My Second Guitar Lesson…

Posted by Sam on July 28, 2015

You can read my recap of the first lesson here.

The Lesson

The lesson was in a not-that-nice area, and I almost got into a car accident on the way over. I knocked on the door and an overweight guy with long grey hair (he was probably 60) opened the door. The house was very disorganized, and there was no AC. But here’s the kicker – I learned more in the first 30 seconds of this lesson than I did during the entire 80 minutes I was at the first lesson.

This guy was on point. He was a good teacher and incredibly knowledgeable. He was also a beast at the guitar. We went over all sorts of blues stuff in the hour I was there and I left with a couple of things to work on. This is what I was hoping for. I have three more lessons with this guy and then we’ll see.

The “Issue”

The lessons are scheduled through a middle man who matches a player and a teacher based on geography. The emails they send explicitly state that you should not accept cheaper offers from the teacher that cut out the middle man, and should report any teacher who does that.

This is a failing business model.

If there’s a mutual interest by both the teacher and the student to continue lessons, they have NO reason to continue doing it through the middle man aside from moral obligation, because they will basically never be caught. I can say after my four lessons “Hey, I’ll pay you X amount for lessons and I’ll just tell the middle man that I’m not interested anymore.” It’s sad, but true.

We’re not at that point yet, because I’ve only taken one lesson and am not sure if I’ll even want to keep going, but it’s a bridge we’ll probably cross. The middle man has a good idea, but I don’t think it’s sustainable.

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One thought on “My Second Guitar Lesson…

  1. A bridge you’ll probably cross. HAHAHA I get it! Punny! Your humor resonates with me!