28 Weeks Later Intro – What Would You Do?

Rob and I were talking about the opening scene to the movie 28 Weeks Later which is about as intense as it gets. You’ll see the “decision” within the first 30 seconds of the clip.

The ultimate question – what would you have done if you were Don?

I don’t have a significant other, but I’ll substitute Alice with any of my siblings or parents.

Personally, I think I’m doing what Don did and running away. One comment put it best – “You can either survive alone or die together.”

The question then becomes, can you live with the guilt afterward?

I don’t know how I’d deal with it. But even if I decided to kill myself out of guilt, the end result is the same.

I don’t think there’s right and wrong, I think there’s live and die.

Bed Frame for the Sheep

After four straight years of not sleeping with a bed frame, I caved and bought a bed frame.

The higher the frame, the more of a sheeple.

People can only laugh at your mattress on the floor so many times before you break, even I’m not immune it.

But I stand by my statement, that bed frames make no sense. Does anyone stop and ask themselves WHY they have a bed frame? What is the benefit of sleeping three feet off the ground? I don’t get it.

The only one that comes to mind is storage, but my room has nothing in it as is. Maybe less spiders will crawl on me? I actually like spiders.

Forget spiders, here’s to being one of the sheep!

What do you see when you look at this image

This image available for purchase on multiple stock photo sites.

Is your first thought:

“That looks like diverse group of four hard working business people”


“Holy shit, that’s a Swastika”

How in the world does someone create this, show it to ANYONE, and not get the instant feedback “I like where you’re going with this…. buttttttttt it looks a lot like a Swastika.”

I hope I don’t get sued for using this image in my post. Could be the end of old Bansheemann. All credit to Getty Images? If they sue I may counter-sue based on the image being insensitive.


Elvis Passing is the End of an Era

Elvis was put down last Thursday.

Animals passing sucks. I think it’s due to their innocent nature. Humans know when they’re dying and what it means, so you don’t feel as bad. Animals just know they don’t feel well.

Elvis passing is a symbol. For the first time in over 20 years, my parents’ house does not have a cat in it. Elvis was the last remaining cat of an era of cats that represented my childhood. That time in all our lives, the Stortz ‘childhood’, is formally done.

Unfortunately, JC’s birthday was the next day. JC loved Elvis more than anything, probably more than me. It’s a sad reality but it’s a part of life. So while we mourn the loss of Elvis, we celebrate the time we had with him, especially JC. Happy birthday dad.

That said, I’ve ushered in a new ‘era’ with Covy. He’ll be the cat I have for the next ~10 years as I transition through this stage of my life. Then, perhaps when he passes, I’ll be entering a different part of life and get a new cat. Pets are a timeline of life.

I’m embarrassed to say I can’t even find a good picture of Elvis. RIP buddy.

PolitEcho – My Political Bubble

I don’t like harping on this topic, but since it’s something I’ve mentioned before (and something that stirred a lot of conversation), I think this post is relevant.

Someone shared a link to PolitEcho which is a Chrome plugin designed to show you how your Facebook feed is skewed (if at all) politically. It looks at all of the page-likes of all your Facebook friends, ranks how liberal / conservative they are, and plots them on a graph (you can get more specifics on their site).

Obviously this isn’t an exact representation (since some people don’t like ANY pages, like me), BUT it does show you who’s popping up most on your Newsfeed, so you can see what you’re exposed to.

Here are my results:

The cool thing about this graph is you can hover over the bubbles and it shows WHO it is and WHAT pages specifically they like. The shade of the bubble shows how confident the algorithm is that this person ranks where they should rank. It’s confident that the dark blues are liberal and dark reds (there are none on my example) are conservative.

Another graph:


These results are likely very similar to what my readers would see, the feed skews liberal. This isn’t surprising, but it does go to the point of the name “PolitEcho” – are you in a Facebook political echo chamber or are you being exposed to both sides?

Nothing groundbreaking here, but it’s interesting to get data on the topic.

Running Frauds

The running community has become littered with frauds and cheaters. While there are plenty more than the four I’ve listed here, these are some great examples. I don’t understand what possesses people to do things like this.

