Beer Mile #2

Posted by Sam on May 8, 2013

This one was a disaster. The participants were me, Slade, Wacker, Drew, and Skyler and there were a bunch of spectators. This time I opted for Coors Banquet. I finished the first beer in 12 seconds and right from then I knew I was in trouble. I almost puked for the entire first lap and ran it in close to 90 seconds. On beer number two I was toast. I knew I was going to puke and before I could even pull the trigger I puked up a mouthful of foam. Unfortunately it didn’t make drinking that much easier. At this point I knew I wasn’t going to run fast due to the penalty lap so I just had to focus on winning. Skyler was right behind me so I had someone there to push me and Slade hadn’t puked so he was also in contention. Beer three was more of the same, I involuntarily puked out another mouthful of foam and took a while to finish it. I managed to keep down beer number four and was off for my final 800 about 8:30 in. Slade had 100 meters left of his third lap so if he crushed his final beer I was in trouble. 400 in I saw he was still drinking so I had the win in the bag but it was still a disaster. I finished in 11:15 and was just miserable along with everyone else. Slade crushed his last lap to catch Skyler and with 200 to go they were neck and neck. Skyler can run a 23.5 in the 200 so it was thought that he would have the kick but Slade defied the odds and dusted him in the last 100 to finish second in 12:45. Wacker dropped out after beer #2 and Drew finished in just under 16 minutes. No one had fun.

Here are a few vines that show what happened. Thank you Emlamb and Krista;

The beginning
One lap down
 Uh oh
Untitled 1
Untitled 2

The night continued and was pretty successful. Drew and I did a 90’s power hour with each other that neither of us predicted would go well. After 20 minutes we were saying that we most be close to finished. After about 50 minutes Drew brought in the trashcan as he was convinced that the next shot was going to make him puke every time. He didn’t puke and we finished up cleanly.

Unfortunately I did the power hour with Keystone Ice which is 5.9% and 7.5 keystone ices in an hour blacked me out pretty damn good. The one thing I do remember is too ridiculous to post on this website but if you told me at the beginning of the night that it was going to happen I would have said you were crazy. I could have told you that I went to Wawa but I couldn’t tell you the details of the trip at all.

I woke up in bed with a killer hangover. I was in and out of sleeping from 7-9 and miserable. Around 9:30 Slade came over. We each did two shots of Tortilla Gold and made our way to breakfast. I came back alone and did two more shots by myself to prepare for my team sports final at 1:00. It was essentially an hour long gym class but the slight buzz made it much more bearable. It’s three in the afternoon and I’m casually sipping some beer. Ben is coming up tonight through graduation so that will be great to see him. I’m also likely to hang out with Mark tonight so that will also be fun.

There’s two days left and I plan on YOLOing pretty hard.

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