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The Beer Bot

I have the feeling this will be a miss, but I lol’d HARD for like a minute straight last night to this. This is the most useless appliance of all time.

Lebron Travels – Do you make the call?

The fact that he travels doesn’t matter on the play. But the fact is – he traveled. Benefit to making the call – You show that you’re strictly enforcing the rules. You’re not to be made a fool of. The line is clear, and everyone knows the rules are not to be broken regardless of the
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I have a feeling you won’t laugh

Alex and I quote this movie, Freddie Got Fingered, more than anyone should. I find this scene to be absolutely hilarious, but I have a strong feeling that most people wouldn’t. So watch, and let me know what you think. Also, I had no idea MySpace still existed. It’s not surprising that MySpace is the
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Tom made a good point that my three last posts have been a bit not-manly. So I’m going to manly-up this post to level this out. Actually, this is just going to be three funny videos. A necessary kitchen appliance. Have to lol at this. Watch the whole thing. Great marketing.

20 things we should say more often

For those checking in on the blog frequently, I will be away from 5:00 PM today to mid afternoon on Sunday. I’m participating in the American Odyssey Relay for the second consecutive year. I will not have access to the blog, and will not be posting. So to leave you on a positive note heading into
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How to make a salad

Alex showed me this. I dare you not to lol. My core hurt after this from laughing so hard. Volume is a must. កំពូលចុងភៅលេខ១ Posted by Tara Cambo on Wednesday, March 4, 2015