NFL Week 13 2017 – LOCK OF THE WEEK

I lost the last lock on purpose so I could be 6/9 on the season.

Lock of the Week – Denver Broncos -1.5 @ Miami Dolphins

Lock of the weekIt’s a game that no one will watch because both of these teams suck, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make some cash while you’re watching other games, right?

Owning AC

Everyone’s waiting for the AC recap. Here goes.

Gourlay, Alex, and I drove down around noon on December 26. We got settled, had a few beers, then around 3:00 we headed out. We stayed out for 10 hours straight.

Here’s my gambling summary:

  • -$10 BJ at Resorts – Breaking it in.
  • -$115 Spinny Wheel thing at Resorts – Tried to impressive the beautiful Asian women also playing. Alex hit for $100.
  • -$225 BJ at Bally’s – All three of us got owned.
  • +$100 War at Wild Wild West – Blackjack tables were full.
  • +$50 BJ at Wild Wild West – Ups and downs that ended when Alex said “Fuck” and the dealer yelled at him.
  • +$350 BJ at Bally’s – I swear the dealer was tell me his cards.
  • Even BJ at Caesars – Was up $700 on the table at one point and donked the last few hands.
  • -$400 BJ at Caesars – Tatiana was shaking her head at us the whole time.
  • -$300 BJ at Bally’s – Same dealer who was telling me his cards earlier owned me this time.
  • -$100 BJ at Bally’s – Venmo’d Alex for some chips and lost it in two hands.
  • -$100 BJ at Bally’s – Last ATM stop while Gourlay was going on a run and lost it in three hands.

That adds up to -$750 but I know I lost $850 so I’m not sure where that missing $100 is. Regardless, it was hours on hours of gambling and we had a great time.

Hoping to gamble a little smarter in 2017.


I’m going to Richmond for the weekend to visit Gourlay. I haven’t posted cause I’m busy at work and I can’t blog on the treadmill for this stupid steps challenge.

I don’t know what we’re going to do in Richmond. Gourlay suggested bowling which is ironic cause he constantly makes fun of me about bowling. Maybe we can plant and grow and sell some succulents, WHATDDYA SAY GOURLAY?!?

Dale is also coming down for his birthday. Huge mistake. Going to be a horrible birthday.

Anyway. I’m writing this on my phone in the waiting room for LASIK. Probably won’t post at all unless Gourlay embarrasses himself horribly.

Have a good weekend.

Off to Hotlanta

I’m writing this from the Philly airport on my way to Atlanta for work.

I’m going with a coworker and we already have plans to go to the Phillies / Braves. The conference itself is on Salesforce and Pardot which is about as awesome as it sounds. Can’t wait.

I won’t be able to post all that much which isn’t that different from normal. Feel free to check in with me!

Boarding to London

Our plane takes off in exactly one hour. Gourlay and I are just sitting here waiting. It’s awful.

I probably won’t update for the next week so I just want to make sure you’re not all worried. I’ll have a recap post when I get back.

If you have any last minute words before we leave, say them now.


NFL Week 10 pick of the week

I’m posting this from my phone in the Denver airport. My flight is delayed an hour.

I know you’re all waiting for my picks and I had to get them in before the games start! Here goes.

Lock of the weekPick of the week: Cleveland +7 at Pittsburgh.

I also like Carolina -3.5 at Tennessee and Detroit +10 in Green Bay.

I’ll post later recapping my trip to Denver. It was a blast.

Drew Mackin is 21

Drew wants me to write a blog about him turning 21. At least I think he does. I wrote a post when Slade turned 21. Drew’s birthday was in March I think and I haven’t seen him since.

Sam and drewDrew and I like to play Frisbee and HORSE together. One time we bet that if he beat me in HORSE, I had to write a post that mentioned him a ton without actually telling anyone I was doing it. This was the result.

We had a great 1500 meter race where he out kicked me my senior year. We also raced a 200 where every 67 meters we did 10 push ups. He beat me by about one meter. Fuck you Drew.

One time we were hammered and walked to the diner together at like 3 in the morning but it was closed. That was our first one-on-one bonding experience.

  • Drew was a freshman when I was a senior.
  • Plot twist – his sister also went to Ursinus, and was my year.
  • Double plot twist – she never liked me, so I became friends with Drew to try and get closer to her.
  • Not really a plot twist – it didn’t work, and now I’m just friends with Drew and not her. Total backfire.

Drew is one of the few people left at Ursinus that I actually consider a friend. The invite to come to Manayunk is always open, Drew (I’m too old to go back to Ursinus). Enjoy your last year at Ursinus. Now you can give no quas and not have people yell at you like they did two years ago.

Here’s a side shot of my nose, which I know you love.


I’m in Montreal

I’m in Montreal for a bachelor party. I don’t have access to data or internet unless I’m in my hotel. So this post is to let everyone know that. I lost $100 in the casino last night. I bet $100, go. t an 11 against a dealer 6, doubled down, and lost $200. So that was fun.

The money is cool, the people are diverse, and French is everywhere. A lot of people smoke too I’ve noticed. I’m having fun. HAGL.

Quality Control

Tom and I have long said that comments make the blog better. I still believe that to be true.

Laura’s most recent comment on my blog was this:

“I was going to comment but everyone else’s comments make me not take this seriously.”

People are less likely to post real comments because of all the other comments that are just trying to get laughs. For that reason, I’m going to do something I’ve never regularly done before on this blog, and start deleting comments (note – your comment will still post automatically, it just may be deleted later, I’m not approving / rejecting each comment before it’s published).

There’s plenty of room for humor in comments, but as of late, I agree with Laura that the comments have been too much and I have to draw the line somewhere.

It’s nothing personal, and I appreciate that people even take the time to comment, but some recent comments don’t contribute anything and scare off others from commenting. To those who have recently posted “good” comments, thank you and keep going. Comments make the blog fun.