Strange Day.

Posted by Sam on July 22, 2011

Today has been a very unusual day. I woke up early yesterday to run and it was horrible. It was probably 85 to 90 degrees and I ran 4 miles at about 8:20 pace. I was pouring sweat after a mile and practically drowning by the end. It was just a disaster of a run. I did my time at work and then went to Katie’s to run. In hopes that it would cool down, we waited until 7:30 but it was a futile attempt. We ran 8 miles or so at a nice slow pace and once again, I was a swimming pool. My shoes were squishing with every step and it was just horrible.

I got home around 12:30 and got in bed around 1. I knew that today was supposed to be pretty much the hottest day of the year. The high is supposed to be near 101 or something like that. I looked predicted temperature for 7 at night to see if I could pull off a later run. It said 97. There was no avoiding the heat. I didn’t know what I was going to do but then I thought about it logically. There are 24 hours in a day, multiple hours are going to be above 95 degrees and multiple hours are going to be right around 80 degrees, when should I run? So I set my alarm for 5am, got up, muscled out a 10 mile run, but was too jacked up to go back to bed. I decided to go into work at 7:45 and it was pretty much empty besides Wagon sitting hungover in his office. I decided to give myself a short day and leave at noon. I’m drinking tonight so I feel like I absolutely have to sleep more if I even want to consider making it past 9 PM.

There’s an absolutely amazing race on this afternoon that everyone should watch. The 5k in Monaco is absolutely stacked. It might as well be the world champs final. There’s 4 Americans with the usual Kenyans and Ethiopians and almost everyone in the race is capable of winning. It’s on at 4:55 so everybody should just watch it.

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4 thoughts on “Strange Day.

  1. I think I have sweated more the last couple of days than the whole summer…also thanks for the invite

    • I know Mark, I thought we were friends with this a hole. I’m even buying alcohol and don’t get invited.