Vaca Post #2

Posted by Sam on June 22, 2011

Full day #3 at Avalon is complete and once again, we didn’t go to the beach. It’s been a pretty shitty beach week in all honesty. It’s been cloudy and sort of rainy for most of the days and it makes going to the beach very difficult. Running has been pretty good surprisingly and even though we haven’t been to the beach, these past couple of days has been very entertaining.

A couple of things to note. We went mini golfing for the first time and I got 2nd place. We had 7 people and I was playing well but kudos to Laura who beat me by 2 strokes and topped everyone. I won a free game almost exactly one year ago and I still have the ticket in my wallet. We’ll see if I can redeem it or not, I hope so. Another occurrence was the Wawa debacle. Chad ordered an Italian hoagie with peppers, onions, cheese and tomatoes. He received everything except for the meat. Now I don’t know about you that but that seems pretty Ridiculous!!! Normally this would be taken in stride and brushed aside quickly but we decided to stand up for what was right. We called, emailed, and facebooked Wawa to complain. They sent coupons and gave us a free hoagie when we went back tonight which was a pretty good deal but c’mon, I know it’s 2 in the morning but an Italian hoagie with no meat can’t be an honest mistake.

I’m also understanding how the game Scattergories can ruin any relationship you have with anybody. When the requirement is “things in space”, I answer dust, and I get vetoed, I have a problem with that. Space dust is all over the place in outer space. It was considered too “general” of an answer. I’m not saying there’s your normal dust bunnies in space somewhere, it’s space dust, there’s a difference. One thing I was proud of was vetoing Laura when she put down “daddy long legs” for “insects”. I immediately commented “spiders are arachnids not insects, insta-veto” and thanks to Mark she was not awarded a point. It’s a very fun game in small doses but it’s quite obvious that personal feuds develop and things get out of control very quickly.

That’s all I have for now. I know not many will be entertained by this post but it’s better than nothing. Tomorrow marks the halfway point of the vacation unfortunately but I won’t let that get me down.

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