Some Night

Posted by Sam on May 18, 2012

Last night was unexpectedly the most fun night so far this summer. Granted summer has only been a week long but still, 1 out of 7 is pretty good. It started early with my mother and I running a few errands. I cashed a check and turned in some change for a grand total of $395.50 which was nice. With that I decided to treat myself and buy Diablo III. It took a while to install so while I was waiting I started watching Bridesmaids from the very beginning with Nancy. She made dinner for both of us and somehow we got sucked into watching the entire thing together but I was okay with that because I like the movie.

Now, you might guess that I spent pretty much the rest of the night playing Diablo, and you would be right but there’s a catch. I started playing at 9:00 and once Jake (J-train) heard that I bought it he knew he had to come over to check it out. He showed up at 9:30 and was slightly buzzed so we cracked open a few beers and got ready for a long night of me playing Diablo and him watching me play. We had music going, chugging contests, Diablo, and before I knew it I was pretty drunk. A little after midnight Jake and I put my level 12 monk Mergatroid to bed to play some ping-pong. We were both a little too drunk to be as good as normal but it was still fun. We were chatting it up, rockin’ some tunes, and still drinking. We tried playing a game where you have a glass filled with beer on the table but that quickly ended when J-train smashed his glass with his paddle by accident. After that we just decided to go to bed.

Today was a rough day at work but not because I was hungover. I was just falling asleep in my cube which is never good. I finished my first week at work with a total of 30.5 hours logged. I’m still not sure how much I’m getting paid but I’m happy to make it to the weekend. Somehow that whole first week is gone and I’m guessing summer is going to go by just as fast as the school year did.

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  1. I finally added your blog’s rss feed to my favorites so I don’t need to check a million times a day. When I saw the title I had to check the song, nice hah.