Blog Brothers

Posted by Sam on March 8, 2018

I have a blog.

Tom has a blog.

If you like the content in one, you’d probably like the content in the other.

I’d argue most of our readers overlap too.

So yesterday, it hit me like a ton of shit:

Why do Tom and I have two separate blogs? Why don’t we make our posts on ONE awesome Stortz blog?


Reduced friction for readers. No more going to two separate places, everything’s in one place.

Cross pollination of readers. People who only know me probably don’t go to Tom’s blog and vice versa. Now we’d expose both groups to the other’s talent.

Twice the content. If I go a week without writing a post, I don’t feel obligated to post because Tom will still be putting out content. Readers don’t start think “This is Deer Tick all over again, I’m done with this shit”.

Post collaboration? Our dialogue now is about post structure, but rarely post content. We could write posts together, where we’re both creating content on a single post / topic.

New Name. The only thing dumber than rnningfool is bansheemann7. Tom suggested rnningmann which I thought was hilarious.


Lost independence. No longer can I think to myself “Sheesh, I’m glad that’s not on MY blog!” when Tom posts something stupid. My posts reflect on his brand and vice versa, for better or for worse.

Potential strain on the relationship. There are a billion examples of siblings getting into business with one another and it goes sour. I’m not sure what we’d fight over, but it’s a risk. Jeff and Tom have made it work in real business for years so maybe this won’t be an issue.

As a reader of my blog – your thoughts?!

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4 thoughts on “Blog Brothers

  1. I don’t read Tom’s blog anymore since it’s content is too risque for an open office setting. I do miss it, I liked his posts better than yours.

  2. Perhaps it would make sense if we created a more office appropriate debate setting. You could be a regular contributor. Where’s Gourlay in all this?

    The more I think about this idea, the more I see it going places. When you compare to what we are doing now to a more collaborative effort, it makes a lot of sense. More commentary = Better content