First impression gone

Everyone knows that first impressions mean a lot but I’m going to share a story that has gone against this. I was in Wismer eating breakfast one day last semester when I saw this girl who was obviously dressed up for something, but she looked absolutely incredible. I’d never seen her before and didn’t really see her at all after that either but I was still star-struck. Winter break goes by and I stroll into one of my classes for the first time only to see that same girl is in my class. While she had extraordinarily good days in terms of looks, she also had some pretty bad days, but that’s beside the point because that first impression was enough to keep me very interested. For the first few weeks I generally looked forward to the class and the opportunity to see her. One weekend I was near black-out in Sig Pi and saw her there, we talked for ~10 minutes but I remember literally zero of the conversation. I have no idea what I said but I imagine I pretty much charmed her pants off.

Anyway, so time continues to roll by and my first impression of this girl being a 10/10 starts to fade. As I see the way she acts in class and what she’s generally about I start to realize that not only do I not really like her, but I dislike her. If someone asked me if she was good looking, I would still say yes because that hasn’t really changed but I’m to the point where I can’t stand her in class. If somehow I saw her on a weekend I see very few scenarios where I would respond positively. I would probably say 95% of our interactions would result in me making fun of her for how ridiculous she is sometimes. What once started as my fantasy girl has gradually degraded into a symbol of hatred. If I had a daughter who grew up to be like this girl, I would be pissed. The incredible first impression that was put on literally has zero influence on how I feel about this girl now. This all sounds extremely mean but on a personal level in this scenario, it’s my honest opinion. I guess I’m just using this example to show that first impressions may be able to get your foot in the door, but it won’t do much beyond that.

Casual Saturday

I recorded a video blog last night but for whatever reason it didn’t work. Anyway, yesterday was a very good day. We had a meet at the University of Delaware which went pretty well I would say. Wacker and Slade both ran good 1500’s and then Amos and I ran a fantastic 5k. We worked together clicking off 80’s for the first 11.5 laps like clockwork. I closed in a 70 for ~16:30. Obviously this isn’t that fast of a time or anything and I’m still a minute+ off my PR but I actually felt good and enjoyed racing. Even if I never run as fast as I have before, I still enjoy running and competing which is what’s important I guess.

We got back from the meet around 6:45 and I had until 8:00 to start drinking a lot. Leah, Brodsky, and I were attending the jazz concert at Ursinus. Leah and I had to go for our jazz class and Brodsky just loves jazz. I ripped some shots of Tortilla GOLD (not silver (on sale for $7.99)) and brought a 6 Yuenglings with me to the concert. Brodsky and I showed up at 8:00 sharp and were shooting the shit for a while. Leah eventually showed up right around when the concert began and I must say, I was quite impressed with the whole thing. There was a sax, a trumpet, two drummers, bassist, and a guitarist. The guitarist was incredible as were the rest of them but I could actually get what the guitarist was doing.

About an hour in or so the band took a break and had some dinner. The guitarist and a drummer were eating together when I smoothly decided to tell them how good they were. Somehow Leah and I ended up talking to drummer for like 20 minutes about jazz and what got him started and all that jazz (lulz). It was actually really cool to talk to a guy like that and hear it from someone who’s been in the music industry for a while.

At around 10:00 we decided to leave and this is where my memory escapes me. I was in the suite for a while doing who knows what. Slade and I decided to go the diner at some point. We were being seated and we told the waitress we didn’t even need menus, give us two eggs benny’s, asap. I don’t remember much else other than the fact that the eggs benny was amazing. We walked back and I promptly passed out.

I woke up today dressed completely in my nice pants/collared shirt and tie. I had a terrible hangover but it was nothing that a 6-mile run and a shot of Tortilla Gold couldn’t cure. Today is my father’s birthday and my whole family will be going out to dinner tonight. I’ve been drinking casually all day so it should be a blast. I plan on drinking tonight since I have zero homework to do. Less than a month left, it’s time to live it up I suppose.

