Thoughts / comments on 3 weeks being “vegetarian”

I’ve been “vegetarian” for three weeks.

How “vegetarian” have I actually been?

I had a cheesesteak and chicken fingers on Friday when I was hammered.

I haven’t been perfect, but I’d guess I’ve decreased meat consumption by probably 80-90%.

I’ve also been more lenient on eating fish than mammals, though doing my best (for now) to stop both.

Everyone asks WHY?!

Everyone assumes its for health reasons, which it’s not.

I don’t have a great answer for why other than A) I think the meat industry is very unnatural and B) to see what it’s like / if I can do it.

Eating at home has been easier than expected

My go-to-dish is pasta with Alfredo sauce, mushrooms, onions, and garlic.

Fruit consumption is up and I get my protein mostly from yogurt and peanut butter.

Eating out has been the hardest part

I thought this would be easy since most places offer some vegetarian options. There are always a couple, but the choices are limited.

I’m fine getting a flatbread pizza instead of a burger every now and then, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel like I was “settling” every time I order.

How long do I plan on doing this?

Not forever, it’s more sacrifice than I’m willing to make to cut out meat entirely.

But everyone can make a measurable impact without going full vegetarian.

My thought is that I can maintain reduced meat consumption of 50 – 75% compared to my previous-self pretty easily, mostly by not eating meat at home.

I want to be able to order a burger, bacon with my eggs, scallops down the shore, etc. without worry every once in a while.

I’m not preaching to anyone, these are just my thoughts after trying for a bit!

Congrats Mike & Theresa!

This weekend I went to Mike and Theresa’s wedding and it just confirmed that weddings are the best social event of all time. I was honored to be selected as a groomsman and I must say being in a wedding is a very cool experience.

I won’t get into too much detail but overall it was a 10/10 weekend because of the weekend. Congrats to Mike and Theresa!

Here are some funny animals:

Incognito Birthday

Growing up as a kid, my birthday always fell at the start of the school year which was an unhappy time.

As I got older, I never threw parties, but would usually “celebrate” in some way.

This year, I went totally undercover. I didn’t really realize it was my birthday until Monday and by that point I didn’t care. I didn’t want to do anything.

So yesterday, I did my best to keep things under wraps. Texts and calls from family and close friends came in but that was basically it, as I’d hoped.

I even kept it from my co-workers until CK4 blew my cover around 3:15. They questioned why I was being “weird” about it. What am I supposed to do? March in and demand gifts from everyone? Telling people its your birthday is a bad look.

After work I went on a run, played some COD, then Wacker stopped over and me, him, and Rob just bro’d out for a few hours.

Happiness = Reality – Expectations

I expected nothing different on my birthday and it was everything I thought it would be. Give it a try!

Here’s to 26.

I’m Going Vegetarian… Kind’ve

I watched Earthlings in college and it made me consider going vegetarian.

Then I recently read Schlegel’s post about the book Eating Animals and it revived those thoughts. For the past few weeks I’ve been actively thinking about how easy or hard it would be to cut meat out of my diet.

Then, half way through my Acme trip today I noticed I had no meat products in my cart, and I decided on a whim that I’m going to commit.

Now, my mom is nice enough to buy me turkey for lunch, so I’m going to finish the current batch of turkey she bought me, but after that, I’m done-ish.

I don’t know how long it’ll last, and I can’t guarantee I’ll be 100%. I’d be lying if I said I won’t get a cheesesteak one of the drunken nights, but the idea is there.

I don’t even know WHY I’m doing it. Partly because I believe in better treatment of animals, and that the less dependent we are on animal meat the better, and partly just to see what it’s like.

Any thoughts or advice from those who have done it before are welcome!

My Viral Tweet

There it is, in all its glory, my most liked tweet ever.

  • Twitter trolls are asking me what my secret is.
  • High school runner girls keep DM’ing me to run together.
  • Sports Illustrated reached out and asked me to join their T&F department because of how embarrassed they were about this screw up.

Fame feels good!

Nashville / Total Eclipse Recap

Tom wrote a more detailed review of our trip for those interested.


The 12 hour drive there went by fast. Our Airbnb was great and we got started by going to Broadway. Everything was going great until Tom and I got too drunk (I think I was first). It was an embarrassing / inconvenient way to start the trip (for me) and Laura ended up bailing both of us out thankfully.

