This Weekend

This weekend will have two very unique and hopefully fun events. The first is tonight. Both of my brothers are coming up to visit me for the first time ever. I don’t really know what we’re going to do or if I have any good plans to entertain them but it will be fun either way. They’re showing up between 8 and 9 so the party should get going shortly after they arrive which will allow a good amount of time to get drunk. I don’t party with my brothers very often and I’m not sure why. Sure here and there we’ll drink, Tom and I both were on the verge of blackout one Friday night when we were home and that was all because of free-throw shooting contests. Jeff was the person who got me to drink for the first time ever at PJ Clark’s house. We have a small list that I’m sure will grow with Laura’s wedding but this one will hopefully be one to remember. I just have to make sure I don’t pass-out early, that’s the only thing.

The second unique event is a concert tomorrow. Tom, Jeff, Mark, Gourlay, Alex, and I will be going to the free block-party concert where AWOLNATION and Imagine Dragons will be performing. Mark and I have been looking forward to this for quite some time so I’m pumped. I have only been to one concert drunk so I’m looking forward to this one especially. Hopefully things work out where we can find a way back to Ursinus for the night (the concert ends by 7 or so) but if not that’s okay I supposed. It’s not often that we have both days of the weekend to drink but we’re certainly taking advantage of this one.

Have a happy weekend everyone.

Food Adventures

I believe that over the past few years I  have made serious strides towards becoming a more adventurous eater. For years I was limited to peanut butter sandwiches, pop-tarts, chicken penne, and chicken-pot pies. I haven’t had things like jelly or ketchup in literally years, and by years I mean more like 10 years. I have tried mustard once in my entire life and it was for a bet. I was resistant to change for a long time. I found what I liked and swore by it religiously.  My daily diet had very minor variations. Slowly but surely I am opening up. One day at Wawa I decided I was going to get something different, that something different was sweet peppers.

Since that day I have put sweet peppers on every sandwich I possibly can and I must say I have enjoyed the change. Sweet peppers are a wonderful addition to a lot of sandwiches. Also, I get tomatoes on every chicken sandwich I get now. I ordered a Croque Madam at the French cafe across the street from Laura’s place and it was spectacular. I have formally abandoned lettuce on any and all sandwiches, it simply adds nothing. These changes make me excited to order/eat food. Being adventurous is fun. I haven’t hit a wildly bad experience yet which is sure to happen eventually and will not be enjoyable but until that happens I am having a grand old time.

With all of that said, I am asking for any recommendations. Whether it be some condiment to put on sandwiches, a type of hoagie from Wawa, or any other variety of food that I likely have not tried. If you suggest it I promise to try it (assuming you’re suggesting it because it’s good, not because you just want to see me eat it) and comment on it.

On a music note, I really like the song that is on the sidebar. All Cause of You by The 88. If you haven’t listened to it I highly recommend it.

Those People

I don’t really understand the kids who are so overly social/out going in every possible situation. There is a kid in my one class who will have something to say about everything. He is always acting like he’s best friends with everyone and is always making the ‘obvious’ joke that people fake laugh at even though everyone was thinking it beforehand and realized it was too stupid/obvious to say. I do not dislike this kid but his behavior just puts me off and I feel like it would be a struggle to have a genuine conversation with him. I feel like these people think they’re in college so they have to be super social and funny and appeal to everyone. The kid I’m referring to is not the only one and I’ve noticed a common trend with kids who act this way, they’re acquaintances with everyone but have very few real friends. I’d rather have 5 awesome friends as opposed to saying hi to every person on campus without any real connections to anyone.

Perhaps this is more on my end than his end. I’m well aware that sometimes I’m not very outgoing at all. I have trouble striking up random conversations with people I don’t know too well (unless I’m wasted). I usually find these conversations awkward and would much rather keep to myself. This is sort of narrow-minded but this is just how I’ve played out. I understand that some people will be more naturally outgoing than me and I know a lot of these people and I like them. It’s the people who are fake about it that get to me. These kids have decided to take on the identity as the “I can talk to anyone or sit with any group at lunch because I know everyone.”

I guess it comes down to one pretty obvious question. If someone is constantly putting on an act, is it even an act anymore? I don’t really know. Perception is reality so if this person is giving off the image of the super social guy to everyone then I guess he is being ‘genuine’ but if he knows it’s an act then what the qua.

