Bus Driver Ownage

This has been sweeping across Facebook and Twitter but just in case you haven’t seen it, it’s absolutely worth watching.


Good and Mostly Bad

It’s tough to judge if I should be happy right now or not. I’ll begin with the pros then move to the cons. The good news at the moment is that school is going extremely well. I got the highest grade in my class on my capstone test which is easily my hardest/most important class. The test honestly surprised me because I was not expecting to do that well but fortunately I did. My other non-tard class is marketing which I may how to downgrade to a tard class after the last 2 weeks. We’ve had two graded things, a test and a paper. I got a 96 on the test and 100 on the paper so I’m pretty much owning that class. My other two classes are joke classes where I put in enough work and will end up with a B+/A- in the one and most likely an A in the other. As a senior this will be my last hard semester because I’m done all of my requirements after this so next semester will be a joke. Doing well in school is usually a good thing.

The thing not going well right now is my health and my running. I am still somehow sick. I cannot get over this cough. It’s ridiculous. I feel better today than any day in the past 2 weeks but that doesn’t mean I’m better. I cough a lot, especially when I’m lying down which is a pain in the ass. More importantly this sickness has destroyed my running the past two weeks. Since last Tuesday (11 days) I’ve put in a whopping 26 miles. I’m honestly getting to the point where I’m probably losing fitness now. I was in ~28:00 shape two weeks ago and if I somehow recover by tomorrow and actually run in the meet, I doubt I’ll run 28:00. This pretty much sucks in every way possible because it’s my last season ever of cross country and I’m watching slip away right in front of me because of a stupid sickness. If I was in 28:00 shape two weeks ago I could have run ~27:30 at the meet tomorrow and then maybe sub 27/PR at conferences/regionals and I could call the season not just a success given the circumstances, but my best cross season ever. Now it seems like that’s not going to happen at all. I don’t know if I’m running tomorrow but if I do it won’t be pretty so I pretty much have two more chances to run a decent time for cross.

I didn’t have huge expectations for cross this year but this is worse than I expected. I was hoping to just get my feet back under me and be able to run 60-70 miles a week for a sustained period of time and get somewhat back into my old shape. I was hoping to enter track really confident with where I left off cross and ready to run some PRs for the year. Now the whole thing has been pushed back a few weeks. I still have a month until regionals so who knows, maybe I will get it together, run a good race there, and still be confident for track but I was hoping it wouldn’t come down to the very end of the season.

At this point (and most other points in college), I value running over school. So while it’s great that school is going well, I’d rather be running really well instead. The year is not over however. I’m just bummed now because I’m not really running. Once I get healthy and am actually running again I’ll be happy even if it is slower than I want. Until then this sickness needs to go away because this is getting out of control.

NFL QBs Facebook Convo

I thought this was decently funny and read through the whole thing. The “LOL”‘s get on my nerves but other than that I liked it. I don’t however appreciate them trash talking my starting QB Jay Cutler.


Caring Less

I’m going to take a second to clear something up that many people can’t seem to grasp for one reason or another.

The expression is not “I could care less”, the expression is “I couldn’t care less”.

Hypothetically if you’re saying you could care less about something it means that you have to have some initial care in order to be able to care less. This means that you do care a little bit which is obviously not the point you’re trying to get across. When you say you couldn’t care less it means that your level of caring is at absolute zero and there is no possible way you could care less than you currently do. If you’re trying to tell someone that you don’t give a shit about what they’re saying then you would use I couldn’t care less. If you want to tell someone that you’re somewhat interested in what they’re talking about then you would say I could care less (although this would be a very unusual thing to say). I don’t know why so many people say this the wrong way. I would imagine they just haven’t thought it through at all. I also imagine that those who say it wrong would probably reply to this post with a “I could care less” in which case I would say that no you probably couldn’t.

At what point is it okay?

At what point is it okay to not take the blame for something because it happened so long ago? For example, in third grade Kurt Channick and I essentially told this kid we were going to kill him via AOL. He reported us and we were banned from AOL. I look back now and think that story is so ridiculous but it’s not like the Sam of right now would make those same decisions. Third grade Sam was obviously different than present day Sam, another example is third grade Sam put a plastic bag over his head for as long as he could until the teacher went absolutely bonkers. Present day Sam would also realize this is a bad idea. People won’t look at me and say “What the hell was he thinking?!”, they’ll look and say “Oh, he was a stupid third grader who didn’t know any better.”

But what point can you no longer use that excuse? In 6th grade I loogied on Shana Mason’s jacket and she returned the favor by beating me up. I think the argument still holds that I was a stupid 6th grader who didn’t think the situation through very well. She was a 5’8 black chick with huge muscles and a world class sprinter, I was a 5’0, couldn’t bench press the bar, and arguably the slowest sprinter in my grade.

