Question for the Coffee Drinkers

Posted by Sam on February 10, 2016

I wrote this post last April about how I never drink coffee. Well, I do now.

WawaI average like two cups a week. A few hours after drinking it I find myself sort of craving more, which is concerning. It also makes me have to poop within seconds of taking my first sip.

But all that aside, I struggle most with one aspect of coffee – the time it takes to be drinkable.

I bought a Wawa coffee about 40 minutes ago, and it’s just barely cool enough to drink now. I don’t take a first sip for at least 10-15 minutes, and I usually finish it over an hour later. It’s just too hot. What’s the issue here?

  • Does everyone wait 10-15 minutes?
  • Does adding cream cool it down?
  • Do you just get used to the temperature eventually?
  • Am I being a baby?

I’m enjoying my new coffee-drinking life but this happens every time, what the qua do I do?

*From @thatjackparsons AKA Jack, who’s tweet sums it up perfectly:

The 3 coffee temperatures:
1. This drink has physically injured me
2. The Chug Zone™
3. This is disgusting get it away from me

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13 thoughts on “Question for the Coffee Drinkers

  1. Half the times I buy coffee I can’t drink it for the first half hour and then I forget about it and just wasted like 2 bucks.

  2. I was like you and didn’t drink it for many years after college. Then I started and you find yourself looking forward to it (i’m sure it’s not the caffeine….). I like Wawa because I decide my own milk and sugar (*real coffee drinkers look down on cream and sugar as you aren’t drinking coffee anymore) and will fill up the cup about 13/16th’s of coffee, use 1/8th for milk, and then 1/16th of empty space so the liquid doesn’t pour out when you’re driving. When you sit down in your car and if flies out the top on your hand and inside the coffee holder is the worst because it sticks. Making you poop is also a great advantage and I utilize this before races to clear the system.

  3. I have the same issue. I like my coffee just like my women: black. So, I try not to use cream which often leaves my coffee at a scalding temperature. When I need a coffee, and I need it quickly, I have to either settle for cream or go for iced coffee. I don’t really have an answer on how to fix this problem, but I usually let a fresh cup sit 15-40 minutes before drinking.

  4. ice cube ya dingus! Or just put some milk into the cup…for someone who runs 50 miles a week, 2 oz of milk isn’t going to throw off your diet. I’d have a hard time choosing between alcohol or coffee if I had to have one disappear from my life

  5. I have the exact opposite problem. In fact, on my occasional #treatyourself trip to Starbucks, I always order my drink “extra hot.” I prefer my drinks piping hot and am always disappointed when they cool down too quickly and I no longer enjoy them. When I drink coffee at work, I find myself either microwaving it several times before I finish or pouring myself a new cup.

    Anyways, I saw a Shark Tank episode recently with a product that got a four-shark buy in that is directly related to this issue. It is called Coffee Joulies and is supposed to absorb the heat from your coffee to make it a drinkable temperature. Then, the product releases the heat it originally absorbed to keep the coffee within the perfect drinking temperature range. Apparently, the ideal temperature to drink coffee is 140 degrees. Here is the website: