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4chan Gifs

I’ve been extremely bored since the PGA Championship ended. I don’t really go on 4chan anymore but decided to tonight. There was a YLYL thread (you laugh you lose). I lost probably 100 times. These are the ones that had me absolutely dying. I can understand how some people don’t think these are funny but
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Crowes, Phish, and Vampyres

I haven’t done a music post for a while and this one will not be as creative or thoughtful as usual. For the last 2-3 weeks I’ve been listening to only two bands; I’ll start with The Black Crowes. I listen to The Black Crowes greatest hits CD when I’m in the car. I’m still
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Enjoying the weekend

I think I’ve done a good job lately on not posting about what I’m doing in my life. People generally don’t find those posts as entertaining but I’m going to recap last night because I think it’s worth it. The biggest problem with these posts’ are thinking of a title. Yesterday was the Dr. Dog
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Kids react to “Racist” Cheerios Commercial

I apologize for another post about racism but I came across this and thought it was worth sharing. I don’t know how serious people were when they said the commercial was racist but I hope they weren’t serious. Dash, the little kid in the green shirt with the blond hair, reminded me of myself for
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Piers vs. Larry

Here’s a clip from Piers Morgan’s show where he talks to Larry Elder (never heard of him), a black conservative. I don’t think Larry looks especially good here because he dodges a lot of Piers’ questions and never stops talking but the message he’s trying to get across is what I agree with. It’s 11
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What makes funny

I’m sure every comedian would laugh at this realization but it’s becoming more and more clear. The “funniness” of something is not strictly determined by content. While that does play a big role, I believe that delivery plays an even bigger role. This is made obvious when someone tells an average story with shitty delivery
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“You’re no Jack Kennedy”

The following clip is from the 1988 vice presidential debate between Dan Quayle and and Lloyd Bensten. First of all, if you don’t know much about Dan Quayle, watch how dumb he was hereĀ (the defense/offense thing is my favorite). He also famously misspelled potato “potatoe”. Now to the clip. Apparently that clip is famous. A
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Soldiers Coming Home

I’ve never had anyone close to me overseas at war but I imagine this would be a pretty incredible thing. It’s sad to think their could be an equally emotional compilation made filming the reactions of those who lost a child, parent, or sibling. These are always tear jerkers. I’m aware it’s long.