Mike Rossi

The Mike Rossi thread on Letsrun has more than 26,000 posts.

Mike Rossi went viral for writing this letter to his son’s principal when she didn’t grant his son an excused absence from school to watch him run the Boston Marathon.

Funny thing is, Mike cheated to qualify for Boston. He claims to have run 3:11:45 at the Lehigh Valley Marathon in 2014.

After piling up evidence that he cheated, Letsrun’s founders offered him $100,000 to duplicate the time within a year. A year has passed, Rossi never attempted to claim his prize but to this day denies any wrongdoing.

Boston has a finite number of entries, meaning Rossi stole a spot from someone who ran slower, but actually ran. A travesty. This happens more often than you think.

Alex Viada

Alex Viada is a trainer for “hybrid” athletes.

Viada’s claim to fame is being able to squat 700 pounds while also running a 4:15 mile, which is still quoted on a number of articles. He regularly posted GPS results of his workouts on his Facebook, including many 400m repeats in 60 seconds.

At well over 200 pounds, the Letsrun crowd wasn’t buying it. After long threads on the topic, Letsrun admins began mysteriously deleting anything that mentioned Viada. Conversely, Viada removed all mentions of running times on his personal website and Facebook profile. So it appears some mutual agreement was reached.

I give him credit that he stopped making the claims, but he had to be caught for that to happen, and never actually owned up to his lies.

The multiple false claims of running ability surely built his reputation with prospective clients though.

Robert Young

Robert Young recently attempted to “run across the USA“. Similar to Rossi, the Letsrun crowd exposed the cheater with a 10,000+ post thread on the topic.

Robert was knocking out 60-70 mile days left and right and publicizing the attempt as much as possible.

Letsrun recaps how he was caught here, but once all eyes were on him, he got “injured” and had to end his attempt.

He vehemently denied any cheating and said he was going to release the GPS data, including cadence and heart rate, to prove his innocence, but never did. When investigators went to get the data from his GPS watches, he had wiped them clean. Even his own sponsor said he cheated.

The run was to benefit charity, but there’s no telling how much was going to Young’s pocket. He’s since deleted his personal website.

This all brings us to our newest fraud – Kevin “KP” Kelly

The other stories have played out, but KP’s is at its infancy, which is why this is interesting.

On Friday, the Letsrun crowd questioned KP’s claim to have run 100 marathons in 100 days (but on the 100th day, he decided to run 100 miles just because). He also says he’s run a 3:00 marathon and a 4:20 mile.

KP is 6’7, 250 lbs, and like the other runners on our list, he has little natural talent but a lot of drive!

He runs for charity, but says that the money donated should go directly to his gofundme, which he’ll then donate to charity himself.

Unlike Robert Young, he didn’t wear a GPS watch for his feat, and has no real proof of anything, though he claims many of the marathons are being done in he low-mid 4 hour range. He hasn’t lost much weight in the 100 days that’s for sure.

To raise more eyebrows, his marathon PR comes from a race where he missed every timing mat. That, coupled with the fact that a 4:20 mile PR would likely be the world record for someone weighing 250 lbs, provides more than enough evidence to justify calling this guy a fraud.

He hasn’t come under fire yet, but he’s indulging in the publicity while it’s still focused on his amazing feat instead of the amazing fraud.

It may seem premature to call KP a fraud. Like the die-hard fans of Rossi, Viada, Young, and other frauds, people will say that guys like me are cynical and trying to tear down a good thing.

My response is they’re naive and uneducated on the subject matter – 6’7, 250 pound guy who has no proof of running ONE marathon faster than 4 hours cannot run 100 marathons in a row in the manner which he’s suggesting.

I’m excited to see how this one plays out! Follow the Letsrun thread if you’re interested!

Wedding Save the Dates & Invitations Are Useless

My friends are getting married in droves, and another part of the marriage process stuck out as a complete waste of time and money: Save the Dates & Invitations

The Save the Date / Invitation is another wedding-must. They have to be pretty, well designed, and have a posed picture that can make even the best looking couple look stupid.

An Argument FOR Save the Dates & Invitations:

The people you invite can hang them on their refrigerator.