In 9th grade my Coronation (school dance) experience was a train wreck. I asked the girl I had a crush on but had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t put my arm around her for the pictures and the fairy tale ending that 9th grade Sam had in mind went to shreds. I think the argument holds for that, 9th grade Sam had no swag or douglas and was as smooth as sand paper when it came to talking with girls. What is potentially most important is that her and I can laugh about it now.

In 11th grade I had a month to get my final exemption forms signed. I waited until 2:30 on the day they were due (at 3:00) to try and get them signed. There was no way I was making it home and back to actually have my parents sign then so what did I do? I got a fellow girl on the track team to forge the signature on the sidewalk of all places. I was busted instantly and my guidance counselor pretty much called me retarded. This specific case I don’t think I get a pass on. It was a simple responsibility and I handled it like a child despite being sort of an adult.

But does it end there? Is everything after 11th grade inexcusable? I think not. I think it depends upon the specific situation at a given age. Something I did freshman year of college may be excusable because I had no idea what I was doing in that situation. For example, freshman year I got absolutely wasted doing shots over winter break with Bogdan as my mentor. He was to approve all shots taken and he did. I ended the night pissing myself and looking like a total jagaloon. Another example would be Candy Land my freshman year where I left the party before 10:00 and puked in my bed. I think these are somewhat excusable because every freshman has their bad experiences. I try not to mess with shots anymore (*cough* Tri-Sig Formal *cough*) because of some bad experiences. It’s all a learning process.

However, with me failing photography, well it’s tough to make the argument that I was a naive junior in college who didn’t know that stealing pictures was bad.


This weekend was somewhat great but somewhat disastrous. I’ll begin with Saturday morning. We were scheduled to race at Belmont which is always fun (sarcasm). I wasn’t sure how I was feeling but I went to bed/woke up in the mind set that I was going to run. We went to the meet and when we got off the bus I just terrible. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. I had three hours to feel better but I wasn’t headed in the right direction. An hour left and I tried to jog but it was pointless. My head was just so out of it, I was coughing like a mofo, and I randomly developed this minor full-body rash. I threw in the towel and didn’t race. It just wasn’t happening.

We headed back to school and the buzz was going about the Swack toga party. Swimmers and track people were having a party which is not a new thing. Every Swack party in the past has gone terribly for me, only bad things happen at Swack. When we got to school I didn’t think I was going to drink. We went out to the beer store and I ended up getting some Wendy’s which surprisingly made me feel better. I had a theory. I would drink 2-3 beers and I would either feel great or terrible and then make my decision based on that. I drank a few and started feeling good so I committed. Because of this I told Gourlay to come which he did.

At 8 a ton of people showed up to pre-game. I did a few shots to get me from buzzed to drunk. Everyone left for Swack except for me, Slade, Gourlay, and Wacker. We decided to hang out in Wacker’s room and bro out for a bit. We all did shots and Wacker and I were jamming out to a few songs, specifically Unwritten Law. At 9:30ish we headed over to the party. This time Swack did not disappoint. We stayed for the duration and had fun the entire time. There was dancing and drinking and it was overall just a really good time.

At 12:15 or so the party shut down so we headed back to the suite. I remember most things but this is where it starts to get a little hazy. A group of us decided we wanted to go to the diner. It was me, Gourlay, Slade, Rudy, and Grace and we started walking. Along the way we bumped into Emlamb and Nicole, Emlamb joined us but Nicole declined. Gourlay was wearing a retarded looking toga and I was wearing my short shorts along with my Sandy Run cut off middle school shirt. They were literally laughing at us as we walked in. I ordered the Eggs Benedict and it was absolutely incredible. We left the diner at around 2:00 and headed back for bed. I had to sleep on the couch in Wacker’s room which is okay to sleep on for ~5 hours but anything after and your back starts to kill.

Today has been a bad day however. I have not been able to get over this sickness at all. It just doesn’t go away. I’m constantly coughing, constantly cold, and my head never feels good. It is seriously impeding my running which is really starting to piss me off. I’m getting anxious now because the season is on the way out and I’m still not in great shape. I just need to get serious about getting health but apparently that’s easier said than done. Until next time.

Men in Black Theory

Here is the ending scene of the first Men in Black

The reason I’m posting this is because I think this scenario is as realistic a possibility as anything else out there. Between people preaching religions and people against religions I personally don’t think anyone can make an argument as to why this is less likely than any other scenario. There’s so much we don’t know and don’t understand. I’m not entirely sure where I stand on the existence of god (although if you put a gun to my head I would say no) but if there is one or multiple ones their knowledge/power would be incomprehensible. People will have trouble accepting the Men in Black ending as truth because it just doesn’t seem realistic. Who says? We’re so limited in what we experience and what our brains can process, we’re just humans living in our little world and things that don’t make sense in our world we just write off as being impossible. From here on out I’m going to believe in the Men in Black theory, that our whole universe is held within a marble that giant creatures are using to play games. I see no reason why that is any less believable that anything else.

