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Will Sasso & Lemons

Thanks to Alex for finding this. Watch the whole thing, it gets funnier as you keep watching.

A Few Thoughts

People keep saying “Shorts and sandals! You’re really taking summer for all it’s worth!” It doesn’t matter if it’s summer or fall or winter; when it’s 70 degrees, I’m going shorts and sandals. My “The Fappening” post gets me more blog views than anything right now. The Cowboys Giants game will be very close, and
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Man Obeys Cop – Cop Shoots Him

I’m amazed the guy is so with-it afterward. Either he’s superhuman, or the officer has a terrible shot. From what I know, the officer was fired and arrested. So that’s good. My Unlikely Stance Most of the time when talking about these big societal issues/cases such as Zimmerman/Martin or the Fappening, I take stances that
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Wake Up Fails

My favorites – 1:00, 1:20, 2:05, and 3:37. I think I’m going to buy an air horn.

Nathan For You – Job Interview

We’ve been watching this show a lot lately. I think it’s absolutely hilarious. If you haven’t seen it you should give it a chance, it’s on Comedy Central. I can’t think of a show on television that’s like it. The clip below had me roflin’. I don’t understand how he doesn’t laugh at all through
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Rude – The Dad’s Side of the Story

I saw this on Facebook, and it’s pretty well done. While this is well done, it’s not something that only a few people can do. It’s not about having the ability to do something, it’s being creative. I could play that song and sing the words (wouldn’t be pretty), but I would never have thought
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