Imagine Dragons

Right before I left for school my mom so generously lent me her Imagine Dragons CD. I’ve been listening to it a good amount lately and I’m going to recommend it to everyone here. They obviously hit it big with their hit single It’s Time and the album Night Visions was released about four months ago so I’m a little late but better late than never. Their song Radioactive also gets a good amount of radio time, I actually wasn’t aware that was them until I heard it on the CD.

They’re really good at making catchy beats and choruses as well as switching up their sound. They go from a mainstream rock sound to an African tribal sound which is unusual/weird at first but still good. It doesn’t surprise me that It’s Time was their big hit because that sounds like the one that would most appeal to the public but there are other good ones. I’ve only listened to it 6 or 7 times straight through so this could change but other than It’s Time and Radioactive my favorites are Demons and Bleeding Out. Mr. Slade is a big fan of On Top of the World which is a more tribal sounding one that I support strongly. Here’s those three for anyone who’s interested.

Manti Te’o: My Thoughts

For those who don’t know Manti Te’o is a very good top 10 draft pick linebacker for the Notre Dame football team and finished second in the Heisman voting this year. Manti had a girlfriend who died recently due to leukemia. He spoke about her a lot and how much her death hurt him. As it turns out, his girlfriend did not actually die because she did not even exist. Manti has spoken out saying that it was a hoax put on him and that he is a victim while others believe he did it as a publicity stunt. Now let’s review these two possible scenarios.

Manti claims that he met this girl online and maintained a strictly online relationship with her. They would talk on the phone and over the internet all the time and eventually started dating. They were shown pictures of each other but apparently the pictures Manti saw of her were not actually her. Now, he tells people he has a girlfriend which technically he does but he’s embarrassed that they’ve only met online so he lies and says they’ve met in real life before and that they’re madly in love. News breaks that she died and he is totally heart broken. The public still does not know that she existed only in someone’s imagination (neither does Manti apparently) and he comes out openly upset and mourning like crazy. The news gets a hold of it and emphasizes how brave he is and how hard it must be for him to continue playing. He goes on to have an incredible season despite this and it turns out she is fake.

People ask how he didn’t know this prior. His excuse is he was just so embarrassed of the online aspect so he lied and said he had met her. Is this a reasonable excuse? Honestly, how can a guy as studly as him, who can get any girl he wants, have an online girlfriend whom he’s never actually met in person? From a personal stand point this seems ridiculous and I would be extremely embarrassed if I was him for hiding it the whole time. The question is, is this really believable? I mean is he just that dumb that he would lie about what their relationship was like to preserve his image? This is a very stupid thing for anyone to do let alone a football player with a huge future in the NFL.

On the other hand he could be lying to us again. There have been claims that the whole thing was a publicity stunt. The day after his girlfriend ‘died’ Manti went out to have a great game and upset Michigan State. What a great way to get an ESPN interview. You can play through tragedy and instead of letting your emotions cause instability, you turn it into motivation on the football field. What NFL coach wouldn’t want that?

Both scenarios are ridiculous in my opinion but I find it too unbelievable that he would knowingly lie strictly for publicity. He had so little to gain and so much to lose if things went wrong. I think he’s probably just a stupid guy who got caught up in a weird relationship that went farther than he expected. It’s extremely embarrassing to admit but at this point you have to put all your cards on the table. There’s a lot more information that will be found out in the next couple of days/weeks that will hopefully clear the situation up but in my eyes he’s an extremely talented football player who made one hugely stupid mistake.

Lookin’ Good

This was my outfit today (accompanied by closed toe non-running shoes).

I only wore it to breakfast, my first two classes, lunch, and then my third class. In that time of ~5 hours I got multiple comments on this outfit. The shirt was the main attraction but the jeans/shoes were also praised. Things like “I like your outfit” or “You’re actually wearing jeans and shoes!” or “You look like a real person!” were the general consensipodes. Now, there are people who wear something like this every day and I doubt they get any comments on their outfit but for just one day I switch it up and it’s like the world is flipped upside down for me. People asked if I was dressed up for something or what the occasion was and were baffled to hear that there was none.

