6-12-18-24 Recap/review

Well It’s 1:30 in the afternoon the day after the challenge. I will take this moment to reflect upon the experience.

It started off spectacularly.

I cruised through 9 miles at about 6:40 pace and was eating doughnuts, drinking beer, and changing oil with ease. However I hit a serious road block about 3.5 hours into the challenge. It was at this point that the idea of eating a doughnut started making me sick. I had no choice but to power nap and hope for a strong recovery.

That is exactly what happened. From 2-4 I was revitalized physically and mentally. At ~4:30 I went on a really fast 3 mile run to wrap up the miles which turned out to be a mistake.

I was absolutely drained after the run. I substituted water for beer and put the doughnuts on hold. I needed to recharge the batteries. I was done the running and one oil change away from the end but the beer and doughnuts were presenting a problem. Slade, Rudy, Wacker, and I went to Zack’s for some dinner but I had no intentions of eating. Wacker got fries from the grill and I couldn’t help myself. I was craving ANYTHING besides doughnuts.

This was a good move. I went back to the suite, finished off the oil changes, and got prepared for the night.

It became easier to drink when there were actually people to drink with.

I had 8 beers and 7 doughnuts left when I switched up my game plan. I decided the beers had to go first, that would hopefully make the doughnuts go easier. 7.5 beers later I was pretty buzzed but still reluctant to take on the crusty glaze of the doughnuts. I also came very close to puking when I opted to do a shot with Drew. Anyway, the vanilla frosting with jimmies was particularly repulsive at this point. Slow and steady wins the race as they say and I slowly finished doughnut after doughnut. The last two had to be taken down with water to prevent vomiting.

At 1:22 AM, after 15 hours and 22 minutes I completely the challenge with a final chug of beer.

Overall I never really got that drunk. Spreading the beer out over time definitely helped out, also, if I ran 18 miles instead the beers would have hit harder. Also, I was never really THAT full. It was more that the idea of eating the doughnuts made me sick to my stomach. The running was easy as I expected. The oil changes were also slightly easier than I expected. Without getting into too much detail, they were progressively more difficult but once you start there’s no turning back in my mind. Overall the calorie count was 2304 in beer and 6780 of doughnuts for a grand total 9084.

I believe that’s a PR. Also worth noting, I did not poop one single time during the whole process, I don’t know how that’s possible.

I would say it went slightly better than I expected. There was only one point where I actually doubted if I could do it or not, the 2 o’clock roadblock. My goal was to break 16 hours and I did so that’s good. I don’t care how much you love doughnuts, if you do this challenge they will begin to make you sick and you will not want to eat them. Also, the amount of attention/support it got was incredible. Four people describe the feat as inspiring. There was ~50 Twitter acknowledgements, whether they were favorites, retweets, or replies. I also gained 8 followers. I’m glad I did it.

Here are two other pics.




Not too excited. Less drunk and more miserable than I was hoping.

Finished. Pretty anti-climactic at the end. Had some trouble crunching the numbers.

8.5 hours in to 6-12-18-24

I’m entering what I would consider phase 2 of the challenge. I’ve done most of the busy work but now it’s time to get down to business. This is where I will either fail or succeed. Between now and 10am tomorrow I have to eat 12 donuts, drink 10 Yuenglings, and change the oil one time. If you told me I had 16 hours to do that I would say easily but given the fact that I feel like turds I’m not so quick to say I can do it. I still think I will accomplish my goal but I don’t know how long it will take. I’m hurtin’ at the moment. I ran 3 miles well over an hour ago closing in sub 6 which was a mistake because it took more out of me than I was ready for. Regardless, I’m entering the night period of the challenge where the majority of beer drinking and donut eating should take place. I’m not even drunk right now. I wouldn’t even say I’m buzzed. The donuts have hit me harder than the beers. I’ll try to video blog when I’m drunk tonight.