Upcoming Beer Mile(s)

I was reading a Letsrun thread recently and it potentially inspired me. The thread was about beer miles and some bro did five in five days. He also consistently got faster throughout his five. I’ve run three beer miles in my life and I don’t think I’ve lived up to my potential in any of them. I figure after conferences this year I will have no reason that I can’t do it. I have Sunday-Thursday to drink and do absolutely nothing. I need to run at least one respectable time before I graduate.

There’s a few things that need to be figured out first though. The main thing is where I can do it. I can probably do it on the outdoor track if I do it during the day because campus safety will not suspect anything then if I’m just running around the track. However, if there’s a good amount of people doing it (open invitation to anyone), it could draw attention which would be bad. Second, I’ve always done beer miles with Natty Light but actual beer miles are supposed to be done with a beer that’s 5% or over. I would need to find some beer that’s right around 5% if I want it to be legit which I obviously do. Finally, there’s the issue of hangovers. I don’t know if the guy who ran five beer miles was blacking out every night and then waking up the next day to do his beer miles. If he’s just casually drinking and I’m going HAM it could be trouble. I can just see myself getting out there and literally gagging at the smell of beer on the first crack.

In terms of the actual beer mile, I think I’ll have to do minor training to prepare myself for the quick drinking. Ideally I would run something around 7 flat. I think a problem I made in the past is that I take the 400’s too hard so I’m too out of breath to effectively chug. The difference between a 70 and a 75 in terms of effort is a good bit and sacrificing that five seconds could be worth it to make chugging easier. I figure this will definitely be my best opportunity to run a fast beer mile. I’ll be in the best drinking shape of my life and moderate running shape with plenty of time on my hands. I’ll try and get people to do it with me so it can be a whole fun thing. Obviously this is far in the future but I’m putting the thought out there.

My Top 5 Bands

This is just a list of my top five personal favorite bands. If I was stranded on an island with nothing else to listen to these would be the five bands I would pick essentially. Dr. Dog, Oasis, and Dispatch/State Radio we’re all close to making it. I’d also say AWOL had a chance but one album just isn’t enough music. I also listed some favorite songs by each band in no particular order.

5 – Modest Mouse
modest mouse
I got into Modest Mouse in high school and have slowly expanded my Modest Mouse song knowledge. They’re another one with a very distinct sound but they have a good enough range to keep it interesting in my opinion. I think Issac Brock is not only a really good guitarist, but also an absolute genius of a song writer. The lyrics in nearly every song are so creative. There are definitely more songs I should listen to by them but the 25 I know well are enough to make them top five. Obviously the songs like Dashboard and Float On are the popular ones but a good amount of their other stuff is equally good. Although I will say this, their bad songs are really bad. Five favorite songs from them would be Polar Opposites, Talkin’ Shit About a Pretty Sunset, Black Cadillacs, Ocean Breathes Salty, and 3rd Planet.

4 – Pink Floyd
pink fl
I actually don’t know that much Pink Floyd. Although I have 41 songs by them I only really know about 20 but those 20 are incredible in my mind. Each song is also pretty long so that 20 is a lot of play time. The band was so experimental and trippy sounding but they hit the nail on the head most of the time. I’ve never done shrooms but I imagine it would amplify their awesomeness even more. I wouldn’t say David Gilmour is the best guitarist ever (although he’s up there) but he’s my personal favorite. He doesn’t blow you away with quick fingers or anything but the emotion he can get out of a guitar is crazy. Each note of every solo in literally every song is perfectly placed and held the precisely right amount of time. Dark Side of the Moon played through as an album is great and I would probably argue that Brain Damage/Eclipse is the best closing song of any album ever (I’m way too musically uneducated to make that claim but I stand by it). They took me a while to get into but once I did I never looked back. My five favorites would probably be Comfortably Numb, Shine on You Crazy Diamond, Brain Damage/Eclipse, Wish You Were Here, and Coming Back to Life.

