Go Birds

I’ll try to keep this short, but want to post since I haven’t in a week.

It’s Wednesday night and I’m still hungover from Sunday.

That was the greatest game of my life, all sports, all everything.

The Philly Special was the single greatest play I’ve ever seen all things considered.

Nick Foles is the greatest QB in franchise history?

The Eagles winning the Super Bowl was the second happiest I’ve ever been in my entire life.

The city and the people are as happy as I’ve ever seen them.

Success breeds success. Now that this cloud is sort of lifted from the sports in this city, I think we’ll see a string of success from our teams, beginning with the Sixers this year.

I’ll be attending the parade tomorrow. To those who can’t get off, I’m sorry. To those who can, I probably won’t see you among the sea of 3 million other people.

Betting the Super Bowl

There are two thought processes for betting this game as an Eagles fan.

1. Would I pay $X for the Eagles to win the Super Bowl?

The easy answer is yes, I would. I could bet $1,000 on the Patriots moneyline (which would pay $526 profit if they won). If the Pats win, I win $526. And if they lose, obviously I lose $1,000, but the Eagles win the fucking SUPER BOWL.

2. Should I double down on my happiness and bet on the Eagles?

The other option is betting the Eagles and guaranteeing an ultimate high or an ultimate low. Eagles win AND I get $1,650 (Eagles ML pays +165) OR Eagles lose and I lose $1,000.

It almost doesn’t matter which bet I actually think is going to win.

I’m leaning towards betting the Eagles and just going all in for it. Why hedge my happiness? Philly fans are used to the ultimate heartbreak.

Plus, I actually think the Eagles will win.

I never want to go to a Super Bowl

I keep hearing Eagles fans on the radio say:

We bought our tickets to Minnesota, we’re going to the Super Bowl!

I’d much rather watch the Super Bowl in Philly than go to Minnesota to watch it in person.

If (when) the Eagles win: I’m going straight to City Hall. No place in Minnesota is going to be like City Hall. Vikings fans / bars will hate us anyway.

If (when not) the Eagles lose: I would be pretty pissed to be 1500 miles away and I’d just want to get home as soon as possible.

Sure watching in the stadium would be awesome, but even if it was an all expenses paid trip, I don’t think I’d go. Which makes the point that I don’t think I’d ever want to go to a Super Bowl.

Am I wrong on this?

Two Lazy Super Bowl LII Story Lines

Philadelphia sports fans are the worst!

Give it a rest. This narrative that Philly fans are the scum of the earth is so old and tired. Snowballs at Santa Claus was 50 fucking years ago yet every media outlet brings it up on an annual basis.

Vikings Fans complained after last weekend’s game about how poorly they were treated.

  • Are Philly fans a bit more arrogant and full of themselves? Probably.
  • Are there some bad apples in Philly? Of course.
  • Are there more bad apples in Philly than your average sports city? Maybe (show me the data please).

But you’re kidding yourself if you think these stories are exclusive to Philly. The stereotype of Philly fans makes the media want to report these more than other cities (guessing, but I do believe that).

With all of that said – I hate ALL sports fans who throw beer cans, verbally or physically attack opposing teams / fans, or anything of that sort; Philly included. Celebrate your wins, celebrate home field, but don’t be an asshole.

Brady and Belichick are cheaters!

With the Super Bowl rematch looming, some Philly fans are quick to point out that the Eagles were “cheated” out of their last Super Bowl against the Patriots. Similar to the above, this is old and tired.

If Spygate made such a difference then explain how Brady / Belichick have made 7 straight AFC championships and 4 more Super Bowls a decade later.

If Brady had such an advantage throwing deflated balls, then explain how he managed to go 28 TDs to 2 INTs the following year in just 12 games, and 32 TDs and 8 INTs this year (while also likely winnings the MVP).

How much more does Brady have to do to prove he’s the GOAT and that cheating has nothing to do with it?

They’ve been DOMINANT for almost 20 years. Do you know how much the league has changed during that time? These two adapt to new players, new systems, and new rules, better than any other team in the league.

Yes I believe that they push the envelop, but you’re delusional if you think the 31 other teams in the league aren’t doing similar things, and that their 5 Super Bowls and .779 win % are because they’re cheating.

NFL Week 14 2017 – LOCK OF THE WEEK

Lock of the Week – New York Giants +3.5 vs. Dallas Cowboys

Lock of the weekOkay, 6/10 on the season and my last two locks have been disastrous.

Smart gamblers would be skeptical of my picks, but this week may be my lock of the SEASON, and you don’t want to miss out.

Also, I can’t take credit for Ravens +5 @ Steelers, as the Shee gave me that one, but it has my LOCK stamp of approval if you’re looking for some parlay action.

Why aren’t field goals in Fantasy Football decimal scoring?

Rob said this the other week and it blew my mind.

“Heh, that’s actually a pretty good idea…”

Fantasy football is stuck in the stone-age with 30-39 yards = 3 points, 40 – 49 = 4 points, etc. Every league at this point is decimal scoring, why wouldn’t a 35 yard field goal be 3.5 points?

How many games have been LOST by .1 because a field goal was 39 or 49 yards instead of 40 or 50?

It makes no sense to have a 39 yarder be the same amount as a 30 yarder, but a full point less than a 40 yarder.



NFL Week 12 2017 – LOCK OF THE WEEK

It’s not every day that Nathan Peterman throws 5 interceptions in an NFL game, but when he does, you want to have money on the team he’s playing against like I did last week.

Lock of the Week – Indianapolis Colts +3 vs. Tennessee Titans

Lock of the weekI don’t have much to say about this one other than the locks have been hitting at 75%, so by default the Colts have a 75% chance to cover here which are pretty good odds. You should probably bet them.

Not sure if you can afford it? What you should really be asking yourself is can you afford NOT to bet it. I didn’t think so.

NFL Week 11 2017 – LOCK OF THE WEEK

Atlanta last week was a no-brainer.

Lock of the Week – San Diego Chargers -7 vs. Buffalo Bills

Lock of the weekThis is the first week I’ll be putting my money where my mouth is. $50 on the Chargers here is probably the second easiest $50 I’ve ever made.

If that’s not convincing enough for you, Wads blind-confirmed this as the lock of the week yesterday.

I’m 5/7 on the year for what it’s worth. 75% after 8 games will be convincing.

NFL Week 10 2017 – LOCK OF THE WEEK

I’ve missed on two locks and both were going against the Jets. I’ve learned my lesson, as Simoncini would say, the Jets are contenders.

Lock of the Week – Atlanta Falcons -3.5 vs. Dallas Cowboys

Lock of the weekI saw this line on Tuesday and immediately thought Atlanta was going to win in a blowout. This was before we knew about the Zeke news.

Zeke getting suspended actually hurts my case here. Knowing Vegas, they probably knew Zeke would get suspended, so they opened at Dallas +3.5 which people would be all over IF Zeke was playing, but he’s not.

Regardless. Atlanta wins this going away.

Would this make professional sporting events better or worse?

To me, this is a brilliant idea that I would implement immediately.

Before each game, a seat ticket is drawn at random and whoever has that ticket has to sing the National Anthem in front of everyone or else they have to leave the game.

“You think THAT is a good idea?”

This is a 10/10.

Some (most?) would forget the words. Some would totally suck. Sometimes kids would do it and it would be adorable. The amount of social-media moments you’d get from this would be astronomical.

I’m not even asking for money from this great idea, I just want to see it happen.