2.5 Hours in to 6-12-18-24

I’m going to do a quick update because I have nothing else to do but eat donuts and drink beer. I am constantly changing between what I think will be the hardest part of this challenge. At first I thought the oil changes without a doubt because I had never come close to that many in 24 hours. Then that stopped worrying me because I figured I would at least enjoy it. Then I thought the donuts because 24 is a shit load. But I figured over 24 hours if that’s the only thing I’m eating I could do it. Now I’m thinking the beer because Yuengling is not a light beer and 18 is a lot. But I’m starting at 10am and have all freakin’ day to drink. I’m back to square one thinking the oil changes will be the hardest but again I have no idea. That will likely change in a few hours. I need to get them out of the way before I get drunk which could be problematic because after a 9 mile run at 6:45 pace I’m a little bit tired and it’s only taking a few beers to get me buzzed. Each singular task is very doable but the combination is posing a problem. That’s the point I guess. I’ll update again, perhaps with a video blog, in a few hours.

Also, the support, for lack of a better word, I’m receiving for this is incredible. I’ve never had more favorited tweets or twitter replies in one day let alone 2.5 hours. It’s actually motivating.

Some Ideas

Two concepts/inventions have stood out to me so much in recent weeks that I want to share.

The first one is the staple. The staple is an absolutely genius invention. We take it for granted but imagine how bad life would be without staples. You’d have to doggy-ear everything and that never works for more than 5 minutes. The problem of keeping pages together has existed as long as paper has. People probably acknowledged how much of a hassle it was but couldn’t do anything about. Maybe we should just make really long paper, then we would have to stick it together. Instead some guy actually conceptualized the staple. It’s genius. A tiny metal clip that will change shape upon pressing the stapler in order to hold together your papers. That is incredible. To have that ability at your finger tips is bonkers but we don’t even think twice about it today. If staples did not exist I would never have been brilliant enough to think of the idea.

The second thing is a bit different. It’s another thing we don’t think twice about but if it didn’t exist we probably would never think of it. The idea of having more than one floor to a building. Naturally if you want to make your house bigger or something like that you think of expanding it outwards, but the idea of expanding UPWARDS and utilizing that space is amazing. I would bet that back in the day if someone proposed this idea they would be laughed at in the same way we laugh at Chief Wiggum in this clip. “Build up?! What are you stupid?” Who thinks to build on top?

And to go along with that, the idea of stairs is kind of crazy too. I believe I was talking to Mark last year and said something like “I wonder if aliens came to earth if they would be able to use stairs as naturally as we do.” We just cruise right up and down a flight of stairs without thinking about it but they’re artificial. Stairs don’t really exist in nature (with a few exceptions I’m sure) and I don’t really think we would be so confident if we didn’t grow up around so many stairs. We’d be holding on to the railing for dear life while walking down them. Just some thoughts.

Pre 6-12-18-24

Tomorrow I will be doing the 6-12-18-24 starting at approximately 10AM (click the link if you’re unaware of the challenge). I will most likely be changing the oil 6 times, running 12 miles, drinking 18 beers, and eating 24 donuts. I say most likely because there’s a 1% chance I run 18 miles and drink 12 beers but it’s unlikely. I will be drinking Yuengling and eating the following donuts; 12 chocolate frosting with jimmies, 6 glazed, and 6 vanilla with jimmies.

Starting at 10 in the morning adds an interesting dimension. Ideally I will be able to finish the challenge before going to bed but if I don’t that could be a problem. I may have to wake up in the middle of the night and eat some donuts or something like that in order to finish but I have zero intentions of failing. I am done eating for today because I personally think the donuts will pose the biggest problem. I will be live tweeting my progress. If anyone wants to join, feel free.

The Co-ed Reimert

Per request Ursinus has allowed Reimert suites to be co-ed. I will give my personal opinion on this.

