Posted by Sam on July 21, 2011

Well the race is over. Overall it was a significantly weaker year than usual. The times were slow all around and the 90 degree weather with 60% humidity definitely played a part. I figured I wouldn’t worry about time before the race even started. I didn’t really have any pre-race jitters or anything and just wanted to get running. They did a chip timing system this year so if you crossed the line 10 seconds after the gun went off, your final time was 10 seconds faster. I got out with the lead group but made the wise decision to hang back because A) I wasn’t feeling tip top and B) it was really hot. Ian caught me probably 800 meters in while Paul (Reilly) was up with the lead group. I figured if I could just run with Ian for a while I would be okay.

We hit probably 1.75 miles and that was the breaking point. In 12th and 13th place, I made a small move and the drop was made. Ian was 2 seconds back in a matter of 50 meters at the 2 mile mark and the race was over. I moved up into 8th place and saw a string of runners waiting to be picked off. I kept moving up until I was in 4th with about 500 meters left or so. A kid I passed was someone that I knew and someone I really didn’t want to lose to. Naturally he latched on to my back for the next 1200 meters. He’s pretty good and had a lot more high school success than me (he just graduated high school). I didn’t want to lose to him. I saw Paul way up in first which was pretty impressive. There were 2 kids within my reach and I had to hold off the kid behind me. With probably 100 to go the kid behind me passed me and I knew it was coming. I stuck on to him as long as I could and when we made the last turn I just went as hard as I could. Me and the one kid caught one of the kids ahead of us but the kid who latched onto me the whole time just nipped me at the line. I finished 4th in 16:48. 2nd place was 2 seconds ahead of us.

They were giving out the awards. “1st place, Paul Reilly. 2nd place, some kid. 3rd place, Sam Stortz!” I couldn’t believe it. I was sure the kid beat me. I got up, took my big award, unfortunately couldn’t accept the $50 check for 3rd place, and walked back to my seat. Chip timing saved my life. I must have started .1 after the kid and if I had to guess he beat me by .05. It’s kind of a cheap way to win but I’ll take it.

Multiple shout outs here. Obviously Paul winning was very impressive. Not only did he win but he crushed everyone by 30 seconds so good for him. Katie was 2nd overall girl. She wasn’t too confident going in for whatever reason but ran a very good time and proved she was actually good. Tom ran 17:45 or so which was faster than last year and seeing as he had a broken ankle AND it was really really hot out, that’s very good. My mom got 3rd in her age group, finished the damn race, and once again kept her streak of breaking 30 alive. Kudos mom. Ian, unfortunately, ran pretty well but didn’t reach his goal of breaking 17. He was 17:08 and was 4th in his age group. It sucks Ian but I’ve been there and done that, last year I was 17:04 and was 4th in my age group. It was another fun year and everyone had a pretty good time, success. I’m already looking forward to next year.

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  1. Take the money you poon. You run for the D3 program of Ursinus College, I think you’ll be okay. In my prime, I accepted a $100 prize.

  2. I swear the time was messed up and I’m curious if anyone else thought the same thing. It has me at 17:57. I crossed the line at 17:51 AND I started about 4 rows deep AND it says the girl beat me WTF?!?! (I think)She started in front of me (anyone know where this girl started?) #1 and I didn’t out kick her to have it say I lost to a freaking girl.

    • I checked the results Tom. The official results had you at 17:57 and the girl 17:55 but if you click to the other page to see the age group prize it says “Gun Time” which are the time posted as the official results. And then “Chip Time” where it has you at 17:53. I don’t know how it worked exactly but at least some results have you ahead of the girl.