Bet My Life

There’s a common phrase that’s said when you want to make sure that someone is 100% positive about something, “would you bet your life on it?” Most people say no regardless of what the question is. Some people will even go as far as to say “I would never bet my life on anything” but these people are just foolish.

Betting implies gambling and gambling implies a chance of winning or losing. You bet $5 and you might win $5. If I’m betting my life on something and supposedly dying if I lose the bet, I better get an extra life once I die after this one assuming I win the bet. If that’s the case, (disregarding the fact that if someone had the power to grant life) I think I would make this bet way more often than not.

I’d bet my life on a game on ping-pong with 95% of the people I know. I’d bet my life on whether or not I could complete the cinnamon challenge. I’d bet my life on a race against Wacker. I’d bet my life on GH battle with pretty much anyone I know. I bet my life that CG did NOT run 1000 miles that one summer.

The list goes on and on. The only problem with this is when it comes to things that I have control over. When I make a bet, I generally like to have control of the outcome. I would much rather have someone say “I bet you can’t do the banana and sprite challenge” then me saying that to someone else. I like the idea being responsible for the outcome. With my life literally on the line, would I be choke in a game of ping-pong? Would I choke literally on the cinnamon and spit it up and cost my life? Would I be so nervous in a race against Wacker that I trip and fall over a rock or a root? These are all valid questions. In all honesty, I don’t think I would be able to do a lot of these things if I knew my life was on the line which is the only reason I wouldn’t bet on them.

However, I would still bet my life that CG did not run 1000 miles that summer, that’s just ridiculous.



I will start by saying that this blog post is 100% forced. I am only writing this because I didn’t write anything yesterday and I don’t have any material for today.

I’ve settled into the same routine as last summer, although slightly less challenging. I wake up at 8:40, run 3-4 miles, go to work for 6 hours, run 6-8 miles, then do nothing but watch movies or Arrested Development until 11:00 then I go to bed. While it is quite boring, I have no problem with it. I look forward to every run which is a good thing. I’ll be doubling 4-5 times a week is my guess. I’ve done 62 miles the past 7 days which is pretty good and I’m feeling good running-wise. I think I’ll be ready to go when the season comes. I’m not sad at all, I’m actually pretty happy, there’s just nothing going on to write about.

One thing I will say is that I’ve surprised myself with how sociable I’ve been lately. Just in the past week I’ve had 3 encounters that emphasize this. First, I saw Jimmy Trentini at Mondauk and talked to him for 10 minutes about school and running. Yesterday I ran up next to Tom Ciampoli at Mondauk and ran half a mile with him, we talked about school and running also. Today, I saw a runner going the opposite direction and it looked like he was going fast. After passing each other 5 times I asked him if he was doing a tempo, he said no and we had an awkward pause where we didn’t know if we were going to talk or run or what. I waved to him implying that he should join me. He came up next to me and we ran 3 miles together. Naturally, we talked about school and running (90% running). It turned out that he was the D3 kid who beat Alan Webb in an indoor 800 this winter and the message boards went crazy. Small world. He was a nice guy and we semi hit-it-off. It went about as good as it could have and perhaps we’ll run again sometime. Small encounters like those three make me happy.

I’ll try to get the creative juices flowing over the next few days but this is all I got for now.

Small Parties

Yesterday was another good weekend day. I woke up early to go running at Valley Green. After 7 miles slightly hungover I came home and watched School of Rock which I’ve seen close to 20 times. I took a nap and when I woke up I decided to run again because I felt like it to cap off an 11 mile day. It was nearing night time and Alex called me with some plans. Alex, Jake Johanson, and I went to Stolz’s house for what we thought to be a small party. It turned out to be us four and a girl. I was doing shots quickly in order to get my buzz going. Jake and I thought it would be hilarious to take bites of food around Josh’s house and then put it back. Jake took out some left over pizza, ate two huge bites, and put it back. We then went to the fruit basket where we found two onions. Each of us took a giant bite of our respective onions and put them back thinking it was the funniest thing ever. Josh walked in the room and we could barely contain our laughter. Needless to say he saw the onion and pizza and threw them all away.

