A7X – What Actually Happened

Posted by Sam on August 2, 2014

What actually happened last night:

  • There’s one working toilet at Stortz Tools, and Wacker decided to make #2 in one of the non-working ones.
  • I’d classify everyone there as sober and insane, or way too fucked up on drugs or alcohol.
  • The mosh pit formed literally right next to us. We were the first layer of defense for the girls on the rail. Not ideal.
  • We didn’t mosh until we were hammered, then Wacker and I took the shirts off and the moshing begun.
  • We befriended a massive guy in the mosh who picked Wacker and I up at the same time at one point.
  • Brett filmed the entire concert.
  • We almost got in a fight with a guy because I spilled a beer on his back.
  • I spent $30 on two 24 oz 9% beers.
  • The guy next to Brett in the stall was puking.
  • A little kid ran into the mosh pit and almost got killed.
  • Brett complained that he wasn’t drunk enough, yet he had only had two sips of his massive beer.
  • That same little kid ended up getting picked up and was TM for about 5 minutes.
  • Every girl was either a 10 or a 1. Either smokin’ hot or complete degenerates.
  • A long-haired badass was the absolute man of the mosh, we made friends with him too.
  • I knew the words to one song (Afterlife) and none of the others.
  • We asked a guy on a motorcycle for a ride back after the concert, he said no.
  • We got in a cab and asked how much it was to get across the bridge. He said $30, and we said stop the cab, we’re getting out.
  • I almost missed the bus home because I insisted we could find a good cab.

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2 thoughts on “A7X – What Actually Happened

  1. Concert was friggin amazing. Gourlay was completely wrong, btw. Don’t remember saying I didn’t drink enough lol. I can’t believe you didn’t know the words to more songs. Avenged Sevenfold: The Camden Experience coming to a Youtube channel near you 8.3.14!