Sort of Happy Post

Posted by Sam on May 16, 2012

This will be a relatively happy post.

Because of the two comments on my last post I feel obligated to say this. I appreciate both of the comments, I really do. My last post was just me whining because I was having a bad day. I’m aware my situation is not bad. Although it may have appeared this way, I’m not depressed and I’m not on the verge of quitting running. Normally one person vents to another and the next day they both know it’s not that bad and it was just venting but with this blog up for anyone to read it just comes off that I’m super-emo when I swear I’m not. Again, thank you for the comments but just to clarify I’m not about to kill myself (not that the comments suggested I was on the verge of suicide, but you get the point). My back does feel better (I think) and I’m totally fine with everything as it currently stands.

J-train came over last night and we had a pretty good time. We exchanged a lot of stories and although it’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other we fell back into our normal groove. I guess this just shows that although I’m at school for 8 months a year and probably don’t talk to my friends from home as much as I should, it doesn’t mean they’re gone forever or that it would be weird to hangout with them. We went to Pac-Sun and I bought a new pair of sandals as well as a hipster polo type shirt which was unusual.

Just to comment on that experience, it’s just so obvious that the girls who work at Pac-Sun are told to flirt with the customers assuming they’re a guy. I went up with the sandals and the shirt and there was no hello or anything for about 10 seconds and then a switch flipped on and the girl starts talking to me. She was probably 18 and decently attractive for what it’s worth. She said “Are those comfortable?” referring to the sandals. I replied “Well I guess I’m going to find out aren’t I.” How am I supposed to know if they’re comfortable if I haven’t even bought them yet? The small talk continued and she said something about her Rainbows. I told mine wore through and that’s why I was trying out this new brand. She was shocked that Rainbows would wear through and I neglected to tell her that I wear them 350 days a year for fear of looking like a weirdo. It wasn’t a weird experience or anything it was just obvious how that store operates.

To wrap up, I’m a happier camper. The Sixers are on tonight and Gourlay will be coming over to watch. I’ve been following them extremely close since the playoffs started. Now that I work like a normal person and don’t have homework to do or video games to play I look forward to all NBA playoff games more than normal. I was literally thinking in my bed on Monday after the game that I just had to get through Tuesday and then I’m only 1 day away from game 3. I’m already looking forward to Friday. Go Sixers.


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