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Clearly I haven’t been posting here. The new website talks have continued and I don’t want to post ‘good’ content on this site if I’m going to be pushing it aside shortly. For those still checking, I’m sorry, but keep an eye out for the new site. As for Bansheemann7, well I guess that’s it.
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Bansheemann7 Lives!!!

I’ve gotten close to 50 texts asking if my blog was dead. It’s not, it was just in a coma, but it lives now!!! Clearly there’s some stuff to work out, and Tom and I are still probably going to combine sites, but in the meantime, WE’RE BACK! Stay tuned.

NFL Week 13 2017 – LOCK OF THE WEEK

I lost the last lock on purpose so I could be 6/9 on the season. Lock of the Week – Denver Broncos -1.5 @ Miami Dolphins It’s a game that no one will watch because both of these teams suck, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make some cash while you’re watching other games, right?

Owning AC

Everyone’s waiting for the AC recap. Here goes. Gourlay, Alex, and I drove down around noon on December 26. We got settled, had a few beers, then around 3:00 we headed out. We stayed out for 10 hours straight. Here’s my gambling summary: -$10 BJ at Resorts – Breaking it in. -$115 Spinny Wheel thing
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I’m going to Richmond for the weekend to visit Gourlay. I haven’t posted cause I’m busy at work and I can’t blog on the treadmill for this stupid steps challenge. I don’t know what we’re going to do in Richmond. Gourlay suggested bowling which is ironic cause he constantly makes fun of me about bowling.
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Off to Hotlanta

I’m writing this from the Philly airport on my way to Atlanta for work. I’m going with a coworker and we already have plans to go to the Phillies / Braves. The conference itself is on Salesforce and Pardot which is about as awesome as it sounds. Can’t wait. I won’t be able to post
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Nfl week 15 pick of the week!

It’s after the fact, but this bet slip proves my picks. I’m right when it counts! Also, 145 pounds is like 1000 US dollars. [tabs-header] [tabs-header-group open=”one” active=”yes”] HEADER ITEM [/tabs-header-group] [tabs-header-group open=”two”] HEADER ITEM [/tabs-header-group] [/tabs-header] [tabs-content] [tabs-content-group id=”one” active=”yes”][/tabs-content-group] [tabs-content-group id=”two”][/tabs-content-group] [/tabs-content]

Boarding to London

Our plane takes off in exactly one hour. Gourlay and I are just sitting here waiting. It’s awful. I probably won’t update for the next week so I just want to make sure you’re not all worried. I’ll have a recap post when I get back. If you have any last minute words before we
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NFL Week 10 pick of the week

I’m posting this from my phone in the Denver airport. My flight is delayed an hour. I know you’re all waiting for my picks and I had to get them in before the games start! Here goes. Pick of the week: Cleveland +7 at Pittsburgh. I also like Carolina -3.5 at Tennessee and Detroit +10
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Drew Mackin is 21

Drew wants me to write a blog about him turning 21. At least I think he does. I wrote a post when Slade turned 21. Drew’s birthday was in March I think and I haven’t seen him since. Drew and I like to play Frisbee and HORSE together. One time we bet that if he beat
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