There was word that Dom Matteo was having a small party as well (but hopefully bigger than our current small party) and we were invited. Jake, Alex, and I headed over to find only Dom. We had traded a guy and a girl for another guy which wasn’t helping our cause. Eventually two females showed up but that was all the small party would amount to. We played some drinking games but didn’t really do anything out of the ordinary. Jake passed out and Alex and I decided we didn’t want to sleep at Dom’s but we wanted to get home although we had no mode of transportation. It was 2:12 in the morning when we said thank you/goodbye and started our trek to my house. We walked and had a very deep conversation. By 2:49 we arrived at my house. I was in bed and passed out by 3:30. I woke up at 9 to get ready for a run scheduled for 10. Gina and I ran and easy 6 at VG to cap off a 55 mile week.

Today was very laid back. I napped for a while and will be going to bed early. There’s only three more work weeks until I’m done at work which is a very weird feeling. The summer is flying by.


Last night was a good night. Jonny, Gourlay, Alex and I all went to Randazzo’s for some dinner to get some food in our stomachs. We picked up a case of Natty Ice and started brainstorming for something to do. We chugged a few Ices each and decided that BYOBowling at Happy Tymes would be a fun thing to do. We found both a ride there and back which was necessary because we do not condone drunk driving. We brought the case of Natty Ice with us and we were on our way for a nice two hour bowling session.

Fortunately they don’t card there so I didn’t have a problem with drinking. We started with some drinking rules. A strike allowed you to give 10 seconds to someone, a spare gave 5, a first ball gutter had to drink for 5, and we were gambling for the high game. Alex managed to bowl a 27 in the second game when he wasn’t even that drunk. The scores progressively got worse as we all got drunker and I don’t think anyone broke 75 on the last game. We were worried we would run out of beer but as I’ve learned hundreds of times before, never underestimate the power of Natty Ice. We got about half way and realized we weren’t on pace to finish the case. Jonny and I opted to shotgun a beer each in the bathroom to get things started.

With a half hour to go we had 11 beers left and had to get working. This is where things start to get hazy. I specifically remember us dividing up the beers and saying we needed to start drinking faster with a half hour left, but I pretty much can’t remember leaving the place. The only thing I remember from the car ride home is that I didn’t have my wallet. Jonny said the one he had was his but it was in fact mine. We got to my house and I’ll try to recap the things I remember. Jonny passed out on the couch in the family room. Alex, Gourlay, and I decided to go pool hopping at Kyle Smith’s house (I can say this comfortably knowing that I haven’t talked to Kyle in 5 years and he doesn’t read this blog). Once we got there we all decided that we didn’t want to go in the pool. I went into his pool house where he had a case of Bud Light Lime or something but we opted not to take any. We went back to my house and Alex decided he would walk 2.5 miles to his house at 1:30 in the morning on the verge of black-out. I black-out approved. After that I think Gourlay and I passed out but I can’t be sure.

I woke up this morning and remembered that Gina (the one who drove us home) and I scheduled a run at Valley Green for 10 this morning. I wasn’t as hung over as I thought I would be and we ran 7 miles at a solid place. I’m pretty beat today but it was certainly worth the good time we had.

Quick run down

I’m posting from work but there is a reason for this. My boss is currently at lunch and I recently finished the very last postcard that I have to make. I’m done every letter and postcard that I was assigned to do and everything else that I can do is done at the moment. I’ve been looking up superhumans on Wikipedia for the past 20 minutes (which was indeed extremely entertaining) but I figured I’d squeak out a post.

I’m going to post about my favorite subject, running. If you’re not interested I suggest you close the tab now because that’s all this post will be (there you go Ben and Alex). The past 5 days have been awesome. I had to take 3 days off because of my lower leg but since I’ve returned I’ve felt better than ever. Here’s a recap of my last 4 days:

Sunday: 7 miles in 48:59.7, I kicked it in to make sure I broke 49.
Monday: 7 miles in 48:15 with five 30 second surges scattered throughout. I felt good doing it and running fast didn’t bother anything.
Tuesday: 6 miles in 46:00ish. I wanted an easy day and was pretty sore from the previous two days, this was a nice jog.
Wednesday: 9 miles doubling with 3 in the morning (23:01) and 6 in the afternoon (40:32). The three started off slow because I was pretty sore but I eased into it nicely. The 6 was fast, probably too fast, but I was in a rush to make the train so that’s how I justify that. It felt good to be able to run fast again but I probably ran too hard. Also, it was a little over 6, more like 6.1, but who’s counting. *It should also be noted that 7 of these miles were run on roads. I had run 0 miles on roads up to that point.

