Big Cat pitching Mark Cuban

I never followed Barstool much until a few months ago when I made Pardon My Take a regular listen.

I’m aware the video is two years old and 10 minutes long, but I found it really entertaining. Cuban is a good sport and Big Cat does a pretty damn good job pitching the ideas.

If you like this, you’d probably like Pardon My Take as well which I’d recommend.


Top 5 Ben Stiller Movies

5. Tropic Thunder

The comedic star-power surrounding Stiller is great – Robert Downey, Jack Black, Danny McBride, McConaughey, Cruise, etc. and it also helps that he directed it.

The Simple Jack conversation and never going “full-retard” is a classic.

4. Starsky and Hutch

Underrated movie, granted I’m an Owen Wilson fan. Playing the moody, Napolean syndrome beta is a great roll for Stiller.

The coke dance-off gets me every time, especially the emphasis on “MY MAN DANCIN’ RICK!” and the following gun-pull

3. Zoolander

Another Owen Wilson movie?! You bet.

Over 15 years later and this movie is still regularly quoted by the sheeple which is a sign of staying power. This was also Will Ferrell’s coming out party as a star.

Which is more quoted today? – “What is this, a [insert object here] for ants?!” or “IN… the computer?

2. Meet the Parents

The everything-goes-wrong-for-Greg theme is so realistic and relatable. De Niro plays his part just as well as Stiller and of course, there’s a great appearance by Owen Wilson.

This grace scene is amazing, but honorable mention is the volley ball debacle.

1. Something About Mary

What can I say? This movie is a 10, one of those you can put it on at anytime and it’s always good movies.

Not only is this Stiller at his best, but Cameron Diaz too. Matt Dillon hasn’t done much, but “I work with retards” alone makes his performance stellar.

This scene is a bit over the top, but the lifeless body going out the window is an all-timer.


Honorable Mention: Along Came Poly, Cable Guy (kind’ve (definitely))

Cam’s ‘Female’ Comment

Cam Newton is getting a lot of attention for the comment below:

After reading the Youtube comments and some of the feedback, most people are defending Cam, which surprised me.

I said to Rob that football is the only sport that girls never play growing up, so it makes sense that they’d be less likely to have knowledge of the sport (though the overall tone he had was still very dick-ish).

But then I thought about the number of male sports writers, analysts, talk show hosts, etc. that never played football at any meaningful level. Cam wouldn’t think twice if they asked him a question, and they’d have had the same opportunities to learn about football as this female reporter.

So yes, assuming that a female reporter wouldn’t understand ‘routes‘ is an example of sexism.

Is it the end of the world? No.

Is it the end of Cam Newton? No.

Do I think Cam Newton disrespects all women? No.

Are professional sports stars and sports fans mostly male? Yes.

Do I think athletes should be able to say how they really feel without worry about the backlash all the time? Yes.

But this comment was just stupid.

Elon Musk – April 2017 TED Talk

Elon’s at it again with this latest TED talk. Certainly worth the 40 minutes if you plan on being alive for the next 5+ years.


Elon Musk discusses his new project digging tunnels under LA, the latest from Tesla and SpaceX and his motivation for building a future on Mars in conversation with TED’s Head Curator, Chris Anderson.

My head was massive as a child

Here are two videos that Tom has posted on his Youtube. They’re vintage footage of the Stortz family in the 90s. In both, I’m 1-2 years old, and my head is MASSIVE. Weirdly enough, this makes me excited to have a family.

Note that I don’t cry once in either video.


Laura won’t like this one. 

I make an extended appearance at the end.

From Guts to Glory – Epic Races Part 2

A little motivation for my upcoming training.

Steve Cram vs. Said Aouita 1500m World Record

A world record AND a great race. These were the first men under 3:30 in the 1500m. Cram had to go early and Aoutia gained every step in that final 100m. I won’t spoil the ending. I love the announcer saying “He’s gone desperately early!

Kirui Front Runs Against the GOAT

Ngugi in 1988 is Front Running 101. Ismael Kirui tries his best to imitate. An unknown 18 year old while Haile Geb was just breaking out as an all-star and Skah was a stud. Skip to 5:30 to see the break. I wish someone would for once try something similar against Farah.

Liquori / Ryun Mile @ Penn Relays

Penn Relays in all its glory. David vs. Goliath. Marty Liquori was a stud from Villanova but Jim Ryun was the WR holder at 3:51. Liquori goes with 700m left and it’s a battle the rest of the way.

Haile Geb’s 5k World Record

“He has won two expensive Mercedes motor cars because of his gold medal performances in the world championships. He can’t drive! They’re both sitting in the garage, back home. But my word can he run.”

RIP Yifter the Shifter

He passed recently but performances like this will live on forever. Watch him just obliterate Craig Virgin to finish a 10k, vintage Yifter the Shifter.

Does anyone NOT like Roger Federer?

Roger Federer, at age 35 and after 6 months off from tennis, just made the semi-finals in the Australian Open.

He hasn’t won a major in over 4 years. He’ll probably lose to Stan next round (@ 3:30 AM on Thursday…). But does anyone root against him?

If you somehow don’t like Federer, or are don’t really know him. I’ll leave you with this.

Federer & Nadal filming a commercial. How can you not like them.

This one is also a loler.