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Big Cat pitching Mark Cuban

I never followed Barstool much until a few months ago when I made Pardon My Take a regular listen. I’m aware the video is two years old and 10 minutes long, but I found it really entertaining. Cuban is a good sport and Big Cat does a pretty damn good job pitching the ideas. If
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I’m still alive

I haven’t posted all week. The holiday and blind cat have taken up a good chunk of my time but everything’s going well! Here’s some funny things to make this post worth checking: Robots screwing up will always be funny: Me at the gym: The best argument for dogs > cats: As someone who rescues
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Top 5 Ben Stiller Movies

5. Tropic Thunder The comedic star-power surrounding Stiller is great – Robert Downey, Jack Black, Danny McBride, McConaughey, Cruise, etc. and it also helps that he directed it. The Simple Jack conversation and never going “full-retard” is a classic. 4. Starsky and Hutch Underrated movie, granted I’m an Owen Wilson fan. Playing the moody, Napolean
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Congrats Mike & Theresa!

This weekend I went to Mike and Theresa’s wedding and it just confirmed that weddings are the best social event of all time. I was honored to be selected as a groomsman and I must say being in a wedding is a very cool experience. I won’t get into too much detail but overall it
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