3 – Linkin Park
This is definitely an outlier but on a personal level it’s absolutely necessary. Linkin Park was the first band I ever fell in love with. Ben, Alex, and I would watch DBZ videos that we downloaded in Kazaa with LP in the background and we knew we had to figure out what band it was. We listened to Hybrid Theory and Meteora religiously throughout middle school. Those are two of the three CDs I’ve ever purchased. Their early days were full of hard rocking songs that just got you jacked up. If I tried to get into a similar band at this age I probably wouldn’t take to them in the same way but at this point listening to them is nostalgic. I still know pretty much every word to every song on those first two albums. Their sound has certainly evolved away from their original sound but I still enjoy some of their new stuff like Waiting for the End. Those 25 songs from the early years have a special place in my heart are enough to earn them third place. A top five would be Papercut, Don’t Stay, Lying From You, Breaking the Habit, and Pushing me Away.

2 – The Beatles
the beatles
I’m an avid supporter of the idea that the Beatles are the greatest band ever. They changed music like no band before and likely no band ever will. However, for my personal taste they are not quite #1. I think they’re another band with incredible range. They definitely weren’t the most technically skilled band but their chemistry and song writing ability were unmatched. I think they developed throughout their 10 years to a more mature and advanced sound which I liked. Their early hits like I Wanna Hold Your Hand are not entirely up my alley but that’s besides the point. I acknowledge that I probably don’t have even half of their songs (I have 93) but when I look at the list I just see so many songs that I think “that’s a really good song” that would take a very long time to get old. My top five would probably be Golden Slumbers/Carry that Weight/the End, A Day in the Life, Let it be, I am the Walrus, and Hey Jude.

1 – Led Zeppelin
led zeppelin
This pick was the easiest for me. They’re just so freakin’ good. While they definitely have a distinct sound they have a great range. They can rock your dick off with a song like Achillies Last Stand or play soft and hit home with something like Going to California. Jimmy Page came up with so many incredible riffs while they were together, almost every song has a distinguishable guitar part riff let alone awesome guitar solos. Robert Plant’s voice is great and just like the band, he has a huge range as well. All four guys were just so talented and complimented each other so well. Also, their average song length is very long so you get a huge bang for your buck. It’s very tough to pick five favorite songs but here goes; Fool in the Rain, The Ocean, When the Levee Breaks, Ramble On, Thank You, and The Song Remains the Same. I’m aware that’s six but I couldn’t pick one to take out.

Casual Sunday

I suppose I’ll recap my Sunday Funday. In all honesty I don’t even remember writing that last post so I’m going to start from the beginning.

Slade and I woke up early on Sunday morning and for whatever reason we decided to drink lightly. I had a few Long Trails and then tried to do some tequila shots. The first one was okay but I had to spit out the second one and almost puked. It was just too early in the morning. Anyway, we made our way over to practice for a diner run. I slogged through five miles with Jamie and Schroedes and then nine of us met up at the diner for a nice brunch. The Eggs Benedict was absolutely incredible. Amos stole the show however. He ordered a Belgian waffle and informed me he was going to eat it very quickly. A couple of minutes later and it was gone. When the waitress came over to fill up the water she said “Do you guys need anything else?” to which Amos replied (under his breath) “Yeah, how about another fuckin’ waffle”. It was hilarious.

Anyway, after the diner Slade and I continued to drink and had a few people even join us. We played some Frisbee and were just having a ball. At some point Nick Pane drove us to the liquor store so we could buy another $8 liter of Tortilla Silver tequila. Things begin to get hazy as we broke into the second handle. Rumor has it that I was at Wismer for dinner which I have no recollection of. Slade and I passed out around 5 or 6 and woke up around 9:30 only to continue. I was not blacked out anymore. I remember Slade and I literally could not have a conversation because we could not stop laughing. There was nothing to laugh at but it was too funny to even speak. We did some more tequila shots and I blacked out again. Apparently I was telling Dave’s joke of “knock knock, who’s there, panther, panther who, panther no panths I’m thill going thwimming” over and over. Another joke that had my dying this morning was when Ian walked into the room and I looked at him and said “Oh hey Schroedes.”