I guess this speaks volumes about my reputation as a fashion person. My go-to attire is short-shorts with cargo shorts on top, black sandals, and a running t-shirt with a track and field sweatshirt on top. This style is so ingrained to my being. Perhaps I’ll start slowly changing that image starting now. I’m not saying I can abandon it entirely because short-shorts are a must and sandals are far too convenient to ditch completely but normal shoes and jeans have become more present and are starting to grow on me. Shorts and sandals kid may be no longer. This post was somewhat inspired by a conversation I had last night with a friend. She said that she’s been noticing what shoes a guy wears before anything else and that this can determine whether or not he even has a chance let alone an entire outfit. Well, not only do I not wear shoes but the rest of my standard outfit is lacking as well so this change is probably welcome. This will be a strange time in my life as I am transitioning from what has defined me for literally my entire grade school/college career.

*Don’t expect huge changes too soon. I own two pairs of jeans and just bought that shirt a few days ago for $9. But maybe I’ll go shopping sometime or something like that.

Going in Stages

Obviously perspective is huge but something has become clear to me over the past couple of months. It seems like the stage of life that you are in is the stage of life that you want to be in. I’m not talking about specific ages or anything, obviously a 20 year old who drinks frequently can’t wait to turn 21, but the broad stages themselves. It struck me on two separate occasions that this is the case. Now I understand it’s not always the case, but hear me out. I don’t think it’s simply because we don’t have a choice so we come to terms with what stage we’re in.

The first time it struck me was when Gourlay, Dan Day, Kevin Day, and I went to Perkins for brunch. Perkins was flooded with old people who sort of looked miserable. A man and his wife sitting silently eating scrambled eggs as if they’ve done it a thousand times before. The four of us sat their and said we would hate being old. The second time it struck me was a few nights ago when I was speaking with my roommates. Ian said that the perfect weekend in middle school was sitting at his computer with a bag of pretzels and a Dr. Pepper playing COD. I can strongly relate to that.

From when I was old enough to make decisions on my own I decided I was going to play video games. From middle school to high school my ideal weekend was identical to Ian’s; a bag of pistachios with an iced tea playing Diablo or SOF. I didn’t care about drinking or girls, I cared about getting a Jah rune to complete my Enigma Archon Plate or finding a HOTO with 35+ all res.

Eventually I grew up and stopped playing games as often. Now an ideal weekend would be going to a track meet, running a PR (?), then coming back and getting drunk with the team. I enjoy my life right now and I’m glad I’m not still playing Diablo every weekend. I don’t want to be in a relationship or worry about having kids or how much my job  sucks.

As you exit college this phase of drinking and enjoying life continues on for some time but eventually you transition. You want to settle down, have a wife, establish a comfortable financial situation, and the idea of becoming a parent is probably the most appealing thing in the world. You look back at your younger days and wonder how/why you used to party the way you did. Now you want to watch your kids grow up and do family things.

Eventually your kids get older and move out and your likely left with your significant other. You start thinking about retirement. The idea of being retired and having no obligations is amazing. You can read books, watch game shows, go golfing. You probably start to reflect on life and realize that it’s kind of like passing the torch along. You may look back and have some regrets here and there but all and all you begin to come to peace with the things that have happened in your life. You don’t mind driving 35 MPH and in 45 because you’re in absolutely no rush. You look back at the kid behind you who’s freaking out and remember when that used to be you and just laugh. You look at the kids in Perkins and you’re perfectly happy that you’re you and not them.

Just One Person

The idea behind this blog is to pick just one person from each category that you would want to be. I separated running and sports for obvious reasons, I would pick a runner for sports if it wasn’t separated and that’s just gay. Anyway, feel free to give you thoughts and personal opinions as well, I think this is a fun idea for a blog.

