Allen Iverson Losing Ground

Allen Iverson is one of Philly’s ‘untouchables‘. He’s loved in every corner of the city.

On the court he was a superstar and off the court he was a cultural icon. The swag, the cornrows, the 6’0, and obviously the Jordan crossover. Kids growing up in the late ’90s and early ’00s wanted to be Iverson.

I loved Allen Iverson. He’s why basketball is my favorite sport. He was a flawed superstar, but he was OUR flawed superstar. In fact, we embraced him because of his flaws.

But at what point do we, the fans of Philadelphia, start to hold Allen accountable?

His no-show at Sunday’s Big 3 game in Dallas (which he’s been suspended for) is just the most recent example of poor behavior. He had no excuse, just that he’s sorry. He has a long list of worse behavior over the years.

When does he go from the greatest thing that ever happened to us and can do no wrong, to us acknowledging his greatness, but not giving him a pass for all the shitty things he does? When do his bad acts begin to overshadow his play?

Pete Rose has been all over the news this week. Once a Philly great (sorta), Pete is now hated by Philly fans (that’s another discussion).

Allen Iverson has done nothing close to what Rose has, but it does show that falls from grace happen. He’s is still clinging to his untouchable status, but I fear that may change not too far down the road.

Sleepless in Seattle

Last night around 9:00 I was watching TV but getting ready to be productive. Maybe I’d write a blog, read a book, do some yoga, whatever.

Instead, I stumbled upon the very beginning of Sleepless in Seattle. I’m thinking a 90’s RomCom with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan (two of my favorites) is going to be like an A- / B+ movie.

This movie sucked. Here’s why.

  • The plot takes forever to develop.
  • It’s unrealistic (I’m not even talking about the falling in love over the radio part, but everything else).
  • Your two main characters are only together for two minutes.
  • Tom Hanks and his son are the only good on-camera interaction.
  • That being said, his son is ugly as all hell.
  • The side story with Annie & Walter was terrible.

The was the absolute best line of the movie was Tom Hanks looking at himself in the mirror before his first date:

“My hair’s too long, I look stupid. I was going to get a haircut too, but then I look like I just got a haircut.”

That line was brilliant. I laughed out loud, and since it was early on I thought the movie had a chance.

The number of people who are seeing this movie for the first time in 2017 is probably tiny, but if you’re thinking of becoming one of those people, don’t.

Overall: C-

Dalessandro’s is Overrated

I don’t get the hype surrounding Dalessandro’s cheese steaks. As someone who lives less than a mile away and have had my fair share of their cheese steaks over the last two years, I don’t get it.

DalessandrosHere’s my typical experience there:

  • Order a cheese steak for pick up
  • “It’ll be ready in 10-15 minutes”
  • Show up 10-15 minutes later
  • Wait 30 minutes
  • Pick up a slightly above average cheese steak

The cheese steaks are good. I’m not saying they’re bad. They’re good, not great, and they’re definitely not any better than a Chubby’s cheese steak which is directly across the street (I’d argue Chubby’s is better).

And it’s ALWAYS packed. The service is terrible but the line is always out the door. I don’t get why people keep going back there. I think it’s strictly because of the name.

Ben Simmons went on Jimmy Fallon this week and they ate a Dalessandro’s cheese steak as the ultimate representation of a Philly cheese steak.

Does anyone actually think Dalessandro’s is a great cheese steak? It bothers me that they’re a national representation of the Philly cheese steak.

The People vs. O.J. Simpson

I was just a little guy when the O.J. Simpson trial actually happened, and without researching it, I can tell you what I think I know.

  • OJThe police tried to arrest O.J. for killing his wife.
  • He went on an infamous chase in a white bronco.
  • They caught him and took him to trial for murder.
  • He was found innocent even though everyone knew he did it.
  • He kind of admitted that he did it?
  • He stole some sports memorabilia and is now in jail for like another 30 years.

That’s what I know about O.J.’s legal troubles.

The Series

Critics love The People vs. O.J. Simpson. At the moment it has a 9.3/10 from 329 votes on IMDB. The first episode aired last night on FX.