Throughout all of this I have not really noticed my back at all. It went from a minor annoyance to almost nothing. The only time I feel it is when I think to myself “How’s my back doing?” I’m thinking about it less frequently also which is a good thing. I don’t know if it will stay this way or if I’ll have to take a few days off once a month to keep it contained but either way the future is looking extremely bright. I’m starting to feel like I’m back in shape and I could see myself hitting 50-70 miles a week from here until I go back to school which would be great. I won’t be in great racing shape because I’ll only have 6-7 weeks of real running under my belt but that doesn’t really matter. I have ~ 10 weeks from when I get to until conferences/regionals to get into racing shape. Maybe this year won’t be so bad afterall.


99% is a great thing. If you get a 99% on a test you’re a genius. A phone service is advertising that it holds 99% of all the calls made. Hand sanitizers kill 99% of harmful bacteria. These are reassuring numbers. The thing is 99% on a test means you almost knew everything. 99% of your calls means almost every call goes through. 99% of that bacteria is dead, but there’s still 1%.

I’ve watched three innings of Phillies baseball in the past three days. These three innings included the bottom of the 9th when they were down 6-3 and ended up winning, the bottom of the 8th where they were down 6-1 and ended up winning, and the bottom of the 10th today where they were down 5-6 and ended up winning. The odds of me accidentally walking in and turning on the TV at these exact moments are way less than 1% (probably way less than .0001% too but that that’s not the point) but it still happened.

The problem with 99% is that everyone thinks that 99% = 100% and that is completely, utterly, and 99% wrong. The 1% of bacteria left on my hands could still get me sick. If a brand of condoms advertise that the condoms are 99% effective, that means that 1 in every 100 times you have sex, the girl has a chance at getting pregnant. Say one million American couples have sex a day just for a round number. That means 10,000 people will have a chance at getting pregnant. Say 1% of those people do get pregnant, that’s 100 unplanned pregnancies a day every time people use those condoms. If someone told me tonight there’s a 99% chance that my theater’s screening of The Dark Knight Rises won’t get shot up, I would say you’re fucking crazy and there’s no chance in hell I’m going to that movie. 99% is not 100%.

99% is reassuring and certainly better than 95% or 50% but don’t for a second think that 99% = 100% because it most certainly does not.


The Dark Knight Rises

I saw the Dark Knight Rises tonight. The plan was to see it in the city with Jonny and Gourlay. They were both down there  (Gourlay because his intership is down there and Jonny because he lives there). This meant I had to get to the city. Option A was driving but doing that between 5-7 is pointless so I opted to take the train from Ft. Washington to 30th street and have them pick me up. I brought a book for the ride and things were going well. Two youngish attractive women were forced to sit directly next to me and diagonally across from me. I entertained the idea of chiming in on their conversation multiple times (there were opportunities) but never gathered the balls, I just kept to myself and read my book. Anyway, those working on the train failed to announce that we arrived at 30th street so I missed my freaking stop. I ended up at Overbrook and had to wait 15 minutes to get a train back to 30th street. The whole thing cost me $11 and an extra half hour of my time. I arrived and those two picked me up. We got some food before the movie, Chipotle to be precise, and by 7:30 we were in the movie.

Now, given recent events, I couldn’t help but be on edge just a little bit. We sat right by the entrance so we were the first people to see if someone walked in and also the first people they would see. Throughout the entire movie I was watching very closely to who entered. Gourlay and I discussed this afterward because he felt the same way. He said something like “I was ready to jump over the rail…” and I interrupted him to say “yeah the one in front of us to try and like spear the guy or something” and Gourlay replies “No… the rail behind us to duck for cover”. Anyway, we made it through the movie without any disturbances.

