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Posted by Sam on November 28, 2010

Poker Paragraph
The 6th Annual Turkey Tourney was yesterday and it went pretty well. We didn’t get as many people as we had hoped but it was still a decent turn out. The bump up in buy-in from 30 to 40 made the prize pool still worth playing for for sure. We told people to show up at 11:30-12 so we could hopefully get started by 12:15. Well there were about 8 people here at 12 which made everyone a little bit nervous but all in all 26 people showed up and we started by 12:30. I guess I’ll go through my tournament. I started at a table with Je Roh, Lavin, Weiss, Andrew Gwynne, and Bryan Brown’s older brother. I didn’t really make any big moves early on. We started with 150 and I floated around that for a while, never getting too much above 200 and never getting below 120. The blinds went 1-2, 2-4, 3-6 for the first hour and a half so there was a lot of time to play around and build your stack but people still managed to get out quickly. Before I knew it there were 11 people left and we were 2 people away from the final table. I had 210 at this point with 3 big stacks at my table. My theory is generally make it to the final table and anything can happen. I hung on to make it to the top 9 and the tables merged. Again I had about 200 in chips but the blinds were 5-10 so I wasn’t looking too hot. Average stack was probably about 450 and with the blinds I was quickly down to about 150ish again. My goal at this point was to make the money. Tait was the first to go at the final table which was surprising. He had a pretty big stack and got it all in preflop against Doyle with JJ against KK. I thought he could have gotten away from it but what do I know. Doyle’s kings held and he was a monster chip leader. Lavin was another short stack and he was the next to go. He got it in preflop with A8 against A10 and went busto. That left 7 people in with only 5 people to cash. Weiss and I were short stacks. I pushed preflop with Kings and Weiss called with Jacks. I had him covered by a little bit and my kings held also so he was gone. 6 people left and now I was around 400 in chips. At this point the blinds were so big that stealing them or losing them made a big difference in how much you had. I was hanging around 300-400 for a while. I pushed preflop a good amount of times and caught a few breaks. Tom insta-called me with AK when I pushed with AQ. The board came something like 10 A 10, then I rivered a 10 for a split pot. My big break happened when I went all in preflop with AK (still 6 people left). This was the 3rd hand in a row that I’d gone all in so people were starting to get suspicious. The previous two hands though I had QQ and A10. Phil called with QQ and I flopped two pair to hold off.  I was now 3rd in chips and quite comfortable. Jeff knocked 6th place out and had a huge chip lead at this point. We were finally in the money. Phil was really short stacked and he got out. Now there were 4 left. Me, Jeff, Tom, and Doyle. Tom pushed it and I don’t recall the hand but got busted. 3 left. Doyle pushed soon after with KQ suited and Jeff called with 10’s. 10’s held and now there were 2 left. I coasted my way to 2nd place but found myself a significant short stack to Jeff. I had 650 to his 3250. I doubled up off of K9 vs QJ. No one hit anything. With the blinds being 50-100 I had a little more chips to play around with. A couple hands were played that went my way and soon enough the chip stacks were almost exactly even. On the final hand, I had AQ suited and raised to 300 total. He called. The flop came AK rag. He checked and I led out 300, he sat for a while and thought and eventually pushed. I called and we flipped. He had QQ. The cards played out and I won.

I had him covered by 50 so I won the tournament and the 425 dollar pay check that went with it. It was pretty lack luster surprisingly because pretty much no one was watching besides Ali. It was just me and my brother playing a game against each other that happened to be for a lot of money. It didn’t feel like a huge poker tournament victory. Nonetheless I was pretty excited. The tournament ran really well and there were no complaints really about anything. The Stortz’s dominated taking 820 of the total 1040 prize pool. It may look rigged but we really are that good. I think I played pretty well overall. You definitely need to catch some breaks to win these things and I sure as hell caught mine but I don’t think it was anything too ridiculous. Besides the AK AQ hand where I didn’t make a bad play I just ran into a big hand but got lucky, I didn’t get crazy lucky and I think I played well.

Ali came to play that day as well and for her first live tournament she impressed. She finished 10th, just outside of the final table, out of 26. I think she was just happy that she wasn’t the first one out. I foolish promised that if I had won I’d take her out to dinner. She held me to that promise and we went out to Anthony’s pizza. Besides the fact that I looked like I was 16 by saying “I’ll live it up and get a Coke” to the waiter, it was a good meal. Feeling generous/like the man I left an 18 dollar tip for a 32 dollar meal.

We hung out for a bit and then Ali headed home. Ian texted me asking what I was up to. Palm also called me and said he was at Ian’s. I headed over there with Alex to hang out and drink a bit. I had a couple drinks and played a good amount of foosball. The only people I really knew were Ian, Palm, and Alex. There were 5 girls there that I’ve never hung out with before and a couple of guys that I knew a little bit. Palm and Alex left as well as two girls. That left 8 of us and someone suggested Lancers. Ian and I were the only drunk ones there which made it pretty interesting. I tried to order the usual but the waitress didn’t know what I was talking about. Bacon, egg, and cheese please. Ian and I also got into a jelly eating contest too. After two packets each we just kind’ve stopped. Paying time came and I only had a 20. I was content with using all of that but the people refused. They gave me 12 dollars back and I told them to just use it as a tip but they gave it back to me. I refused to take it but they refused to use it as a tip. I told them I’d eat all 12 dollars (2 1’s and a 10) if they didn’t use it as a tip. Well, they called my bluff so I started eating. I ate one dollar first, then the other one. They stopped me before I got to the 10.

I went home after that and went to bed. That pretty much concluded my break. It was short but it was a good one. I have 3 weeks of school left and they shouldn’t be too tough I don’t think. Two finals, two papers, a test and then I’m done.

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