Real Bar

I went to the bar last night for the first time since turning 21. It was Silver Coin night and Pane came up to join. Gourlay and I were casually drinking until about 8:30 when Pane showed up and the three of us headed over. I was carded and succeeded. Eventually Jordan and a few other girls showed up and sat with us which was nice. I was drinking Yuengling while everyone else got mixed drinks. There was a free buffet at 11:00 but I couldn’t wait that long, at 9:30 I ordered Mozzarella sticks and I do not regret it one bit. The girls left early and I was starting to get pretty drunk. The three of us decided to stay until the buffet and it was worth the wait. They had chicken sticks and these little cheese-ball type things that were pretty delicious. Like a total noob I left my debit card there which sucked but I have it back and no harm was done.

I was on the verge of blackout but nothing really happened once we got back. Gourlay and I decided to go to bed but not without one hilarious incident. Gourlay was up brushing his teeth and whatnot while Wacker snuck into Mark’s bed to scare Gourlay (Mark wasn’t here so Gourlay took his bed). Gourlay did not see Wacker do this and was no expecting anyone else to be in Mark’s bed except for him. When he went to climb in and felt Wacker’s leg he went absolutely bonkers. It was the most scared I had ever seen anyone in person. As he put it, he nearly shit himself. It was great.

I’m back in the grind now. We had class today despite it being Labor Day. Running is going well and school is fine. Things are pretty good right now despite a terrible middle of the week last week. Happy week.


Celebrating 21?

So yesterday was the first real Saturday night here at school. This is what I qualified as my 21st birthday celebration. Gourlay showed up at 5:00 or so and things picked up slowly. Gourlay, Slade, Rudy, and I played cards game for a while with guest appearances from Wacker every now and then. Gourlay was kind enough to bring a case of Blue Moon for us to split which was great (now I have my Flying Dog variety pack for tonight). The thought of going to the bar was there but we eventually vetoed and decided to stay in Reimert for the whole night. Around 8:30-9:00 girls actually started showing up. We had a huge game of Kings that didn’t make it all the way to the finish.

We were bonging beers in the bathroom and of course as the lone senior in the suite last night and with freshman guys and girls there I had to display my dominance. I bonged a single Natty Ice and was immediately puking in the toilet afterward. It just wasn’t a good bonging night for me but hey, what am I gonna do? I stayed in my room for a good portion of the night, mostly with Slade and Gourlay while others cycled in and out. Slade and I had a bet on the table which neither of us won. Things went bad when Campus Safety came in and we were caught with the beer bong but we fortunately snuck it out the window and were only given a warning. If we get caught it’s a $500 fine which would totally suck.

It was at this point that Gourlay repeated his Temple performance. There was an extremely overweight black male that Gourlay got in a fight with. I had no idea who the kid was but when Campus Safety was in the suite this kid was telling Gourlay he should leave and referring to him as “kid”. Fuck you’s were exchanged and eventually Gourlay left the suite with the kid trying to chase after him. Surprisingly enough me and AJ pushed the kid down on the couch and told him if he was going to start a fight he could get the qua out. The rest of the night was very scattered. The suite never picked up like it was earlier in the night but Reimert courtyard was absolutely packed. I was making conversation with multiple people but nothing very notable happened. Some douchers were smashing glass in our suite which was pretty messed up but no one caught them in the act so we have no one to blame.

At around midnight Gourlay and I decided to walk to Wawa which was a good move. We got food and made our way back to the suite for bed time. It was about 1:00 and Reimert was still absolutely packed. I just wanted to go to bed which is exactly what we did. We woke up at around 8:30 and I was at our 10:00 practice. We got through 8 miles pretty quickly and went to brunch. I’m currently in the library because I plan on going to Silver Coin for the first time ever tonight. I’ve been 21 for four days and I still haven’t gone to the bar. Tonight will be my first real experience. Gourlay will be joining me because La Salle doesn’t have class tomorrow (Labor Day) but Ursinus sucks butt and we do have class. Hopefully tonight will be fun. Tonight more than last night will be celebrating my 21st. Let’s hope Sad Sam doesn’t come out in the way that Sad Mark did last year.

First Meet

I had my first actual meet in almost 9 months today. I’ll start by saying it was an awesome feeling just waking up early, being on the bus, and going through the normal pre-race shit that most people hate. We had our circle like always which was nice, we watched the girls start, then we were on our way warming up. We went two miles and my back wasn’t even on my mind, my mind was completely on running. About ten minutes before the race I took a piss and it was dark yellow which was not good. I chugged some of Vicki’s water and went to the start line for some strides. I was very positive through the whole process but for a split second it hit me, “I’m about to race 5 miles, am I ready for this?” I wasn’t nervous at all though, I just wanted to race again.

