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Posted by Sam on February 25, 2018

The last time I ran 11 miles was nearly 5 months ago. That’s also the last time I blogged optimistically about running. Literally the day after that post, my leg was killing me and I ran about 15 miles over the next 15 days and under-performed at the UC Twilight 3200m.

I ran 11 miles today. I’m going to write optimistically about running today despite the glaring similarities between five months ago and right now.


Mileage has been mid 40s.

Like I said, I ran 11 miles today, starting at 7:15 and closing around 6:00, averaging about 6:45s.

I’ve also gotten to the track the past few weeks for the first time in a long time. Basic workouts like cruise miles (~5:40) and 400s / 200s (~73 & ~36).

These times aren’t impressive, but… that’s kind of the point.


Why wouldn’t I wait until tomorrow to write this so I don’t look like a total dipshit if I’m hurt tomorrow? Because I learn from my mistakes!

Last time I went from 35 miles to 57 miles with doubles and hard workouts in two weeks knowing I was injury prone.

This time I’m progressing much slower / nicer and running easier (although I got carried away the last few miles of today’s long run).

Injury will not be the reason I suck this time around.


First, I’d like to get up to ~50 miles a week for a bit.

Then, Broad Street is 10 weeks from today.

I’ve never raced a 10 miler so I don’t have a great grasp on a time goal. However, I want to be in ~15:2X 5k shape by then (if all goes well), so if I extrapolate that out, I’d say sub 55:00 is a realistic / achievable goal.

Then, the Swat Last Chance meet is a week later, so I want to take a shot at a 5k PR.

With 10 weeks to go, I think I’m in a good place now; mentally, health-wise, fitness-wise, and am just generally optimistic about running.

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