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I Feel Cheated

Watch the video below. That lean is incredible, unreal even. And it is. It’s not real. I guess that should be obvious but for a little I was somewhat convinced that maybe, just maybe, people could do that. As a youtube viewer pointed out, watch the guy on the far right of your screen. As
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Funny Cat Gifs

Here is the link to the Buzzfeed article where I found these. I encourage viewing all 30 because they are pretty good (Unfortunately yes, I did recognize #18 was a pornstar (I bet that makes every guy click the link)). I’ve selected a few that I personally think are the funniest.        
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Getting Caught with Porn

Adam Dicaprio showed me this. If you have two and a half minutes you should watch it. I lol’d extremely hard right at 2:00.

Wear Sunscreen

Here is a music video/song of a very famous speech written by Mary Schmich that you have all probably heard/read before. I heard it on the radio today and thought it was worth sharing. I don’t remember when I first heard it but I had to check way back in the Bansheemann7 archives to make
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9/11 Life Update

I just realized the line “This finger’s a pain in the ass” was a bad way to phrase it.

Don’t be a Jackass

I understand that you’ve just finished a triathlon and you’re probably not in the best state of mind, but don’t be a jackass. The guy in 2nd was finishing hard before he even saw the guy in first. If I were him I would have blown right by him. AND the first guy could be
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Hey Baby!

There’s an interesting ad on the radio that I’ve heard multiple times in the past few days. This is what it says in a nutshell: “Are you pregnant? Will you be unable to provide for your child? If so, you can go to any hospital in Pennsylvania and drop your baby off without giving your
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Capri Sun Challenge Failure Video

Here it is. Many thanks to Alex for filming and editing. Alex and I decided to film the whole thing because if I did accomplish the task, we would need full proof. I look like a fool in the beginning saying that people “were just happy they finished it in the 15 minutes.” JC begins
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