This is a terrible idea. Why in the world would a group of college men want to live with a group of college women and vice versa? There are two sides to this as a male resident. One, females would have to see my daily living habits. This would just be weird. Guys like to fart as loud as possible and masturbate on a relatively frequent basis. I would not be comfortable farting loudly and locking my door constantly around women. Not necessarily because I’d have a romantic interest in these women, but because word spreads around. Men all across campus will get a bad name when women start living with us. There needs to be guy time as well as girl time, when you begin living with each other that time is compromised and one of two things will happen; The guys/girls will change their lifestyle due to the presence of the other sex OR they won’t change at all and perceptions of the opposite sex change.

Women seeing what we do is not the worst part in my opinion. The worst part would be me seeing what women do. Permanent damage could be done to the view of a woman if someone actually lives with a group of them. I can’t extensively speak on this topic because I have never lived with girls outside of my mom and sister but I have a feeling that’s how I want to keep it for now. A girl rockin’ a dump after a track meet and talking about how she’s on her period or something like that is the last thing I want to hear before getting ready for a Saturday night or any night for that matter in the same way that girls don’t want to hear what we have to say. Again, there are things that should just remain between guys and between girls, guy time and girl time.

*I thought of this after I made the post. I think it would be a bad idea for couples to move in as well. Say even one couple lives in a suite together, it’s going to be bad. If they’re not roommates (I have no idea if they can room together or just live in the same suite) they’re going to be banging all the time. This leaves the other two roommates out to dry constantly. I could see this getting annoying. Also, if the couple gets into arguments or fights they force those who live with them to be involved which no one wants to do. When it’s just guys or just girls it’s easy to take the side of the person you live with but when you live with both of them, you automatically have to pick a side and you automatically have a problem on your hands because you live with both of them. And god forbid they break up because then everyone is fucked.

Living with a member of the opposite sex one on one is a totally different story might I add especially if that is a significant other (Seinfeld goes into one on one opposite sex living NOT with a significant other). But living with four males and four females would just be disastrous in my opinion.

From the Summer

I wrote this way back in the summer and figure that I have it so I might as well post it. I’ll preface it with how conferences went yesterday. First we had the DMR which I anchored. I got the baton alone unfortunately. I went out in 68 and actually felt good but got lulled to sleep by running alone. I ended up with a 4:42, a little disappointed because I felt good and definitely think I could have gone faster but was excited for the 4×8. Five hours later I led off the 4×8 and got crushed. I went out in 61 which was good but just couldn’t hold on and finished up in a miserable 2:08. Anyway, here’s what I wrote way back in August.

“I don’t know if I would say that I’m depressed at the moment but it’s close. I just ran 5 miserable miles. My back hurt after 2 so I had to stop. My right leg has been bothering me for the past 10 days and it doesn’t seem like it’s getting any better. I ice, I do core, I don’t run that much, there’s not that much more I can do. With camp only a week and a half away a few things are starting to dawn on me. I’m not going to win the time trial, I probably won’t PR in cross this year which means my PR will be from sophomore year, I probably won’t be the #1 guy at all this year. To say that I’m over this injury is not even close. I’m an injured runner right now. This/these injuries are 100% prohibiting how much I can train. I’ll hit 40 miles this week. That’s not very good. I know there are some people out there who can run 40 miles a week and run a 14:00 5k but I’m obviously not one of them. I don’t have a problem with the fact that I don’t have a ton of natural talent. The area that you can make up for that in is training. That’s why I’ve been moderately successful. I’ve put in a lot of work and caught up to some of the guys who can run a little and get big results. I’m okay with having to train more than others to run just as fast.

