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Bus Driver Ownage

This has been sweeping across Facebook and Twitter but just in case you haven’t seen it, it’s absolutely worth watching.

Men in Black Theory

Here is the ending scene of the first Men in Black The reason I’m posting this is because I think this scenario is as realistic a possibility as anything else out there. Between people preaching religions and people against religions I personally don’t think anyone can make an argument as to why this is less
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Marc Morrone – Pets Get Hurt Courtesy of Mark/I-am-bored. This is absolutely hilarious. Particularly the one at 1:20 ¬†where the bird is tossing around the other bird, Marc’s reaction is hysterical.

The Sprite and Banana Challenge

Warning: I don’t throw up so this video isn’t all that entertaining. I normally wouldn’t post this since nothing happens but I wasted 6 minutes and we taped it so I’m posting it. Thanks to Tom for filming and uploading. If anyone has any good suggestions please comment because this one wasn’t too difficult.


Courtesy of Brett. Funny to see people on TV who are normally so composed and everything break down like this. At least the first minute is worth watching.