Feels Like the First Time

Posted by Sam on July 28, 2011

I noticed something recently that I found kind of interesting. When you do something for the first time no matter what it is, the feeling you get is almost always more intensified than it would be if you kept doing it. Now I’m not talking about the literal feeling but rather the emotions. For example, the first time I ever drank, I felt guilty talking to my parents. It wasn’t something that I was necessarily proud of and wanted to tell them so I just felt guilty. After a few more times I started to care less and at this point I don’t really care at all. It’s just as illegal now as it was then but now it just doesn’t really matter anymore.

Here’s an opposite example. Say someone is out of shape and decided to do something about it. They go on a run which they haven’t done in years. Afterward they’re probably so proud of themselves and feel like their starting to do some good with their life. Now if they keep running, that feeling kind of goes away. What’s the big deal of going on one run when you’ve already run 5 times this week?

When your pet dies it’s a traumatic experience, but if you’re like the Stortz’s and go through cats like candy, then you’re sad after a cat passes away but you move on without too much trouble. You’re shitting your pants because you’re so nervous as you warm up for your first college race but I’m at the point where I don’t get nervous at all anymore.

I guess you know an activity or something is quality when you get a good feeling from it and you can do it repeatedly. I’m sure guys who skydive all the time still get a helluva rush from doing it each time they do it. Playing a concert and having thousands of people wanting to hear your music wouldn’t get old. Winning the Olympics would never get old. Running a huge PR is what I’ve found that never gets old. I guess that’s why I’m trying to get so good because that would just keep happening and it would never get old.

This sort of goes against what I said in my earlier post. I’m saying that you have to do things that don’t get old but in the other post I said all of my days are the exact same with work and running but life is still good. Maybe that’s the difference between life is very good and life is great. I’m content with life being just good now if it means life will be great later. I considered making Feels Like the First Time by Foreigner the song but that would just be too over the top.

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