Ending No-Shave

I’m aware this is being uploaded extremely late but this is the last video footage of my no-shave November.


Running paragraph
I did a 4 mile tempo run on the track yesterday with Amos and Slade and it actually went really well. I didn’t really know what kind of shape I was in so I didn’t know what to expect in terms of splits. The rough number I had in my head was 5:45’s but I wasn’t sure. I started off and hit 5:51 for the first mile feeling pretty good. The second mile was 5:47, the third 5:41 and the fourth 5:32 for a total of 22:52. I was in control the whole way and actually felt good. I think things are starting to click a bit for me. My normal runs have been feeling really good and I don’t see any reason I won’t hit 50-60 miles a week for the next couple of weeks and then hopefully up to the 70’s for the majority of track. More on that later.

I’m finally on break. I had two tests, three papers, and a presentation since last Friday and I did absolutely nothing on Saturday. This explains the lack of posting lately. School is going really well this semester and a 4.0 GPA is possible. It’s nice to be done temporarily though. I’m looking forward to going home for a few days and seeing the cats/family and just doing nothing. I’ve been having a very weird urge to play Guitar Hero lately. I think I’m going to the bar tomorrow with Gourlay and Jensen which I hope will be fun. I do not think I’m going to AC anymore but that’s not big deal. Saturday I may potentially go to the Sixers game but we’ll see about that. It should be a good break nonetheless and then I just have to suck it up and get my work done for the last 3 weeks of the semester. Actually being able to run track meets will make that go much more smoothly I imagine.

Anyway, this was just another update post that I doubt many people will enjoy but that’s fine by me because I’m done.

Also on a side note, I think Waste by Phish is really good, I’ve been listening to it a lot lately.


Friday night was annual Outback trip and the cross country fated. I called ahead to get our table of 10 ready. 20 minutes later we arrive and they say they have no idea what I’m talking about. It turns out I called the wrong Outback so we had to wait ~20 minutes to be seated. I did not mind this because Wacker, Amos, Mark, and I were 21 so we sat at the bar while the others stayed at the entrance. The meal itself was great. The ribs were fantastic as usual. We were telling stories and reflecting on the season and it was just great. I managed to spend $50, mostly because of three 22 ounce Sam Adams winter lagers.

The fated was a good time as Gourlay made a guest appearance but nothing crazy happened. There was dancing in my room for a while and I didn’t really blackout I don’t think. It was a fun night. Last night guys track had a party with girls soccer. Gourlay and I split a  Sam Adams Winter Classics case which turned out to be very good. We were drinking early as to get ready for the party because we didn’t know anyone on girls soccer. At around 9 we headed over and I was drunker than I thought. We played a lot of flip-cup which is always a good time. I bet Natalie that I would beat her next time we lead-off, the loser had to do a beer bong. I won and she had to bong, I can’t remember exactly how it happened but she was saying she could bong faster than me which was not going to fly. I bonged after her and I believe they declared me the winner.

This is where things start getting fuzzy. I ended up talking to these two girls, one of which I knew and the other I didn’t, in a room for literally an hour. The conversations ranged from loved ones with cancer to who’s boobs were better and the entire thing was just bizarre. I don’t remember how or when the conversation ended but I know that I went to bed after it was over. There was a lot going on in my room while I was passed out in the top bunk but I slept soundly.

The next two days are going to suck. I had two papers sprung on me that are due Tuesday. I’m just going to have to sit here and knock them out as quickly as possible. Once I finish these I’m home free. The rest of the semester will go pretty smoothly but this past week has been a lot of work. Thanksgiving break promises to be fun as Gourlay, Jonny, and I will be going to Atlantic City. I haven’t been to a casino since I’ve turned 21 so this will definitely be a good time. I’m not exactly sure how much money I’m comfortable losing but I imagine that number will be positively correlated with my level of drunk. Until then I have to get this work done.

Choosing Wrong

I took a visit to the Eye Store today to get my eyes checked out and to order a new set of contacts. Low and behold my right eye got worse. My prescription is now -6.5 in the left and -7.5 in the right. There is really nothing I can do about my eyes getting worse, it something I have very little control over yet I am still paying the price. Over the course of my lifetime the payments made on eye care will be large. There’s yearly or biyearly eye exams, I’m on my third pair of glasses, and I have to order new contacts on average once a year. Someone who was luckily born with 20/20 is saving thousands here.

