of this. I talked to the bus driver for the entire 45 minute ride. He was pretty old and talkative so that made things bearable but looking back at it now I must have looked like such a jackass.

Something happened after he dropped me of. I think he left me off around North/New which is a pretty straightforward walk to Reimert, one direction, no obstacles, I don’t know how I managed to mess this up.I found myself in knee high bushes and struggling to progress forward. I was slowly making my way until I face planted which is when I threw in the towel. I backtracked and made the walk back to Reimert. We weren’t supposed to get back until after 11 so needless to say when I walked in the door just past 9 everyone was shocked (actually, we joked about getting kicked out so much that maybe it wasn’t a shock). The next two hours are still really fuzzy. I danced a little bit and that’s pretty much all I can tell you. I went down to Sig Pi for a little bit which is where my memory beings to come back. At some point I was informed that the lower special was a bacon, egg, and cheese on a bagel. I sprinted there by myself only to find that they ran out. I ate popcorn in lower by myself which did not earn me any cool points.

I feel bad about getting kicked out. I don’t know why I thought those drinks wouldn’t kick in the way they did. You would figure that after 3 years of college level drinking I would have this shit down by now but apparently not. Today was a good day, our suite played games outside for a few hours which was fun. My workload is decently spread out so I won’t stress out too much this week. I’m done on Friday too which is nice because I’ll have a whole week to hang out and do nothing until graduation. I need to regroup after yesterday but we’re on the homestretch. Once again, this semester just needs to end.


Mark and I will be attending the Tri Sig formal tonight with Tetla. My expectations are low to say the least. Here is the direct text from an email sent out to all those attending:

“DON’T pregame formal.  Over 21, under 21, it doesn’t matter.  We will be checking when you get on the buses.  If we even suspect you have been drinking we’ll be sending you home.  If at formal, we suspect you were pregaming, we will send you home.  Sisters, you are responsible for not only yourself but your guests/dates.”

And also:

“DO have an amazing night with your sisters, dates and friends! It’s going to be an awesome night under the sea!”

These two events are mutually exclusive. They simply cannot occur at the same time, it’s a paradox. Needless to say I’m pregaming as we speak. 21 year olds get a wristband also and if you appear drunk without a wristband at the actual formal you can get kicked out. What the qua right? I don’t really know what I’m going to do. My initial plan before knowing the drinking rules was to black out in order to make it bearable. Now I’m contemplating getting drunk and getting kicked off the bus before I even get there versus playing it safe and only getting pretty drunk without blacking out. If I get kicked out while I’m at the formal and have to spend an hour or two alone on the bus or something I’m literally going to walk home. Fortunately we get back a little after 11 so the night won’t be ruined if the formal itself sucks. I don’t think I could go to a setting like this sober and interact socially like a normal person when I don’t know everyone. This is going to be interesting.


I wrote a post a little bit ago about how I beat things to death. Two things this applies to are my clothes and my sandals. I’m throwing in the towel. I’m going to see if I can redeem the lifetime warranty on my Rainbows and I’m going to go shopping to get new clothing. I absolutely need new shorts. All of my shorts are far beyond the point of keeping them. I don’t know how it got this bad but I’m realizing it now and I’m going to take action. I realized I shouldn’t walk into Softerware this summer with sandals that have holes in them and shorts without pockets and rips all over the place. It’s just not how I should go about things. I’m going to go shopping and get new shorts, perhaps a few new shirts, a new pair of casual shoes, a new pair of sandals, and maybe some others things depending on what’s normal. I’m kind of lost when it comes to things like this so if would like to assist me in my shopping spree I’m open for it. Suggestions are welcome as well. I’m just writing this post to alert everyone that my eyes are open and things will be changing in the short future.