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Modern Educayshun

This is an extreme example, but it does sum up a few things I agree with: Some people look for things to be offended by. Some people misinterpret or miss points because of the point above. This overall makes it harder to solve problems. The world is less fun because everyone is trying to be PC, and
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The Worst Play Ever

This was actually the worst play ever. If I tried the equivalent of this at my job (not sure what that would be), I’d be fired immediately.

Drunk asshole kid gets arrested over mac and cheese

I read this article which summarizes the story of a drunk, underage kid at UCONN putting up a fuss and ultimately getting arrested over bacon mac & cheese. The kid is a total tool, and deserves what he gets (being seen on the internet by thousands (AKA more famous than this blog will ever be)).  

Players Deck Ref

You’ve got to wonder what the kids were thinking. Did they think they’d get away with it? Did they think no one would see? Why in the world would you do that? The second kid was almost more obvious than the first. More and more it seems clear that the short-term satisfaction you gain from
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LFL Freak Out Video

Pretty hard not to laugh at this. I was not aware people took this that seriously.