If I knew the ending to Making a Murderer, I would have just Google’d the rest and not watched the series. That logic applies here too. What’s the incentive for me to watch this series if I already know the ending?

I don’t doubt it’s well done, but it loses its allure when there’s no shock factor. I sat through 10 hours of Making a Murder excited as hell to find out the ending. I’m not wasting 10 hours to watch this when the end-result is known.

Am I wrong here? Will the majority of sports fans tune in to this?

If you watched Making a Murderer…

Then you’ll find this present day interview with former District Attorney Ken Kratz interesting.

My Thoughts:

  • Kenhated Kratz during Making a Murderer.
  • Jena Friedman, a good-looking blonde comedian is interviewing him.
    • Remember, Kratz was alleged to have sexted domestically abused women.
      • Some questions are very bizarre, and the vibe is often uncomfortable, but I assume that’s what she’s going for.
  • He’s now a defense attorney. Who would want him as a defense attorney after watching Making a Murderer?!
  • Him saying he has gotten zero admirers from the show was funny.
  • I like him a tiny bit more after this interview.
  • I sort of like Jena Friedman after this.


David Bowie died on Sunday as I’m sure you’ve all heard.

For whatever reason this quote and picture struck me.


I feel like that picture captures that quote perfectly. He’s just thinking of all the amazing things he’s capable of. There’s not a doubt in his mind as to whether he can do something awesome or not, it’s just whether he will do it – he’s the one making that decision.

I was never a huge fan of Bowie, but I liked some of his music, and can appreciate his way of thinking.

He released the album Blackstar days before he died which I’m going to listen to today. Bye bye David Bowie.

Three Movies – 1 Great, 1 Okay, 1 Awful

I watched three movies last week.


Grade: A-

birdmanAs someone who has never seen the allure of super hero movies, this one hit home. Celebrities do it for the money. Why work on something that will be expensive, stressful, time consuming, and a potential shot to your reputation when you can star in a super hero movie that will make you millions (even though it will be lost among the dozens of others)? The name of his hero – Birdman – just shows how ridiculous the super hero movies have gotten.

Michael Keaton having this alter-ego was a really clever way of showing this. He’s constantly battling himself and what others think of him, something everyone can I identify with.

Also, Edward Norton played his character incredibly well. Any scene with him was must-watch, though I thought more would happen with him and Emma Stone (still not a fan of Emma Stone).

The whole thing really well done. I would definitely recommend this.


Grade: C

BoyhoodThe concept is cool. The movie is not. For those who don’t know, they show the life of a family with the same actors over 12 years. So the boy essentially grows up on camera. 

It tells the story of what families go through. It shows all the typical, and some not-so typical, milestones that kids, adults, and families encounter, good and bad.

That’s all well and good, but it was just boring. It’s 2 hours and 45 minutes of nothing. Nothing happens. That may be the point of it, who knows. But my thought is that if you shot this in one year with different actors playing the characters at different ages, this movie would have been a dud and never talked about.


Grade: D

Where to begin.

  • TrainwreckAmy Schumer does a good job of making you hate her character by the end.
  • Bill Hader is okay.
  • Lebron sucks as an actor.
  • John Cena was great for the short time he was in the movie.
  • The dad dies which somehow causes a fight between the sisters – random.
  • Amy’s job / boss is over the top.
  • Amy basically tells Bill to fuck off for no reason then cries about it.
  • They magically get back together at the end through a way-too-long dance scene.
  • This isn’t your normal 90 minute Rom-Com, it drags on for 125 minutes.

It’s the same story we’ve seen 1000 times already except told from the female perspective. There was nothing different or special about this movie, and I don’t get the hype around Amy Schumer.

I don’t understand why it has such good reviews.

Wildest Dreams Sucks

Taylor Swift’s new single Wildest Dreams is now getting the inevitable overplay on the radio, and I can’t get away from it.

When this happened with Style, Shake It Off, and Blank Space, I didn’t mind, because I liked those songs. Wildest Dreams however, sucks.

Why does it suck?

TaylorIt’s the exact same telling of almost the exact same story for the last three singles.

