Interview Review

Posted by Sam on March 12, 2018

The interview with Gourlay was a hit. I had more traffic that day than any other in 2018.

There are two explanations here:

Gourlay is a star

This actually isn’t that ridiculous to suggest.

Gourlay’s blog was great and people actually want to read what he writes.

But this doesn’t help my blog all that much if this is true.

Different / creative things works

This is what can be helpful to me. I’ve pumped out thousands of posts and 90% of them are similar.

This one was different. Food challenges are different. Guess & Win is different. Combining the blogs is different.

Different is good. Creative is good.

I plan on doing more interviews, but it has to expand beyond just that. There are other ideas out there.

Please tell me what they are and I’ll do them!

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