This was the second time I’ve managed to black out twice in one day, the other being my sophomore year in very similar fashion (but on a Saturday). All in all it was a great day in my mind. I had an absolute blast. I’m wasn’t too hung over today and I’m no worse off for it. Until next Sunday.

So we had a meet yesterday and in all honesty, it was fantastic. Amos and I lead off in the steeple which in all honesty wasn’t that excited because neither of us fell. I ran 10:33 which is slow as balls but I qualified for conferences so who gives a qua. After that there was an extremely intense 4×8. Amos and I were captain and drafted teams to make them as fair as possible. The winning team got a case of beer. It was me, Wacker, Nolan, and Evan versus Ian, Drew, Amos, and Schroedes. Their anchor was Drew who ran a 2 flat in the open and I was the anchor for our relay. Ideally my team would open up and give me a lead going into the anchor so I had a chance against Drew.

Well that’s exactly what happened. Wacker had a great lead off leg, Evan had a very solid second leg, and Nolan crushed his third leg to give me a 7-8 second lead. I went out hard but didn’t crush it so I had something left for the last 200. I was 65 through and then absolutely crushed the last 200, it was probably my last 200. It’s funny how people recognize the last 200. I must have had 5 people come up to me and ask what time I ran just because I had a killer last 200. In reality I split a 2:10 and held the lead on Drew which was close to 10 second so how much are people expecting of me.

Regardless it was a really fun experience. We trash talked to whole way up to the race and it made it more interesting than if the four fastest people were on a 4×8 and competed for 6th place.

Anyway, I bought a Long Trail Survivor Pack (~$38(yolo)) and alternated between that and Tortilla Silver tequila shots all night. It was a good night and I actually made it to ~4 in morning. The beginning started with me and Pane screaming (singing) 90’s alternative for a power hour. Slade and I were sleeping in the same bed for whatever reason but YOLO right?

I started drinking at 8:30 this morning. By the 10:00 morning practice I had 2 shots and 3 Long Trails. Afterward we went to the diner and enjoy some fabulous food. Naturally I got the Eggs Benedict which was incredible. Today we’re drinking a lot and it’s only 3:30 so it’s going to be bonkers. I’m going to have fun.

You’re attractive

I’ve thought about this for a while but it’s come up a few times recently and I’m just wondering on a social/cultural level how acceptable this thing would be. Obviously everyone has different levels of attraction and it’s not unusual for a group of guys to talk about attractive girls and vice versa. So my question is, if I meet someone who I think is genuinely attractive, would it be weird if the conversation went something like this;

“Hi I’m so-and-so.”
“Hi I’m Sam, nice to meet you. You’re quite beautiful/attractive/pretty.”
“Oh well thank you!”
This is obviously a very crude/blunt way of getting the point across but you know what I mean. Then, ideally, the conversation continues as normal from there.

I’m just wondering is this a bad thing to be so open about? I mean, if a girl told me I was handsom upon meeting her I would be flattered no matter who the girl is. It puts her in a good light in my eyes which is obviously a good thing for her if she seems to think I’m attractive. If this worked the other way, meaning a girl would look at me favorably because I openly told her I think she’s pretty, then it’s worth it right?

I guess a reason you wouldn’t say it is because you’re putting the receiver of the compliment in a potentially strange position. If they don’t reciprocate the thought then maybe they’ll feel awkward not saying it back but on a personal level, if I told a girl that she was pretty and she only said thank you that would be a completely fine response. I’m not looking for a compliment, I’m just dishing one out, and everyone loves compliments. That’s the biggest reason I could see someone not wanting to say it (other than feeling somewhat embarrassed or something about admitting attraction). But I’m starting to think that might be a good move. If on a first impression you’re attracted to someone why would it be a bad thing to say to them? I’m contemplating trying this over the next month while I’m in college just to see the reactions.