Positive Reviews

I would like to give a shout out to my former roommate Satchel. There is a specific reason I am doing this. He was up in the suite yesterday and somehow the topic of my blog came up. He said something along the lines of “Well I only read it when you post it on facebook but whenever you do I go back and read all the ones I haven’t read cause they’re funny as hell.” Of all the comments I’ve received about my blog this is far and away the most positive review from anyone. It is absolutely amazing how many people say my blog sucks or they don’t like yet still visit multiple times a week. If people are going to tell me how boring my blog is why do they keep reading it? It’s like they’re reading it just to tell me that it’s stupid and they don’t like it. I suppose people may think that say 1 in 10 posts are worthy of reading so they’ll check on it, but even then there are rarely any positive comments on the worthy posts.

Anyway, I just finished watching the debate/post debate analysis. To me personally it looked like Romney was in control and more prepared than Obama. This post debate analysis is saying that Romney was straight up lying about certain things but Obama didn’t call him out on this. I don’t know which way that would make me lean. Lying is obviously bad but on the biggest stage where you have to make your mark, Obama should be willing to call him out on those things, he pretty much had no balls. I think Romney was more energetic. As the candidate who didn’t serve the previous 4 years I think you have a slight advantage because you can cite the major negatives of the president. But I also thought Romney was lacking in details, Obama said a bunch of times that Romney didn’t provide specifics of how he was going to do certain things and Romney never really got into the details. Overall this made me lean a little more towards Romney than before but my vote is certainly still undecided.

I would also like to say that thinking up a title for this post is impossible. The two paragraphs have absolutely no relation to each other so I don’t know if I should make the title about just one or try to do both.

Sick Politics

Somehow I am sick again. I don’t get sick very often but this is the second time in a matter of weeks. Last night was like nothing I had ever experienced before. I had a t-shirt, a long sleeve running shirt, and a cross country jacket on while lying under my giant comforter and I was shivering violently. I laid there for 15 minutes or so trying to get warm but couldn’t stop shivering so I eventually got up and took a ~40 minute boiling hot shower. Even then it still took me 10 minutes to stop shivering. After the shower I went to bed and was pretty much burning hot for the rest of the night. I was also having the weirdest dream about Romney and Obama that I can’t even think of a way to describe it. I feel a little bit better today but I’m still not 100%.

The reason I was dreaming about Romney and Obama though is because I registered to vote last night. Politics has never been a huge interest of mine but I kind of feel like voting is something everyone should do if they’re able. I don’t really identify with a party and I don’t know who I’m going to vote for. The debate is tonight which I plan on watching and that will likely sway my vote one way or another. I remember in 08 I wasn’t old enough to vote but I really didn’t care. Now I actually do kind of care and I’m actually looking forward to watching the debate tonight.

Trials – Inferno 3

Trials is a two dimensional dirt biking game where you try to get over obstacles in a bunch of different levels as fast as you can with as little mess-ups as possible. It’s extremely addicting for whatever reason and over the past couple of months I have gotten pretty good. Wacker showed me the game and initially I sucked but with hard work and him teaching me I have gotten really good. Him and I go back and forth on who’s better but lately I’ve been playing more so I’ve been doing better.

I’ve spent a large portion of the last two-three weeks playing a level in Trials called Inferno 3. This level is arguably the hardest level in the game. I pretty much made it my mission to “platinum” this level (beat a certain time and don’t mess up at all). I would spend literally hours sitting there playing this level over and over. Some sessions results in a new personal best and some were a complete waste of hours. On Saturday I finally platinumed it and I went absolutely bonkers. I went even more bonkers when I saw the time rank, ~48 seconds and 402 in the game. Of the ~1 million people who play the game, I was 402 on that level. *This is kind of stupid because I have way better ranked songs in Guitar Hero and more people definitely play that than Trials.

To the point of the post. Should I be proud of this at all? Should I be disappointed that I wasted hours of my life that I could have spent doing much more productive things? It’s not even a game that anyone has heard of. I played for so long to do something that is worth absolutely nothing to pretty much everyone. This all screams that no I should not be proud and that it is useless.

But I see a positive to this though. I set a goal for myself and I accomplished that goal at all costs. I dedicated hours to something that wasn’t always enjoyable, in fact it was quite stressful at times, but I saw it through. Maybe I won’t walk into a job interview and say “My greatest accomplishment? Well I plantinumed Inferno 3” but maybe I will say “I’m very dedicated and when I set a goal I make sure I achieve that goal.”  And maybe one day I’ll meet a girl who absolutely loves Trials and she won’t be able to take her hands off of me when I tell her that I platinumed Inferno 3.