Now to another problem (and I know this situation is a little more unique but still), my teeth. I have been receiving orthodontic care since I was in 8th grade and have had 7 oral surgeries over the past 11 years because my body has decided that producing teeth is just as important as breathing. Now, this isn’t really my fault, I can’t control that my body thinks teeth are gold, however I/my parents are paying the price, and up until this point a heftier price than my bad eyes.

So before I could even make a decision on how I was going to live my life, my parents were destined to pay a lot financially for my poor biological make-up. Up until this point in my life I have made, in general, pretty healthy life choices. I exercise, I’m not overweight at all, and I don’t smoke. This is kind of the part that bugs me. That people continually CHOOSE to make bad life decisions that will ultimately effect their long-term health in a negative way. The price paid for a serious heart disease or lung cancer is most likely higher than my unchoosable (not a word) problems and people are literally saying they don’t care. I understand if your 60 years old and you’ve worked your whole life and you’re going to pig out a little more now because you kind of feel like you’ve earned it, that’s not that bad. But when people are in their 20s, 30s, 40s, etc. and are grossly overweight and/or a pack-a-day smoker, well I just wonder what their thought process is. These are obviously serious threats to your health and are obviously preventable. You having a heart attack not only fucks you over but other people too, emotionally and financially. Why would you choose to risk it?

Save Ferris

On the way home from regionals we watched a movie that most everyone is familiar with; Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. I’m a moderate fan of this movie. It has it’s moments, I like Cameron, and Sloane is really hot. I personally have always felt that it’s a little overrated (84% on Rotten Tomatoes) but overall it’s an enjoyable movie.

Matthew Broderick plays the role of Ferris Bueller and he does a pretty good job I think. Ferris is a kid who is apparently wise beyond his years. I would say he’s like a teenage Peter Gibbons in the sense that he realizes life isn’t meant to be wasted. He’s got his act together pretty well. While he’s a schemer he’s good at heart and has a way of getting out of sticky situations without needing a concrete plan. He does things on the fly mostly to the dismay of Cameron but things seem to workout for him. He’s kind of a badass too, he doesn’t give too many quas and he has a really hot girlfriend.

Now to the real point of the post. Broderick was 24 when this movie was made. He was still pretty young I would imagine that this particular film would have shaped his general character as an actor. However, as he got older he became less ‘cool’ in the conventional sense. I’m not saying he became a bad actor, but he certainly lost the Ferris charm. His role changed from a cool badass to a sort of awkward nerdy guy who gets into bad situations with no good way out. This is the complete opposite of Ferris. Since Ferris he’s played roles like Inspector Gadget, a weird teacher in Election, a doctor in Godzilla, and perhaps most notably, Steven from The Cable Guy.

None of these characters are very cool and none of them are even close to Ferris. I understand that some actors have a wide range of roles they can play, and that generally defines how ‘good’ of an actor they are, but he transitioned from a really cool role to only nerdy roles. The thing of it is, I don’t think I could take him seriously if he tried to play a cool role again. When I watch Ferris Bueller’s Day Off I don’t even think of Ferris as Broderick. It’s like I associate him in that movie as a completely different person than he is today, they’re essentially two completely separate people.

How does a transformation like this happen? Why would a young guy who’s acting career is starting to take off take such an incredible turn for the nerdy? As a 24 year old millionaire you would figure that he’d want to keep going the route he was going. Was it a personal choice? Did he not like the image that Ferris gave off? Did writers not see him as the cool guy anymore despite his good performance in Ferris? I’m not old enough to know any of the movies that came within 5 or so years after Ferris but did the transformation happen immediately or over time? Did he try a few ‘cool’ roles shortly after and they all flopped? What the hell happened to this seemingly super cool kid?

Apparently Ferris could not be saved. That character died somewhere along the line and Broderick took on a completely new image.

Farewell Cross Country

So this weekend was a minor success I would say. I began drinking after regionals around 4 or so. I had no dinner and was dehydrated so I blacked out really quickly on Saturday. I remember having a breath holding contest with Slade and Rudy. Rudy lasted about 30 seconds which was hilarious while Slade was about 1:30 and I was 2:00. The rest of the night is pretty much blank. There are bits and pieces here and there but nothing really. We had another Swack party and according to Richie I was flagged the second I walked in the door. I’ve heard mostly embarrassing things from the night but at this point I don’t really care.