Running: Roger Bannister

I’ll start with an easy one. Running will likely continue to evolve as the years go on (although some argue otherwise). While Geb, Bolt, Johnson, El G, etc. are the GOATs at the moment, that is certainly subject to change. Records are made to be broken. However, Roger Bannister was the first person to do something that no one thought was possible, the four minute mile. May 6th, 1954. Apparently when the results were being announced over the PA, the announcer said something like “Roger Bannister… 3:….” and the crowd went so loud that you couldn’t hear the rest. The four minute mile is THE benchmark of running. Sure there’s 10 seconds for the 100 meters, 13:00 for the 5k, etc but the four minute mile is legendary and with that comes the one and only legend, Sir Roger Bannister (although it should be noted guys like Landy and Santee just missed the mark before Bannister, had one of them done it first you would recognize the name John Landy like Roger Bannister and wonder who the hell Roger Bannister ever was in the same way you’re wondering who the hell is John Landy).

Sports: Wilt Chamberlain

Wilt was a man among men. While I said in the above paragraph that records are made to be broken, there are certain records that Wilt set that simply won’t be broken. Like Cy Young’s all-time win record or Bill Russell’s 11 NBA championships, Wilt has multiple records that just won’t go down; 100 points in a single game, averaged 50.4 PPG for an entire SEASON (next closest besides Wilt himself is Elgin Baylor with 38.4), over 48 mpg for an entire SEASON, and he never fouled out of a game in his entire CAREER (1,205 games). You can argue he played in a weak era but what better numbers do you want the guy to put up to prove he was an absolute beast? Also, he claims to have banged over 20,000 women (~1 woman a day for 53 years). How can you not want to be this guy?

History: Albert Einstein

I’m picking Einstein over numerous others like great political/war leaders or other great scientists for a number of reasons. First and foremost, when your name has become a synonym for genius, you’re doing something right. His theory of general relativity is miles beyond what 99% of people can even begin to comprehend (this is an estimated number, and likely an understatement) and he discovered the most famous equation ever of E=MC^2. For someone to look at Newtonian mechanics and think “You know, this just isn’t good enough, I’m going to think of something better” is absurd. He was also named Time Magazine’s Person of the Century for the 20th century.

Music: Paul McCartney

It’s tough to pick between McCartney and Lennon. I don’t penalize Lennon for dying early, it is unfortunate but it adds a bit of mystic to his already captivating life. However, his stint with Yoko Ono is one that I have trouble understanding and the woman herself had a monster bush so I give the nod to Paul. Anyway, The Beatles were the biggest band ever and have virtually influenced every band that has ever formed after them. Beatlemania is what every band dreams of becoming x100. McCartney and Lennon teamed up as an epic song writing duo and will go down in history and the virtually indisputable best band ever. Paul’s voice in songs like Let it Be and Hey Jude is what I imagine a male angel would sound like. He had unlimited money, unlimited power, and unlimited talent.

Fiction: James Bond

James Bond has infinite douglas. He’s a suave badass who bangs hot girls and saves the world whenever he feels like it. He drives nice cars and is just so smooth with everything he does. Even if he does get himself into a sticky situation he always finds a way out. The girls want him and the guys want to be him. At the same time though, he’s a nice guy, no one would ever have a reason to dislike him. He’s the guy that you don’t want your girlfriend talking to but then when you end up talking to him you realize how awesome of a guy he is.

Honorable Mentions:
Emil Zatopek – His 52′ Olympic triple will be forever unmatched in the history of distance running.
Tiger Woods – Potential GOAT when all is said and done and banged everyone.
George Washington – No one else could kill people on Christmas and be considered a great man.
Jimi Hendrix – The early death has the same Lennon’s mystic without the crazy Ono factor. GOAT guitarist.
Wolverine – The guy was just a total badass who did not give a single shit about anything.

Don’t Feel Bad

Last night Notre Dame got their pooters packed and some people said they felt bad for them because it was so ugly. On countless occasions my mother has expressed deep sympathy for athletes or teams that are on the losing end, whatever it may be. Tom has always countered these arguments saying that you can’t feel bad for these people and I agree and will explain what I presume to be the correct logic.

