Nover to a Nunder

Posted by Sam on April 3, 2018

I bet the NCAA tournament this year with reasonable success except for one specific aspect of betting: PARLAYS!

Throughout the tournament I was about +$250 or so excluding Parlays.

I was probably 0/6 on parlays leading into last night, which put me about +50 on the tourney as a whole.

The Nover

What was the bet last night? NOVER! AKA, parlay Nova -7 and over 145, $40 to win $105. EASY. MONEY.

I told Tom and Evan to join as well, which they both did.

The Game

I watched the game knowing Nova would cover, but the 145 was shaky. With two minutes left we needed 8 points. Then it happened. Michigan gave up. That was it. The game ended and the total score was 141. God. Damnit. Why are parlays so difficult?

The Nunder

I sheepishly checked my account and to my surprise, I had $105 more than before the game… What happened? Was it 135 instead of 145?

No, even worse. I accidentally parlayed the NUNDER! (mobile betting is much more error prone).

So while Evan and Tom ended the tournament on a sour note, I donked my way to a +$150 on the tourney.

Did I feel bad? Not really. I genuinely thought I bet the Nover.

It just goes to show you, no one knows shit about sports betting. You’re betting off making picking the wrong thing by accident.

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