Drew Mackin is 21

Posted by Sam on May 27, 2015

Drew wants me to write a blog about him turning 21. At least I think he does. I wrote a post when Slade turned 21. Drew’s birthday was in March I think and I haven’t seen him since.

Sam and drewDrew and I like to play Frisbee and HORSE together. One time we bet that if he beat me in HORSE, I had to write a post that mentioned him a ton without actually telling anyone I was doing it. This was the result.

We had a great 1500 meter race where he out kicked me my senior year. We also raced a 200 where every 67 meters we did 10 push ups. He beat me by about one meter. Fuck you Drew.

One time we were hammered and walked to the diner together at like 3 in the morning but it was closed. That was our first one-on-one bonding experience.

  • Drew was a freshman when I was a senior.
  • Plot twist – his sister also went to Ursinus, and was my year.
  • Double plot twist – she never liked me, so I became friends with Drew to try and get closer to her.
  • Not really a plot twist – it didn’t work, and now I’m just friends with Drew and not her. Total backfire.

Drew is one of the few people left at Ursinus that I actually consider a friend. The invite to come to Manayunk is always open, Drew (I’m too old to go back to Ursinus). Enjoy your last year at Ursinus. Now you can give no quas and not have people yell at you like they did two years ago.

Here’s a side shot of my nose, which I know you love.


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