First and foremost, if you’re not prepared to lose, you should not be playing sports. This isn’t to say that you should expect to lose or want to lose, but losing is a part of every game and if you can’t handle it then sports are not for you.

Second, almost every level of sports that we see on TV display an extremely select group of individuals who can play the game at a high enough level to be competitive. The Notre Dame football players are some of the best in the country at the collegiate level (although some may question that after last night). They are the guys who absolutely dominated middle school and high school football and had the opportunity and good fortune to be accepted and to attend a school like ND. No one should feel bad for them given that.

When a major league pitcher goes out for his first start and gives up 8 earned in 4 innings you simply cannot feel bad for the guy. Does it suck that his first ML start was terrible and that he be moved down to the minors? Sure. But there are thousands of other pitchers who are so jealous that he even had the opportunity to start a major league game. People dream about that type of thing regardless of the outcome. There are college football players at bad DI schools and great DII/DIII schools who can only dream of the opportunity to play in the BCS National Championship. All the work you’ve put in finally pays off. Sure you were embarrassed in front of everyone on national TV but the fact that you’re there with the chance to play outweighs the embarrassment by miles and miles.

In my head I can only think of one scenario where I would actually feel bad for a person playing sports and that would be  when a kid’s parent is forcing him/her into something they don’t want to do and they absolutely sucks and they feel like they’re disappointing their parents or letting them down or something. Other than that, people are voluntarily putting themselves out there fully knowing they might get embarrassed.


I have a genuine question for the female readers of this blog. I doubt I’ll get many answers (very low # of female readers * very low response rate = no answers) but I’m going to write it anyway.

Twitter and Facebook both allow pictures to be seen by a large group of people. You get to choose which pictures you want to display like your profile picture or any twit pic. Off the top of my head I can think of two girls, and there are definitely more, who’s profile pictures/twit pics constantly display cleavage and it’s not too subtle. There are hundreds of pictures to choose from where your boobs aren’t showing as much but those seem to be picked at a lower rate (not for everyone, but some people). Now, often times these pictures will have boobs just at the bottom of the picture, as if they were going to take a picture of themselves but their boobs weren’t in it, so they move the camera back and aim it down a little to make sure they’re in there. Not all for sure, but there’s definitely some that make an effort to do that. Let it be known that I’m not necessarily opposed to these pictures. I think it could potentially say something as to one’s personality but for viewing enjoyment it’s generally a +.

So my question is this; the women who do this have to be doing it on purpose, right? I mean there’s no way they accidentally post pictures over-exposing their boobs to make themselves look more attractive, right? As a guy when I see numerous pictures like this from the same girl I kind of think she’s either a bit more slutty than the average girl or a bit of an attention whore (for lack of a better term). Do girls who see this think the same thing? Or do girls who see it feel compelled to post more pictures of their own cleavage as a way to keep up and have the same appeal? Or is it a subconscious thing? Maybe you like one picture better for whatever reason (more skin) but you can’t quite put your finger on it? Or am I off-base entirely and it’s just by chance that these girls are showing cleavage and no one actually thinks about it that much?

C’mon people

Since my TV viewing increases dramatically when I’m at home, I’ve noticed a frequent type of ads that I want to talk about. I should first acknowledge that this is not a new type of ads but I just think it’s become so ridiculous that it’s worth noting.

The specific commercial I watched was advertising Sensa weight loss powder which you pour on your food before you eat it. The idea is that the powder fills you up really quickly so when you’re half way through your meal, you don’t want to eat anymore. They emphasize that you can still eat the same shitty food (they show a dude putting it on a cheesesteak) and you don’t have to exercise either.

It’s incredible how so many people are looking for the easy way out. Is it really that difficult to not eat shitty and actually go to the gym a few times a week? How little will power do these people have? Even if you do lose weight you’re still eating shitty food and not exercising at all so you’re not healthy, you’re just not fat. You’re still weak and slow and will get tired after a few minutes of activity. Just sack up and do what you should do in order to not be a fatass. And guess what, eating decent costs just as much as eating shitty and exercise is free.

