9/5 – 9/7 Weekend Update

Posted by Sam on September 7, 2014


dancin winFriday was your standard night in Manayunk. We pregamed at our house with the neighbors, and Paul and Destef stopped by too. We went to Brew Pub and I managed my drunk well. Hayley, Amanda, and I danced for a while up stairs before heading home and hanging out. We ate leftover pizza and bro’d out until 3:30, then went to bed.


I attempted to run a workout on Saturday day but it was too damn hot. Things were quiet after my run, and I had a decision to make. To keep it short, if I was in the track suite at Ursinus, drinking a Natty Ice, when Slade and Drew returned, Slade had to shot gun back to back Steel Reserves. I had nothing better to do, so around 2:30 I made the drive to Ursinus, picked up a case of Natty Ice, and waited for Slade in the suite.

I didn’t plan to stay at Ursinus for the night. But after a few Natty Ices, and a trip to ABC, I wasn’t in shape to drive home. Drew convinced me to stay for the night and had a pretty good time. We went to 310 where Drew and others were pregaming for a party. We played a bunch of drinking games, and of course, I blacked out pretty hard. I didn’t hear any bad things and Drew only drew one penis on me, so I’d say the night was a success.


DrewSunday started with a bang, and by a bang, I mean Eggs Benedict. Slade and I went to the diner while Drew held down the fort in 203B. I returned to school and the games began. Drew, Brodsky, and I went to the field-house for a game of HORSE. Things got heated, and Brodsky won, but Drew and I have a HORSE history, and had to settle who was better between us.

We decided a sudden death game of PIG was necessary, while Brodsky provided rebounding service. It was intense, as we’re completely opposite HORSE players, but in the end, Sam circus shots prevailed over Drew’s sharp shooting.

For some reason, Drew and I had to continue our rivalry, in one final competition, and what better than a race. We obviously didn’t want to run anything more than a lap or two, but Drew is obviously too fast for me in anything under a 5k, so we had to add a twist. We would do race 200m, but start with 10 push ups, sprint ~80 meters, do another 10 push ups, sprint another ~80 meters, and then sprint to the finish. Believe it or not, this ended up being so physically taxing, and went down to the wire. I had a slight lead after the final set of push ups, but could hear Drew gaining. It went down to the line, and he nipped me. Damnit.

Today consisted of a lot of football and a fantastic 14 mile run, but more on that in another post. Another A+ weekend!

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