The Circle of Life

Posted by Sam on August 5, 2014

The Stortz family cat history is relatively well known. Even Gourlay points out in his most recent blog post that we love cats. Way back in August of 2001 (or 2002 or 2003?), our lovely cat Midget gave birth to a litter of five (eventually down to three after a week). The Stortz house hold was already at full capacity – roaming into the high teens for total cats – and we decided to give two of the cats away, and keep the last one.

One cat that was given away went no more than 200 feet down the street to the Channick’s house. This orange kitty was named Oliver and I’ve been able to see him over at the Channick’s house ever so often. His brother, the one we kept, is none other than the king of all Stortz cat’s, Trooper (AKA Mr. Noops).

Kurt informed me today that Oliver has passed away. It made me genuinely sad. The passing of a family pet is always difficult, and with Oliver being a direct blood relative to Trooper, it carries some extra weight.

TrooperIt’s no secret that Trooper’s health is declining. He’s become skinnier over the past few years as cats tend to do when they get older. He’s a little less energetic and simply put, has lost a step, but he’s still the king that we all know and love.

The news today about Oliver was a bit of a reality check. I know Trooper is in the fourth quarter. Likely in the last few minutes of the fourth quarter. Along with Sneezy, I would put Trooper in a different class of cat. I try not to pick favorites, but it’s a natural thing. Although I’ve been through ~20 pet deaths, Trooper dying will likely be the hardest one to deal with (somehow Sneezy is like 13 and healthy as can be).

Me and NoopsThe question is, with this little wake-up call, do I do anything differently? I see Trooper once a day – at lunch time. Generally he’s a pest, and gets his face right up in my food. I usually give him and Sneezy a little piece of turkey, and pour Noops a little bowl of milk, because he actually loves milk. What else am I supposed to do?

As we learned years and years ago, it’s all part of the circle of life. I know a year after Trooper dies, I’ll be totally fine, but it’s going to suck when it happens. In the mean time, I’m going to enjoy each lunch, and try not to get mad when he gets in my food.

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