Manayunk Round 2

Last night I went to Manayunk with Alex, Ben, Scott, Stolz, Kurt, and Mahony for another attempt at the bars. My previous attempt was an utter failure but I was ready and more experienced this time around. We got to Dan’s around 8:30 or 9:00 and I hadn’t had a sip of alcohol. The seven of us watched the Sixers and bro’d out for an hour or so and did a lot of shots. I made sure not to drink too much too early but like always it didn’t work out exactly as planned. We began heading to the bar which was ~5-10 minute walk from Dan’s. Scott, Ben, and I decided a cab would be a better option. We took the $5 cab and the three of us ordered long island iced teas upon arrival at the bar (a recommendation of Scott’s).

I honestly don’t remember much from the bar. We walked around a number of times and got a table but I can’t recall much details. At some point Alex and I ended up outside getting into our deep life talks which seems to happen more often than not when we’re really drunk. Eventually we all decided to go back but not before getting pizza. A strange thing happened while at the place. Alex ordered some fries and put an unbelievable amount of ketchup on them and I actually ate them, a lot of them. I was near black-out so I don’t remember how they tasted but I was openly saying that ketchup was really good and that I was going to eat it from now on. I’ve had ketchup less than 5 times in my life so this is a big discovery.

I have no idea when we got back from the bar but we stayed up extremely late. There was a lot of guitar playing and singing along. I don’t know when we met up with Todd but he was at Dan’s house as well. We were arguing about who would win in a 200 meter race. His claims that he has the stride of a gazelle and that in one stride he can go from his driveway to the Budmins must be false. We planned to do the run today but naturally it didn’t happen. I would guess around 4:30 everyone decided to go to bed. Ben and I decided that that was a bad idea. For 2 hours we made sure to keep Josh and Alex awake. The main weapon of choice was a vacuum cleaner. The phrase of choice (that was repeated well over a thousand times) was “We take it! Tooo the limitttt.” At 6:30 it was bed time.

Overall it was a great night in my book. I didn’t get lost for hours like I did last time, I only spent $10, I didn’t fully blackout, and it was just a really fun time. Today however was a waste which is fine by me. The Packers/Vikings game is about to start. I like the Packers -7.5.

Let’s Wrestle

It’s comforting to know that I’m not the only blogger in a slump. For whatever reason I just can’t think of anything to blog about. I feel great physically and I’ve been moderately happy the past week or so but I’m struggling with being creative. The past few days were great. Last night I went into the city to have dinner with Laura and Brookes which was a good time and then I went to Miller’s with Dave, Pane, and Kevin. Ryder showed up at some point as well. We were all drinking and doing shots which I must say are a bargain. $2 for a shot of tequila. Granted they don’t go down smoothly but for a bar that seems to be really cheap.

Dave, Kevin, and I back to Dave’s and trouble started. I don’t know how but Dave and I started wrestling and it got pretty serious. As Dave put it best, “things got bad when Dave took it a step to far” (or something like that). Each of us had the other in a solid choke hold at one point or another but things stopped before it got too out of control. Essentially I was on the couch using my legs to hold Dave back. I believe I was saying that we should stop or else I’m going to kick him and he persisted so I pushed him as hard as I could with my feet. He went backwards, knocked the table over, and knocked into the TV relatively hard. Pictures as well as a glass fell from the TV and shattered. A shot glass broke and cards were everywhere. At this point it was dead quiet and all three of us figured we should put an end to it. All the while Dave’s cousin was sleeping upstairs because he had to work the next day.

We talked like friends afterward and went to bed. This morning was spent watching the new MTV show Buckwild. Their lifestyle is so extremely different from mine but it was actually pretty entertaining to watch. With Jersey Shore being over I think they’ve found a solid replacement. Anyway, I have ~ a week or so until I go back to school. My life will consist of the same until then.