What I’m not okay with is the fact that I’m not able to train right now. I can’t run 80 mile weeks right now. I can’t double or work out twice a week. With that being the case I’m going to have serious trouble ever being as good as I was. How good was I? I’m aware I wasn’t that good but the idea of winning a pointless D3 XC race like I did last year is awesome because that’s what I am, a pointless D3 runner. It doesn’t matter if I run 14:30 or 15:30 or 16:30 because none of it will make a difference. I’m not inspiring anyone or winning any important races. That’s the whole thing though. I know I don’t matter but I want to do it anyway. I’ve read it 1000 times, the motivation to be good has to come from within yourself. You can’t run because you’re naturally good at it and then expect to succeed, it just doesn’t work. You need to be willing to do this because YOU want to. Well guess what, I WANT TO!

Running makes me happy. When Jatin and I broke 16:00 for the first time at Frank Colden two years ago I ecstatic. That was awesome. When I won that XC race last year it made my entire week. Running is currently not making me happy. In fact, it’s making me sad and angry. I’m not happy anymore when I think about running. Sure I daydream of my big comeback and being healthy but at the moment I’m thinking more about how pissed off I am because every run is a struggle. The daydreaming is a fantasy and I’m facing the reality that my best days very well could be behind me. It will be sad to watch me struggle to my 17:20 5k at the time trial and it will be sad to watch people drop me in workouts and it will be sad to watch me finish 2 minutes slower on average per 8k this year. Kids from other teams will look at me and wonder what happened. “He was actually pretty good. Maybe he partied too much. Maybe he just doesn’t care. Maybe he’s injured. Either way he sucks now.” It’s just depressing. I just want a definite answer. Tell me I can or can’t run. If I go through this type of shit for the next couple of months I’m going to lose it, especially if it ends with me sucking/not running. If I knew it was over, I could come to terms with it and be content but because there’s hope it’s making the process that much worse.

Well that’s all I have to say for now. Maybe I’ll post this in February and laugh because of how serious I thought things were right now, I’ll be running 75 miles a week and getting ready to place at the indoor conferences 5k in front of the home crowd. Or maybe I’ll post this in February on the one year anniversary of me and Ben handing out the medals at indoor conferences except this year I’ll have a new partner but I’ll still be the same old injured spectator.”

I suppose I kind of split the difference. Obviously I’m not running 75 miles a week or the 5k anymore but I am able to run so that’s a plus. I’m ready for some time off from practice and hopefully I’ll be good to go for spring.

Haven’t Graduated Yet

There’s a lot of things I want to do that I think will make me happy or kill time. When I come across something new that I want to do or watch or whatever the first thing that enters my mind is “I don’t want to do it now.” You may think I’m saying that because I’m lazy and am just putting something off until later but believe it or not I don’t think that’s the case.

The amount of friends I will interact with post-graduation will decrease significantly. The amount of running I do post-graduation will decrease significantly. And believe it or not, the amount of personal free time I have post-graduation will increase significantly. I say personal free time because I have a buttload of free time right now but it’s always occupied by doing activities with others (generally just Guitar Hero). The amount of Guitar Hero I play after I graduate will hopefully drop close to zero.

With no running, more free time, and no friends, I’m going to need something to do. Work will occupy a lot of time but there’s a huge opening that will need to be filled. That’s why I’m intentionally saving some things for when I’m graduate. The list isn’t long at the moment but it’s a start.

  • Learn how to actually play guitar (I’ve purchased a book that will hopefully guide me)
  • Watch a lot of TV series that come highly recommended (The Wire topping the list)
  • Watch classic movies that I should have seen (The Godfather topping the list)
  • Read Hitching Rides with Buddha from start to finish along with a number of other books
  • This one is a stretch, but the value of a foreign language is huge. Learning German would be very cool

I dropped the ball on German as I should have taken advantage of the college classes offered but instead I tarded out and took some classes that we’re essentially useless. But what I’m saying is that I’m going to have an extremely large amount of time to do things so at the moment, while I still have a few months left in college, I’m going to spend them doing college things like playing Guitar Hero and doing other stupid things to kill my time. I will have a lot of time to kill when I graduate and I’d like to have a good to-do list compiled. Suggestions are encouraged.