To the movie itself. It was good but just good. The action was pretty good and the story was decently complex and made sense but there were a few things I couldn’t get passed. If you plan on watching the movie stop reading because I’m going to spoil. Bane was an absolute badass mastermind who couldn’t be touched but the second you find out he’s not behind everything he becomes the easiest target in the whole movie. He dies no more than 2 minutes after you find out that he’s not the mastermind and worst of all he’s killed by bat-woman. The bomb itself was tossed around like a freaking bowling ball and never blew up from it which was a little ridiculous. Batman ended up saving the day by sacrificing himself and taking the bomb over the sea but it was a freaking bomb with a 6 mile explosion radius. Even if he’s going 300 miles an hour in his new vehicle the ‘bat’, he had a minute to get away which is only 5 miles. The city would have been shit on. And say he managed to get more than 6 miles away, the radiation would have killed everyone anyone so the day was not saved, it was ruined. Furthermore, if the day was saved, Gotham had been totally destroyed from all that’s happened. The sewers blew up at every single block. The stadium was destroyed. Missiles were constantly hitting buildings and other things within the city. Every bridge leading out of the city was blown up. Even he saved the day, the city was in complete ruins. The fact that the true mastermind, that chick from Inception, was only in the movie for all of half an hour is a little disappointing to. You never really get to understand her character, I mean you know who she is and where she came from but she could have been more involved. On top of all of this, the part that pissed me off more than anything was the end. Batman survives the blast. ***As my scholarly friend Gourlay pointed out in the comments, you find out at the end that Bruce fixes the auto-pilot himself which explains how he could have survived. Good call Gourlay. I still think him dying would have been cooler but I guess the show must go on.

Overall it was a good movie, I enjoyed watching it and would watch it again without a doubt, but for me it didn’t live up to all of the hype it received.  It was definitely not as good as the Dark Knight. I think a big reason for this is that there wasn’t one character that made the show. The cop Blake was cool and Bane was sort of badass but no one stood out nearly as much as the Joker did in the last one. The Joker took the last movie from good to great. With him out of the picture, this movie was just good.

Making Books

I’ve read more books this summer for fun (2) than I have in a very long time. It’s not that I don’t like reading or the idea of reading. In fact, I love the idea of reading. I think getting sucked into a book and not being able to put it down is a very cool thing. As a growing boy I think reading is kind of a necessary thing to keep my brain sharp. I also think this blog does a decent job of that.

The idea of reading may seem great, but this blog would suggest I’m a writer not a reader. I like writing papers in school. In general I think I’m pretty good at writing papers compared to the normal student and don’t have a problem sitting down for a few hours to knock a paper out. With that said, the thought occurred to me of whether or not I could write a book. I’m not talking about a novel with a plot and characters and a story, but simply something the length of a book. It made me wonder, if I compiled all the posts I’ve ever written, would they be enough to fill a book? Essentially, that’s what Chuck Klosterman did for a couple of his books. They’re just a random assortment of essays on any topic he feels like talking about. Granted he’s a little smarter than I and goes into way more detail than I normally do but still, could this blog be turned into a book right now?

According to Google, a normal book ranges from 70,000-150,000 words which is usually 150-300 pages. As it stands, I have 623 posts (including this one). If I had to guess, I would say an average post has about 300-500 words. This leads to word totals of 186,900-311,500. I could have this blog turned into two full length books, produce thousands of copies, sell them to B&N or Amazon and make millions.


Last night I lay in bed for about an hour and a half before falling asleep. There are three things I think about every night before I go to sleep. Running, girls, and what would happen if I died. I’ve thought about these three things a lot.

I finished reading my second Chuck Klosterman book today. Chuck claims to be obsessed with death. He says he thinks about it all the time and that he thinks it’s strange that more people aren’t like this. I’m with Chuck on this one. I think about death a lot. As he explains, death is always original, everyone is guaranteed to die but everyone is only going to die once. With that said, I don’t think about how I’m going to die that often. The idea of getting in a horrible car accident or being shot in Philly or falling of a building only intrigues me to a small extent.