I had my worst hangover in recent memory on Saturday where my body was rejecting everything. Saturday night was ‘smarter’ as we held our booze much better.

Sunday was the do-touristy-things day. We saw the Parthenon, the Farmers Market, etc. which were good, but let me say this – the Adventure Science Center was horrible. 1/10, and that’s being generous.

We spent Sunday out as well then hit the road early Monday.

A few thoughts on Nashville:

  • The live music scene is fantastic, a difference maker when compared to other major cities.
  • There’s never traffic somehow.
  • It’s too hot. I sweat basically right away when outside.
  • The Lyft drivers were all great and memorable people.

Nashville is a city that should be on your bucket list.

The Eclipse

I didn’t have a spiritual awakening, I wasn’t brought to tears, and I didn’t feel “overwhelmed”, like many described. It was a very cool experience, like nothing you’ve ever seen before, but it didn’t change my life.

A million dollar camera can make anything look cool, but the eclipse was actually cool.

Tom, Laura, and I drove to a remote area of Tennessee to view the eclipse from a set of train tracks with a few other random people.

About 30 minutes prior to totality, you could start sensing that it was getting darker, just barely, and that the colors were slowly shifting. The temperature started cooling off, and the crickets / bugs started blaring. With each passing minute, the effects were getting a bit more dramatic.

Then, in an instant, it went from weirdly light outside to dark. Not middle-of-the-night-dark, but dark. The absolute best thing visually was the moon / sun itself. It was a black hole in the sky with a bright ring around it.

All things considered, it was 100% worth the trip.

Eclipsing in Nashville

Laura, Tom and I are road tripping to Nashville tomorrow morning bright and early. We have Airbnbs booked through Monday morning and are turning the eclipse into an extended weekend vacation in the old Windy City!

“He’s going to see the eclipse?!”

We’re still deciding what exactly were going to do from Friday night – Monday morning, but it’ll work itself out. To those not in the path of totality, suck it!

But you can find out how much you’ll actually see here.

I won’t be posting until I’m back, unless I stare directly into the eclipse without glasses, in which case I’ll never post or see anything again.

The Best Parallel Parking Job You’ve Ever Seen

Rob and I were looking for a spot to park, and I drove past a spot that was probably too small, but I wanted to try.

I had a good entry but thought it was too small. Rob said he thought I could make it, so I spent the next 5 minutes pulling into the spot.

Before getting out I said “If I’m not touching either car, I’ll leave it, but if I’m touching one I think I have to move it“.

Then we inspected it:

Somehow I was fully in the spot but touching BOTH cars. I don’t even know how that’s possible (I hit both cars (gently) multiple times). I wanted to leave it because it’d be hilarious for others to see it, but decided I couldn’t leave it there. Obviously I had to document it first though.

I don’t see how I’ll ever have a parallel parking job as good as this.

To the people who always hear headphones…

There’s a guy who wears headphones around the office 100% of the time.


  • Do they REALLY love music that much?
  • Or maybe it’s a podcast / audio book?
  • Maybe audio porn? Do they have audio porn?
  • I just Googled it, they do have audio porn.
  • Are they constantly using cell phone data?
  • Doesn’t it drain your phone battery way quicker too?
  • Maybe there’s nothing actually playing and they just really don’t want to talk to anyone?
  • What kind of world would it be if EVERYONE wore headphones all the time?
  • Are we going to get to a point where you show up to a meeting or even a bar and everyone has headphones in?

What you’re basically saying to everyone when you wear headphones all the time.

I’m not a headphones person and don’t plan on becoming one. I’d rather awkwardly avoid people than use headphones as an excuse. Who knows, maybe I’ll even meet someone new!

My First Pedicure

Laura took me for my first pedicure on Saturday.

I expected a relaxing 30 minute spa treatment for my feet. Apparently that’s not quite what a pedicure is though.

The face she made when she saw my feet.

Two thirds of a pedicure is tense. Nothing was “painful” but you’re sitting there watching this girl go HAM on your feet / toes. Toes are sensitive. Feet are ticklish. It’s a dangerous combo, though the massage part was obviously enjoyable.

I didn’t get my nails painted (but I considered it!) and that would be the obvious visible takeaway from a pedicure.

For $40 it’s not something I would do again but I can cross that off the bucket list. Thanks sis!