Consulting YOLO

Yesterday I had a somewhat eye-opening experience. Slade and I were in the library doing some work and we had the pre-determined plan to go to the diner. It got later than we expected and at around 10 we were faced with a decision; was it worth it to walk to the diner in the cold for food that we didn’t necessarily need in order to see our crush waitress who might not even be there? We stood in the lobby of the library for about 5 minutes contemplating what to do. Should we flip a coin? Of course neither of us had a coin. What started as a great idea that we made with full confidence had turned into a somewhat silly gesture that neither of us were dying to do. Neither of us could make a persuasive argument either way, so what did we do?

I stood there weighing the pros and cons and then it hit me; what is the obvious thing to say in this type of situation in order to make this decision? YOLO. It seemed so simple once I thought about it. Of course I was going to walk to the diner for no good reason to maybe see a girl that we had exactly a 0% chance with, yolo right?

This is the real birth of Senior Sam. I have five weeks left of college and then I’m done forever. For the next five weeks I’m going to consult yolo on nearly every decision that needs to be made. Not necessarily the obvious everyday decisions, but when it comes to going to the bar or doing something relatively irresponsible, it boils down to yolo and I’m going to yolo the shit out of these last five weeks. I don’t know if many things will even change but if any situation arises where the phrase is applicable then I’m going to make the yolo decision.

For the record we went to the diner and she wasn’t there anyway… yolo.

People who inspire me

David Blaine
This is the man who inspired the post. David Blaine is honestly everything I want to be. The idea of running is to push your body past the limits that it thinks is possible. David Blaine does this in so many different ways. He gained fame early with his ridiculous street magic (seriously, it’s insane if you have the time to watch) but has gained a lot of attention for some of his ridiculous physical feats. He buried himself in a coffin for a week straight with nothing to eat, he put himself in an ice block for over 63 hours, he stood up on a 100 foot pillar for 35 hours, he stayed in a suspended glass box for 44 days with nothing to eat, and held his breath for over 7 minutes (or over 17 if you count his pure oxygen attempt). All of these are just incredible.The guy pushes the edges of what people think is possible.

Bryce Harper
Today is opening day for the MLB and Bryce Harper crushed it. In his first two at-bats he hit back to back dingers. The guy is just a total badass. He has power beyond belief but he’s also a student of the sport. But perhaps the most impressive part is the fact that I am older than him. Bryce is currently 20 years old. He’s younger than me and he’s one of the best hitters in the MLB. That’s infinitely cooler than anything I will ever do. He has a badass haircut to go along with everything and of course who could forget his “clown question bro” response?

James Franco
This one seems strange but this guy is doing more things with his life than pretty much anyone. He’s an incredible actor, incredibly good looking (from what I hear), and he’s pretty much a genius. He puts so much emphasis on education which is cool. He went to grad school at Columbia, NYU, and Brooklyn college all at the same time. He’s currently a PhD student at Yale and plans to continue schooling after that. He also teachs classes at various colleges. He doesn’t screw around with drugs or alcohol either. He’s 100% driven to make the most out of himself and he’s doing a really good job of it.

Roger Federer

Roger Federer is the ultimate gentleman and widely considered the greatest tennis player of all-time. He’s masterful at his craft with 17 Grand Slam wins and a total 302 weeks ranked the #1 tennis player in the world. He’s the perfect champion and his style reflects that. He doesn’t necessarily over-power anyone but he just out-plays everyone and places shots exactly where his opponents don’t want him to. When he wins he’s the classiest guy their is. No one is upset when Federer wins because he does everything so perfect, the only reason you would be upset is because you might get sick of him winning, but me, as a lax tennis fan, I’m always rooting for him.