It’s a slow, boring version of Style. The descriptive words, “red lip classic thing that you like” vs. “Red lips and rosy cheeks“, or “lights are off he’s taking off his coat” vs. “his clothes are in my room“.  She’s used the same formula now for three hit singles, and it’s becoming boring and tired.

He’s so tall, and handsome as hell“, that’s about the least creative line I can think of. Here’s the line of my counter pop-hit “She’s so hot, and her tits are so bigggg“. BOOORRRIINNGGGG!

Taylor is 0-2 on her last two singles (Bad Blood sucked too). Tick Tock. The clock is ticking until the next 19 year old wows America and steals her spotlight.


An Idea for Ronda Rousey

The Rousey Problem

RouseyRonda Rousey has been unbeatable in the world of Women’s UFC. Most of the time, when someone is unbeatable, it’s entertaining to watch the best challenger try to dethrone whoever is on top.

However, with Rousey, some say she’s been too dominant. People are paying money to watch her fight, and the average length of each of her last three matches has been about 20 seconds. That’s not a very good product, and if it goes on long enough, people are going to stop paying to watch her fights.

So how do you fix this problem?

Some have suggested fighting someone in a higher weight class. Some have suggested fighting a male.

Here’s my suggestion:

  • Rousey chooses the top five opponents in her weight class.
  • She fights one at a time until the match is over.
  • If Rousey wins the first match, she has one minute to recover before the next fighter enters.
  • If she defeats the second opponent, she gets two minutes before the next fight, and so on until she defeats all five competitors, or is beaten.
  • If any opponent defeats Rousey, the fight is over.

THIS would get ratings. I would pay to watch that. The media hype would be freakin’ huge. How many sub 1:00 minute fights will their be? Can she actually beat FIVE girls in a row?

If she someone does win, then it’s over, she’s the best ever and there’s really no point to fight again. She should jump at that opportunity. The challenge may be finding five quality fighters who agree to do that.

This would solve the problem and generate millions.

Who Gives a Qua About Tim Tebow

Who’s Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow was a great college football player at Florida. As quarterback, he took them to two national titles, and won the Heisman.

Most knowledgeable NFL analysts basically say that with how he throws, he’ll never be a good NFL quarterback.

BUT! He’s determined to be one. After two years out of the league because no one would play him, he’s currently on the Eagles, and he might make the final roster… as the third string quarterback

What’s Tebowmania?

People go bonkers over Tim Tebow. Sports Center features him all the time. He’s all over Philly radio since he played on Sunday. He’s a top 5 figure in the NFL right now in terms of publicity… as a potential third string quarterback.

Tebow by the Numbers

Tebow BroncosHe had one miracle year with the Broncos where he won a playoff game as the under dog, but aside from that, he’s bad. Here are his career regular season numbers:

Completions / Attempts = 173/361
Completion Percentage = 47.9%
Total Yards = 2,422
Total Touchdowns = 17
Total Interceptions = 9
Fumbles Lost = 14
Passer Rating = 75.3

He has a good TD to interception ratio, but when you complete less than half of your pass attempts, you’re not an NFL starting quarterback.

So Why the “mania”?

Tebow MaddenI honestly don’t know. Was Tebow this popular in college? Here’s what I can gather.

  • He’s clutch. He “finds a way” to win.
  • He’s a hardcore Christian. Like it or not, that’s good for ratings.
  • He’s a “good guy”, and people like to root for the under dog.
  • He’s a good looking guy as well.
  • He’s a fantastic natural leader.

But Who Gives a Qua About Tim Tebow?

TebowingAs an Eagles fan, I don’t really care about him. He’s likely not going to make a meaningful impact on the team this year (he probably won’t make the team unless we trade Barkley). I don’t want to hear about him on the radio or on ESPN. It’s boring. It’s like watching the Entertainment Tonight.

I have no problem with him personally. But the way I feel about Tim Tebow is similar the way I feel about Matt Barkley. Nothing personal, but I just don’t really care.

The Eagles 2015 – 2016 season rests solely on Sam Bradford’s knees. If he’s healthy, we have a chance. Tebow could tear an ACL tomorrow and it would affect the Eagles Superbowl chances zero.

Who gives a qua about Tim Tebow?