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Post Mile Trial 2 Video

Splits were roughly 73, 2:30, 3:45, 4:57.72. Could have possibly gone a second faster with more even splits. Could have possibly gone another second or two faster if I didn’t binge drink the night before. Pretty happy with that though.

Chucky Bus Stop Prank

Someone shared this on Facebook (skip to 1:15). While this is a hilarious idea and I would be absolutely terrified if this happened to me, something similar to the gif below is bound to happen (click to view).

DON’T PANIC — The Facts About Population

I doubt many will watch the following video, but if you have some time and the topic interests you, I found it worth watching. It’s a talk by Hans Rosling about the world’s population, poverty, and future. I’ll sum it up briefly as this has also been a moderately debated topic as of late. In
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Zerg Rush Gone Wrong

Courtesy of anon on 4chan. If you’ve ever played Starcraft you should find this funny, I thought it was absolutely hilarious. A zerg rush gone horribly wrong. After watching this numerous times (and laughing hysterically), I would likely bet money that this is fake for two reasons. How in the hell did the other guy
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Mayhem from Allstate

I try not to post long videos, but this one had me loling multiple times. Similar to the 12 minute horrible job interview, I sat through the first 8-9 minutes no problem (it changes after that). My favorites are 0:50, 3:14, 3:34, 5:35, 6:20, 7:37 Also, the market being down “a million points” was good.

The Thanksgiving Black Friday Puzzle

Imbemba retweeted something today that made a very obvious connection which I never realized. Maybe I’m way late to the party on acknowledging this but I just experienced my 22nd Thanksgiving/Black Friday and I never picked up on this. Yesterday was Thanksgiving, a day dedicated to giving thanks for what you have. Traditionally you’ll have
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Macklemore at the AMA’s

Macklemore’s Acceptance Speech I’ve been neutral on Macklemore. I think his music is average and the political message in Same Love is something I can agree with. I have no doubt that racial profiling is real. You’d be ignorant to say that it’s not. Macklemore is obviously implying in this speech that white people profile black people
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Excellent Job Interview

I don’t know if this is real or not, but aside from how absurd and socially out-of-touch the kid is, I kind of buy it. I would probably laugh too if I was the interviewer. I had no problem sitting through all 12 minutes.