Okay, with all of the pros out of the way, let’s get to the uselessness:

  • No one under the age of 50 has an address book or knows all the addresses of the invitees.
  • Invites or responses can be lost and take forever.
  • Responses cannot be updated electronically if needed.
  • They cost hundreds of dollars, which isn’t a lot in the grand scheme of a wedding, but that’s a whole different story.

With pick-up lines like this I might not have to worry about getting married.

In what world is a physically mailed Save the Date / Invitation more reliable, efficient, or cost effective than an online invitation? No one sends any other party invite by mail, why weddings?

Online invites might not fit the traditional model, but tradition is the enemy of progress and innovation. And weddings are the ultimate tradition-over-any-logic-whatsoever event.

I don’t feel as strongly about this as I do about engagement rings, but this just strikes me as inefficient and unnecessarily stressful in an already-stressful process.

Buzzfeed Sucks

I dislike liberal media because I think they’re dishonest and spin things to reinforce their biased agenda and the sheeple eat it up.

Buzzfeed (along with Huffington Post) is at the top of my list.

Here’s an article that Buzzfeed put out today:

People Are Canceling Tesla Orders Because Elon Musk Is Advising Trump

The first line of the article is:

At least five people who had paid deposits to reserve Model 3s have canceled their orders over Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk’s decision to work with President Trump by sitting on two of his advisory groups.

FIVE PEOPLE?! That in and of itself makes the article not worth writing. You could find five people who ordered a Tesla because Musk is advising Trump and write a shitty article about that too, but that doesn’t support their shitty agenda.

They quote the five random customers who withdrew their deposit because they “cannot support a company where the CEO is acting as a conduit to the rise of white nationalism and fascism in the United States.”

Furthermore, all it says is that Elon Musk is part of Trump’s economic advisory group and a manufacturing council.

If you follow my blog you know that I think Elon Musk is a fucking genius and if anything, I’m quite happy to hear that he’s advising Trump.

Working WITH the opposition (which Musk is seemingly doing) instead of thinking of witty ways to insult them is something liberal media in general doesn’t seem to understand.

This article is a perfect example of liberal media spinning non-stories to support their bias. Fortunately, most of the comments on this specific post are acknowledging how ridiculous it is, so kudos to them.

I’m aware conservative media does this too, but I see exactly zero of those articles on my social media, whereas I see about 50 articles like this shared every day.

They lose credibility by writing this. Or at least, they should.

Buzzfeed sucks.

I Can’t Watch TV Series’

TV series’ are cool now. Sheeple “binge watch” everything. The herds go bonkers for Game of Thrones, Westworld, Stranger Things, etc.

But they all suck.

How do you people sit there and start episode after episode knowing you have to watch them all? I hate it. Netflix & Chill is not something I can do (which may explain my lack of success with women recently).

No matter how great the series is, I just don’t care enough to ever finish it. I have two episodes left in House of Cards season 3 and I just stopped watching. I have no desire to keep going.

When Tom tells me to watch Stranger Things, I know I’ll never do it.

When someone asks if I’ve seen a show before so they don’t spoil the ending, I tell them to spoil, I don’t care, it probably sucks anyway.

How do you people binge watch stuff? It makes no sense to me.

Schlegel’s Bagels

Luke Schlegel started a blog.

For my readers who don’t know Luke – he’s a senior on the Ursinus XC / TF team. If you do your math, you’ll see him and I never went to school together.

Regardless, he started a blog that looks better than mine. He’s a better writer than I am and his second post about meditation is more in depth than anything I’ve ever written aside from the diamonds post and the Caster Semenya post.

Luke said the only blog he’s ever read more than once is this one you’re reading right now. Not only that, but he found himself browsing it for “an hour” and was “really impressed” by it.

Luke’s too nice to openly admit that my blog sucks, but the fact that this blog semi-inspired at least one person to start their own blog validates the 1,648 posts I’ve written.

It’s also shocking to find out who reads this thing. I would never have guessed that Luke or any current student at Ursinus (spare Simoncini) reads this, but I have evidence of more than one!

The internet is awesome.