I woke up on Sunday with no hangover surprisingly. The entire day was a waste. I did absolutely nothing productive until about 5:00 when I decided I would drink again. I drank alone for a while but eventually Slade joined me. I shotgunned 4 normal Natty Ices, 3 Natty Ice pounders, and a Miller light before decided to sip on a Natty Ice pounder while playing Slade in half-time. I never really got that drunk but once midnight hit I was just really tired and pretty much threw in the towel.

Next weekend should be a good one. We’re going to Outback as always on Friday to celebrate the end of this years cross country season. After that we’re having a cross country team fated where we all dress up, come to the suite, and get wasted, also in celebration of the end of the season. Ideally having a full rack of Outback ribs in me will prolong the seemingly inevitable blackout that will occur. I’m excited.

Last XC Race

We’re on our way back from Regionals at the moment and I’m writing this blog in a word doc. Cross country is officially done with and while I may run an XC race in the future, this was the last XC season of my life. Today was not the ending I had always imagined but I’m surprisingly not that disappointed. I had decently sized aspirations after last year’s cross country season but certain circumstances changed those goals. The way today ended was not wonderful but at least I know it’s the end instead of being cut short.

Everything leading up to the race went about as normal as possible. I had a few good nights of sleep leading up, my eating and bathroom schedule the day of was good, and the day itself was perfect for a race. We talked beforehand about how we wanted to run it and Wacker and I decided we would run together for at least half of it. The gun went off and we were right next to each other. We caught Amos just before the mile which we hit in 5:45. The three of us ran together until about 4k which was really nice. We worked well together passing people I thought and it definitely made it easier mentally having people there. At 4k Wacker fell off a bit and it was Amos and I working up like we had been. With 3k left I picked it up a little bit and Amos dropped. Vince was up ahead so that was the next target. We weren’t running very fast but I started to feel alright with 1.5 miles or so left. I caught Vince and we ran together until the 4 mile mark where I made a move. I felt solid the last mile but had absolutely no finishing speed. My last mile was about a 5:40 but there was no kick like there was at conferences. My finishing time was 29:10 or so which was slower than I hoped but the course was slower than I expected.

It wasn’t spectacular by any means but given all the shit that has happened this season I was just happy to finish it out. There wasn’t much to expect for this race and not much was delivered but I ran my hardest and made it to the end of the season so I can’t ask for much more. Track is right around the corner and that’s where I’ll have to stop making excuses and actually start running fast again. I don’t know how fast I’ll be able to run by the end the semester or hell, even by the end of my collegiate career, but I plan on putting in as much work as possible to figure it out.



Wrapping up

I’ll recap my last couple of days because I don’t have anything else to do. Yesterday was the Fed Challenge. All year me and a group of six other kids along with Eric would meet for an hour or two a week and talk about what we think the Fed should do. Along the way we came up with a plan for what we thought they should do and yesterday was our presentation. I woke up at 8:00 dressed in my finest attire and we were on the road by 8:30. We got there around 10 with our presentation being at 11, you always need to leave an hour for warm-up. We ran through our presentation twice and it was a little shaky both times.

We went into the room and the five of us presenting sat across the table from two very formal looking business men. Both appeared to be in their mid-upper 30’s and were slightly intimidating after they introduced themselves and their credentials. We did our presentation and it went as well as it possibly could have. 15 minutes of no stuttering. They asked 15 minutes of questions afterward which was scary but I think we handled them well. We finished by 11:45 and had until 4 until we heard the results. The next 4 hours were spent playing a board game. We found out we did not place in the top 4 out of 10 schools which was a little disappointing but at the same time some schools literally have a class dedicated to this thing so it’s no surprise. We had to kill another 2.5 hours until dinner. More board games. The dinner was pretty delicious and we arrived back on campus by 9:15. It was a really long day but overall I’m glad I did it.

Today marks our journal to regionals. The 7 men and 7 women selected hopped on the bus at 11:00 and made the trip out to central PA. It’s only 2:30 right now so we have a ton of time to kill but I’m pretty excited to run tomorrow. Do I think I’ll run fast? Not particularly, don’t get your popcorn ready or anything like that, but relative to the rest of my season I think I can run a season best (~28:30). It’s definitely sad to see my senior year cross country season end but all good things must come to an end I suppose. It’s trips like this that really bring the team together. We’ll literally be spending every hour with each other for the next 24 hours and this will be something to look back in once we’re done with it. My senior year is closing fast and it’s times like these that I’ll really miss when I graduate.