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Positive > Negative

A topic has come up a few times recently that I want to talk about. On a daily basis I interact with two people more than anyone else, Mark and Wacker. Now, the three of us live together, go to practice together, go to the library together, so this should is not surprising. Lately we
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I don’t know what to say. It appears as though Tom and I are at a serious road block right now because neither of us can find anything to write about. Pretty much every post this month has been forced. I don’t know why but maintaining this blog has become way more difficult than it
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Olympics Diving Disaster

I’m aware I’m taking the cheap way out by not thinking up my own material but this one was just too funny to pass up. Courtesy of Wacker.

Definitely Better

This post was inspired by The Shee (Adam Cohen) and I know he’ll be extremely flattered that I’m writing this. I consider myself good-very good at a lot of relatively useless things. The following will be a list of things that I’m good at but I know at least one person that’s better than me.
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Fortunately I didn’t actually bet on whether or not I would post last night. When I only have one thing to do I just take all day to do it. I was in the library for about 9 hours yesterday, 5-6 of which I was working on the Ukraine paper. It was less than a
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Last Hurrah

I’m heading to Penn State for the night. After two and half years I’m finally visiting Alex and those guys. I think it’s probably a good thing I haven’t been at Ursinus for 3 weeks because if I was I would be in my normal drinking habits which consist of blacking out hard, making a
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Be a Winner

I had 37 blog posts in December which was a record high for any month. I thought a lot of the posts were pretty good and there weren’t very many junk posts. This however has not had the desired affect. My views for the past 30 days have been pretty bad. Overall views have dropped
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The Fargo Embargo

I don’t know if Kurt Channick or Dan Mahony read my blog (I don’t think they do) but they are two of my friends and they started a band this summer and recorded a few songs. They’re called The Fargo Embargo. I’ve listened to each of their songs a good number of times and I
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Living the Life

It’s amazing how unproductive someone can be when they just don’t have anything to do. I slept in till noon, watched Despicable Me, played guitar, hung out with Noops and Sneezy, did some back exercises, and went on a bike ride. This occupied all of my time. It’s actually nice to do this for a
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Gallon Challenge Failure

The gallon challenge was a complete disaster. I did even worse than last year and to cap it Wacker beat me. It started around 9:30. Wacker and I were the only 2 people in the suite. He seemed to think that it was going to be easy and he could definitely do it. 10 minutes
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