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Musical Prodigies

I prefer to have more original content rather than stolen content but I made an exception for this. This took me as by surprise as possible.

Good marketing

This is a GIF that I saw on a website for a page that had not yet been created. The text below was something like “Sorry, our people are working on this page as we speak. Why not visit our homepage instead.” This GIF is completely unrelated to what they were saying but they just
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The Sidewalk Shot

Yesterday was a legendary game of HORSE, the most legendary one I’ve ever been in which is actually saying something. One time I ended a game with Jake Boyd on a deck shot that swished in. Anyway, Tom, Jeff, and I saddled up for a rousing game to determine who was the best Stortz brother.
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21 Jump Street Drug Scene

This scene is a 10/10. If you can watch this and not laugh then our senses of humor are so far off. Channing Tatum’s face at 1:04 is ridiculous. Phase 2 of tripping balls is amazing. I don’t need to justify this, just watch it for yourself. Give it a minute to start getting really
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Tennis Streaker

Brookes emailed me this video. I watched this at work and had a very hard time keeping my laugh quiet.


The lyrics of a song are generally the best way to get a message across, but sometimes there’s simply no need. Instrumentals don’t get much radio time but I am a big fan of a few in particular. Here’s a list of my favorite instrumentals. Feel free to share yours. Electric Light Orchestra – Fire
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My Last Days: Meet Zach Sobiech

People generally don’t watch any video on here if it’s 2 minutes long so I highly doubt anyone will watch this whole thing but I had nothing better to do and I watched all 22 minutes. I fought off tears for the majority but shed a couple around 18 minutes in. Worth the watch if
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