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Stanford Prison Experiment

Something interesting if you have a few extra minutes that shows sometimes perceived reality is just as important as true reality.

Baby hearing for the first time

I’m aware that I’m extremely late on this video but I hadn’t seen it until last night (courtesy of Wacker) and was pretty amazed so I figured I would share it. The following video shows an 8 month old baby who was born deaf but has some hearing implant that allows him to hear. He’s just
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Not too excited. Less drunk and more miserable than I was hoping. Finished. Pretty anti-climactic at the end. Had some trouble crunching the numbers.

Dom Mazzetti vs. One Night Stand

This, in my opinion, is the best Dom Mazzetti video yet. It was funny up to about 1:30 and then it just took off. I was dying, absolutely dying. I imagine girls will not find this nearly as funny as guys but it’s worth all 4:43 in my opinion.

Real or Fake

I initially watched this video and laughed decently hard when he fell in. After watching it two or three more times I started to question it’s legitimacy. First off, there’s no way to verify that this guy is actually 9 shots deep. Second, the fall itself seems a bit suspicious. If this guy was 9 shots
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Dove Evolution Commercial

This is a Dove commercial that shows the process of taking a model and putting her on a billboard. This is ridiculous. The make-up is one thing but the end is out of control. The people you are seeing in every day ads literally do not exist. What you’re seeing on the ad is based
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Guts to Glory – Epic Performances Of World Class Runners

Title Courtesy of Tom Stortz. Running is my favorite activity. I like the idea of inspiring (corny) people to go out and run. I doubt I ever really do this but that is the feeling that I want to give to people. The reason I want to do this is because certain races have inspired
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Ending No-Shave

I’m aware this is being uploaded extremely late but this is the last video footage of my no-shave November.