Steve Prefontaine

This seems like a very strange pick after I said he definitely should not be considered one of the greatest runners of all time. I still stand by that statement but that does not mean for a second that he wasn’t a damn good runner who inspired a generation. Pre had this attitude that he wasn’t scared of anyone and that he wouldn’t take shit from anyone. He loved racing and competition which is admirable. More importantly, he stood up to the man. The AAU pretty much fucked over their athletes. They would take their appearance fees and essentially had them by the balls. Pre led the charge against them. He was pretty much poor, living out of a trailer and using food stamps, but he did it because he loved the sport. He was a gold medal favorite for the 1976 Olympics but never got his chance. He was 21 in his first Olympics and had plenty of great career left before he died at the young age of 24. The documentary Fire on the Track does a good job summing up his life and his character.


Unique Diner Experience

Last night around 10 Wacker, Slade, Rudy, and I went to the diner for a late dinner. The past two times I’ve been to the diner I went with Slade and company and we had this one waitress who we secretly have a crush on. She’s around our age and pretty attractive. Unfortunately, the last two times I went I was really drunk and don’t remember too much of what was done or said. However I definitely do remember almost knocking over the display case of pastries and the lady telling me I almost just cost myself 20 grand. Anyway, last night, we had the same waitress once again and I was sober for the whole thing. She recognized us and came over right away to serve us. Her, Slade, and I chatted it up about our past times at the diner. She quickly noticed that we weren’t drunk this time which was a plus I think. Anyway, our secret love was confirmed through sober conversation. Obviously she could have been a little extra talkative/flirty because she’s our waitress and wants a bigger tip but I don’t think that was the primary reason for her talking to us last night.

Things were going swimmingly and then another waitress came over to our table with a drink and informed us that the four girls at some table sent Mr. Slade a Raspberry lemonade iced tea. We were baffled. The girls looked like high schoolers and to be perfectly blunt, only one was attractive, but we appreciated the gesture anyway. The spotlight was on Slade to decide how to react. This worked out well because our crush waitress came back to talk to us about it. We discussed what we should do and eventually, due to the suggestion of our crush, Slade sent over a side of bacon to the girls. Their reaction was bonkers as the one screamed “I LOVE BACON!” We assumed it would end there but no, the girls kept it going. A waitress delivered a very large piece of cake to the table on behalf of the girls for Slade. Our crush informed us that it was supposedly because of Slade’s piercing blue eyes.

So what should be done now? We weren’t sure but Slade made the decision to end it and not send anything back their way which I thought was a good move. A few minutes later one of the girls from the table came over and dropped off a phone number and said “You guys have fun with that”. They then got up and exited the diner. Our crush came over and talked to us some more but eventually it was time to go. Slade texted the girls “I heard you love bacon” to which they replied “I fuckin love bacon”.

Essentially we were presented with two completely opposite situations. We had a girl who was so incredibly up-front about liking Slade but we did not want attention from her. Then there was our crush who we were talking to a lot but how do we proceed from there because we secretly are interested? Leave a phone number? She informed us that this was her last week at the diner because she’s quitting, we were crushed. In the end we pussed out and we’ll probably never see her again but who knows. I just didn’t know what the next step would be and the whole thing was a bit ridiculous that we figured we’d just get out of there. Slade was texting the girl last night and when she told him she was 17 he replied with “So you’re not legal”. I don’t know where it went from there.

A final funny thing that happened was the owner of the diner was talking to all of us as we paid the checks. He almost kicked us out on St. Pedro’s day for causing a scene but this time he was really friendly. He said to Slade something like “It’s good to see your friend is sober this time for a change” but he was laughing while saying it so it was okay. He asked me how I was feeling and I told him I was much better than last time. He asked us about school and whatnot and could not believe that I was a senior. He said I looked way younger than that and that Slade (because of his friggen beard) looked older. I informed him that I was 21 and it was legal for me to be drinking.

All in all the trip was unique. We talked to our crush a ton which was good but it’s not going anywhere. Slade got a number from a girl that he has zero interest in which is unfortunate because that definitely could go somewhere if he wanted it to. And finally, it’s good to know that I’m not banned from the diner after the past two disasters.