What specifically intrigues me is the aftermath of my death. I think about what people would say and how people would remember me. A lot of Ursinus would probably remember me as a quiet nerd who got too drunk too often and frequently wore short shorts. A lot of my Upper Dublin classmates would think of me as a loser who got too drunk when he did drink (I drank much less in high school) and frequently wore short shorts. Fortunately I don’t care what those people think, it’s more about what your friends would say.

I imagine that tens, if not hundreds of girls would admit to having a secret crush on me. I imagine every guy would wish they could drink as much as I could or run as fast as I could. Both of those are jokes (kind of) but I really do wonder what people would say. When you go through your list of friends it makes you wonder what they think of you and it makes you think about how you act around them. Not even just your close friends, but your average friends too. Unfortunately if I died I don’t think people would make it be so much about me. When someone who’s 80 dies, everyone looks back at their life and envies what they’ve accomplished. If I died it would be a wake-up call to all of my friends that death is real and can happen to anyone. The fact that it was me doesn’t mean that much, it could have been anyone and that message of “life is short, don’t take things for granted” would hit everyone equally hard.

I also think about what I would say if certain people died and what it would make me realize. At this point, anyone of 10 different people could die and I think I could speech ready on the spot. It makes you realize what traits you like in someone and what traits you don’t like. The whole idea and concept of death is pretty fascinating. Realistically, if an average friend of mine died today, I probably wouldn’t think about them ever again after 10-20 years (Of course if I died today people would think about me every day for the rest of their life).

As Chuck says, you probably don’t think about death enough. I don’t know what I gain from thinking about death more often than the average person but I can’t help it. Give it a shot.

Hot Celebrities over 40

Here’s a list of celebrity women who are over the age of 40 that I think are attractive. In no particular order.

Marisa Tomei

Crazy, Stupid, Love says it best when they say she is the “perfect combination of sexy and cute.” I find that pretty accurate. She also has a pretty solid rack. The first movie I saw with her in it was What Women Want with Mel Gibson. I thought she was smoking hot and had no idea who she was. I also saw her in Seinfeld and apparently had a thing for short, quirky, bald men. She was hot in that too. She was recently in Crazy, Stupid, Love and guess what, she was hot in that too. I looked her up because the Seinfeld episode was 15-20 years ago and wondered how old she was. She’s 47 at the moment.

Jennifer Aniston

This was an obvious one. She’s the full package pretty much and the movie that shows that best while she’s over 40 is Horrible Bosses. She posed as Charlie Day’s boss who was constantly trying to bang him. They showed off her great body as often as possible and proved that she can look good as a blonde and a brunette (although better as a blonde). She got her start with the show Friends and was the hottest on the show even with fellow 40+ co-star Courtney Cox who could arguably make this list. At age 43 she’s still dating young and attractive Hollywood actors.

Demi Moore

One of the only movies I’ve seen starring Demi Moore was probably the best one she was in, Striptease. There is one and only one reason that this movie was good, Demi Moore showed her glorious fake (I assume) breasts. Granted she was only 33 years old when that came out (she’s 49 now) but she’s still pretty damn hot. If a guy as attractive as Ashton Kutcher thought this girl was marriage material when she was well into her 40s she must be hot. Perhaps the best part about her is the fact that she posed for Playboy and showed off her insane bush, that’s always good for a laugh. But as I said earlier, is still hot.

Gwen Stefani

Gwen is the lead singer of No Doubt which has been around since 1986. I personally like their music although I don’t know too much of it. As a singer she’s pretty talented and just sounds hot, especially in Don’t Speak. She’s 42 years old and still rocking. She pretty much a really hot blonde who has small boobs but that can easily be overlooked because she’s just that hot.

Salma Hayek

The very first thing you notice when you look at Salma Hayek are her boobs. They’re huge. Granted the picture I posted doesn’t try to lead you away from her boobs but still. I really couldn’t tell you much about her career or any good movies she was in but I know she’s over 40 and she’s hot. Her face is good but not great, her boobs though make up for anything lost in the face. I have no idea if she’s talented or cool or what but for a 45 year old she looks great.