The gun went off and I was out fast. This quick start was vanished 2 minutes into the race. By a mile I was in probably 50th place and went out in 6:07! I preached to everyone that they should go out slow but that was incredibly slow (granted it was 85 and sunny). I didn’t panic at all though. I saw Vince well ahead of me but didn’t worry about it. I ran smart and hit two miles in 12:10 where Amos informed me that Vince was 30 seconds ahead of me. I wasn’t feeling great so I made sure not to push it just yet. Coming out of the woods right before three miles I saw Vince probably 20ish seconds ahead of me. I was gaining on him but he was a ways away. Dels gave me my three mile split of 18:26 which is balls slow but I didn’t give a qua. My entire focus at this point was to catch Vince.

I was slowly reeling him in, counting how many steps ahead he was and seeing that number shrink one by one. Slowly but surely I made my way up to him and with a mile left I was 5 seconds behind. A couple hundred meters later I rolled up on his shoulder and said something like “This is it, let’s start rolling.” In all honesty I wasn’t feeling great but I had to say something like that. I put on a little surge and dropped him by a few meters. I wasn’t sure where he was because there were a few people around us but at this point I was only looking ahead, not behind. I started riggin’ up pretty hard and these two teammates crushed me with about 600 to go. They were clear of me by a good 30-40 meters and apparently I was clear of everyone behind me by a good 30-40 meters. My teammates were there cheering me on which was always nice and I was just hoping not to die and get passed in that last little straight. I closed out pretty solid and was bambi-leggin’ it hard by the end.

I had no idea what I finished but was just glad to be done. I have since found out that my finishing time was 30:00.99 and finishing place was 15th which kind of sucks but whatever. The winner was a little less than 2 minutes ahead of me. It was the same guy who won last year who was 30 seconds ahead of me last year. So I figured I’m roughly 1:30 off of where I was last year. I was happy with the race and think I ran it pretty smart. My last two miles were covered in 11:34 so that’s a good sign but I could just tell that I’m not in good shape. My back didn’t really bother me at all and feels good now a few hours later which is definitely a positive sign. There are only positives to take away from this race. I’m optimistic about the rest of my season. Will I make Nationals? Almost definitely not. That was always a goal of mine but circumstances change. If I can continue the rest of the season with good training and not too much injury interruption I’ll consider it a success. I’m happy right now.

Tonight should be fun. Gourlay is coming up so hopefully things don’t get too out of control… It’s three in the afternoon and I’m sipping on my Flying Dog variety pack which feels great. Things are going well right now. I am happy.

Goodbye Jatin

This is an unfortunately necessary post. My very good friend Jatin has decided to leave Ursinus at the end of this week for a variety of reasons. I recently wrote this post describing how Jatin is my running ‘rival’. The news was broken yesterday in front of the whole team and everyone was pretty much speechless. I honestly thought it was a joke for the first 30 seconds of silence but eventually realized it wasn’t a joke. No one knew what to do or say. It was going to be our last practice with Jatin. We jogged out of the field house as we always do but eventually the group of me, Mark, and Jatin broke off from the rest. We were going fast and spent the whole time talking about our favorite races, workouts, weekends, etc. It was a really great run actually but obviously it sucked when it ended knowing that it would likely be the last time I ran with Jatin. Though unlikely, this may be the last time I ever see Jatin.

Obviously this news makes me upset. Jatin and I may not have hung out as much as Mark and I or Wacker and I over the past two years but running is the biggest part of both our lives and we’ve been through more running together than anyone I’ve ever met. Obviously putting in the miles is one thing, sure we’ve been on 6 or 8 or 14 mile runs together but what separates him from everyone else are the workouts and the races we’ve been through. Jatin’s name is mentioned in pretty much every race and workout entry in my running log. We did almost every workout together for over a year. From closing that last mile repeat in 4:54 or that 800 in a 62 for a 2:14 in practice or the countless races where I was ahead (or behind) by less than a second. That’s something I never had with anyone in high school or college until Jatin came along.

It’s entirely his decision and if it’s something he feels like he should do then I’m all for it. These past two years have absolutely flown by. I’m going to miss you Jatin and I encourage you to visit sometime before I graduate. Perhaps we can enter unattached in the Frank Colden 5k, but instead of each of us breaking 16 for the first time we’ll both break 15 for the first time (as long as I’m .03 ahead of you this time not the other way around like last time.) To be super gay here’s a paraphrase of a quote “Don’t be sad that it’s ending, be happy that it happened.” Farewell brother.

