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The Spurs

I’ve been saying all along that the Thunder are my #1 and the Spurs are my #2. It’s a shame they have to meet before the Finals, but after watching this video, I may change who I’m rooting for. This may be their last shot to go out on top (we’ve been saying that for
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Celebrities Read Mean Tweets About Themselves

I don’t watch Jimmy Kimmel, but have seen this floating around for a while and I decided to watch them all. Frankly, some of these are hilarious. Here’s a playlist of all of them, but below are my favorites. Unfortunately, they are all put together, so I’m just starting the videos below at the one I
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Nathan For You – Caricatures

The following is a clip from a show called Nathan For You which was introduced to me on Tuesday at Alex’s house. Although the main guy Nathan never acts like he’s actually funny, the way he presents himself and delivers his content is, to me, hilarious. I’m interested if other people will think this clip
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Two BAD Commercials

I wrote two posts somewhat recently about commercials. One said how the Sportscenter ones were great and the other said how the Geico ones were great as well. When referring to the Sportscenter commercials specifically, I said there was no reason to change the “This is Sportscenter” format because it works. Don’t fix it if it ain’t broken. However,
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