Checking Out

Posted by Sam on May 1, 2013

I’m going to talk about an extremely obvious situation that everyone has already acknowledged one hundred times. I’m a senior with less than a week left of work. Over my four years here at Ursinus I’m accumulated a GPA somewhere in the area of a 3.3-3.4. Mind you, that is with one F (photography) and a 3.0 average for my freshman year (thank you calculus). So in the past two years I’ve done pretty well for myself all things considered. My capstone is already completed so this semester I’m taking two music classes, an intro to psych class, and one easy business course.

It’s finals time and things are wrapping up. I’ve already received confirmation for a future job and there’s essentially no way I can’t graduate at this point (at least from an academic stand point). Can a teacher really blame a student for not trying at this point? I’ve put in my work, I’ve done my time, from a logical stand point a teacher can’t argue that kids in my situation should not be checked out.

I took my psychology final today and a psychology test last Friday. For both tests I was the first one done out of ~80 people and each time I handed the test in (with two different teachers) I received the same puzzled look. It’s the look that says “Well this kid’s a tard, there’s no way he should finish that fast, but there’s nothing I can really do about it, so I’ll just give him a look”. I mean, as a teacher I can understand getting a little upset or feeling disrespected if a student is making a joke of your class. But I’ve showed up every day, taken notes, and did decently well for the first three quarters of the semester. I’m well aware I didn’t prepare adequately, didn’t perform up to a super high standard, and went through the tests as quickly as possible.

Conversely, I guess it wouldn’t take much time to prepare or give an honest effort considering I have absolutely nothing to do these days. But really, thousands of people have been in my situation and acted the exact same way so how can anyone give me that much shit.

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