Turning 21

I’m turning twenty-one in 26 hours and 36 minutes. What does this mean? This means that I can drink legally if I feel like it. This, however, is retarded. If I were caught drinking tonight I would be ‘breaking the law’ and potentially face charges for an underage. This again is retarded. I’ve consumed a lot of alcohol. This is in no way bragging but I’ve been drinking since my freshman year in high school. This means that I have 7 years of drinking experience. I’ve blacked out more times than I can remember. I’ve thrown up from drinking more than I would like to admit. For my age, I’m a relatively experienced drinker.

With all of this said, I would trust myself in a party setting much more than someone who was 21 but had less experience. My typical night of drinking is start early, black out early, pass out early. This is probably the safest way of drinking. A 21 year old with little experience is essentially a noobie freshman in college who also has little experience. Them being 21 would have an insignificant effect on their ability to drink. A freshman here on the first weekend got way too drunk and was puking for 90 minutes. There’s no reason this couldn’t happen to a 21 year old with little experience.

The unoriginal thought that I’m trying to get across here is that picking some arbitrary age where we deem people ‘responsible enough to drink’ is retarded. Nothing will change in two days when I turn 21. I will have had the exact same amount of alcohol consumed in my lifetime as I do tonight. No switch will go off in my head that will make me responsible and less likely to black-out.

Now, the obvious unoriginal question that follows this unoriginal thought is what better way can we do it? There’s no way to tell who’s hugged the toilet 100 times before or who’s hugging the toilet for their first time if they’re both hugging the toilet. How can you tell who has experience and who doesn’t? The obvious and unoriginal answer I thought of was just get rid of the drinking age. Why do we need a drinking age? If a 14 year old wants to drink, he or she is going to drink. That’s what I did when I was 14. I don’t think the threat of getting an underage stops very many people from drinking (although I’m sure it stops some). It should be a parents duty to determine if the kid can drink and/or how much. If we were brought up in households that didn’t make drinking so taboo for underage kids then it wouldn’t be as big of a problem. Kids would be more responsible from a younger age. If parents are around and everyone is drinking they won’t rapid fire 6 shots in half an hour and puke their brains out. They’ll learn the right way what their limits are and how drunk they are comfortable getting.

I’m aware this whole post was pretty unoriginal but with me turning 21 I feel that I was obligated to say it. If I somehow got an underage tomorrow (I’m aware it would probably never happen) I would be extremely pissed and paraphrase this post to whomever was the dick officer was.


I don’t know what to say. It appears as though Tom and I are at a serious road block right now because neither of us can find anything to write about. Pretty much every post this month has been forced. I don’t know why but maintaining this blog has become way more difficult than it used to. It could just be a little funk that I’ll come out of but this particular funk has lasted longer than any other one.

I just don’t have anything to write about. I blacked out the past two nights but nothing awesome happened that is worth writing about. I went to two classes today and they were both normal. Running is going really well for me at the moment but I’m aware that very few of my readers actually care about my running so I’ll spare another running post. I might have to make more of a conscious effort to look for things to write about but normally posts just kind of came to me. It wasn’t a chore to think of things to write. I don’t know how long the funk will last but starting now I will actively try to come out of it.

UCXC Camp 2012

Camp is almost over. Going in I thought that if I could make it through the time trial and then some of the mile repeats the next day it would be a success. So far I have exceeded my expectations. After the time trial I was feeling good and said that I would start the mile repeats and just see what happened. I ended up doing all 5 in Hunsberger and ran pretty respectable times too. My back/leg felt good. We had an adventure run in the afternoon which also went well to cap off a 14 mile day. Today we were up bright and early once again for our only run of the day. Mark, Eric, Jatin, and I completed an 8 mile run and although I’m sore as hell from the running/core, it all felt pretty good.

Everything has been awesome so far. Nothing feels bad and I can feel myself getting back in shape after every single day. If I tried to do that mile repeats workout even a week or two again I would not have come close to what I ran yesterday. Mark was ahead on every one but a freshman Vince and I ran almost all of them together. They blasted the last one and I tried to keep up but fell behind by about 6 seconds. It doesn’t feel good to get dropped during a workout but at least I’m back and running a lot again. I don’t know how long it will take to return to full form like I was last year but things are progressing nicely at the moment and there’s a lot less stress and anxiety than there has been all summer. The wheels are finally in motion and I’m just going along for the ride.